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Nick Johnson

Pets of Sartell

March 2, 2018

Pets of Sartell is a weekly article where people’s pets get a chance to shine like the stars they are.

The first pet of the week is Bailey Thooft. Bailey belongs to senior Megan Thooft and her family. Megan got her little Shih Tzu puppy on July 7th 2008. Bailey enjoys laying in the sun on a warm day, or protecting the house when her humans are gone. Her favorite toy is a raccoon with a squeaker in the tail. Bailey loves to run around in circles just to get her little paws on a treat. Megan believes that Bailey is a spoiled, loving, and protective dog. Bailey is a loving dog day in and day out. Once when Megan was sad, Bailey climbed in her lap and kissed her cheeks, licking her tears away. Bailey is truly a great companion.

Bailey’s Photo Album


The next pet of the week is Toby Johnson. Toby belongs to senior Nick Johnson and his family. Nick woke up one morning on December 26th 2012 to a beautiful black cat as their Christmas present. Toby loves to sleep and roll in his big foam die to get treats. His favorite toy is catnip fish that he has had for three years now. He is pretty mellow and shy around people he does not know well, but when he warms up to them, he is such a sweetheart. Toby has a torn tear duct in his right eye, and also has a slight heart murmur, so he can not run around as much or he will get too tired. A fun fact about Toby is that he has one black paw out of the three white paws, so Nick and his family like to call it his mitten. Toby loves cuddling as well when the family is not busy, and is truly a wonderful cat.

Toby’s Photo Album

He does know how to sit and follow as far as tricks goes”

— Nick Johnson

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