Partners in Crime

February 23, 2018

Do you know if your best friend is a true friend or a fake friend?  In this feature of Partners in Crime, we will be testing the limits and knowledge of trust and true friendship.  Here are a few of the tightest friendships around Sartell and these are their stories… *dun* *dun* *dun*



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Curtsey Rengel

Ally and Curtsey met during basketball in 4th grade.  Curtsey’s favorite memory with Ally is playing Hide-and-go-Seek at a friend’s house. Curtsey admires Ally because of her honesty, integrity, and because she knows the meaning of being a true friend.  Curtsey’s favorite thing to do with Ally is to tear it up in Donkey Kong.


What is Ally’s favorite color?

Curtseys answer: Blue

Correct answer: Green

What is Ally’s favorite day of the week?

Curtseys answer: Saturday

Correct answer: Wednesday

What is Ally’s favorite animal?

Curtseys answer: Penguin

Correct answer: Cow

What is Ally’s favorite hobby?

Curtseys answer: Netflix

Correct answer: Netflix

What is Ally’s biggest fear?

Curtseys Answer: Spiders

Correct Answer: Sharks

Who is Ally’s celebrity crush?

Curtseys answer: Young Brad Pitt

Correct answer: Young Brad Pitt

What is Ally’s favorite ice cream?

Curtseys answer: Half-baked

Correct answer: Half-baked

What is Ally’s favorite restaurant?

Curtseys answer: Panera

Correct answer: Panera 

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Ally Koopman

Curtsey and Ally met in 4th grade when they both were in basketball.  Ally’s favorite memory with Curtsey is playing Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Wii.  Ally admires Curtsey because if she is ever down Curtsey always knows how to get her a little rowdy again.  Ally’s favorite way to spend time with Curtsey is going to Panera or chilling in her bonus room.


What is Curtsey’s favorite color?

Ally says: Soft but vibrant yellow

Correct Answer: Yellow

What is Curtsey’s favorite day of the week?

Ally says: Friday

Correct Answer: Saturday- duh

What is Curtsey’s favorite animal?

Ally says: Turtle

Correct Answer: Meerkat

What is Curtsey’s favorite hobby?

Ally says: Netflix

Correct Answer: Netflix

What is Curtsey’s biggest fear?

Ally says: Being buried alive

Correct Answer: Being stranded on a mountain alone

Who is Curtsey’s celebrity crush?

Ally says: Young James Franco

Correct Answer: Young James Franco

What is Curtsey’s favorite ice cream?

Ally says: Cookie Dough

Correct Answer: none- “I’m lactose intolerant”

What is Curtsey’s favorite restaurant?

Ally says: Añejos

Correct Answer: Añejos





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