e-PAW-sode 9

January 9, 2018

The Sartell Doghouse is a weekly article that allows the students of SHS to flaunt their pets to the rest of the school by sending in pictures to the LeSabre.

The first dog of this week’s e-PAW-sode is Patches Lemke. Patches is a seven year old English Setter, and he belongs to junior Jes Lemke and freshman Jacob Lemke. Patches is a Minnesota puppy, so she has acquired some winter hobbies. In the wintry months, Patches loves to settle in next to the fireplace for a long snooze. Patches also loves the snowy seasons, because she knows that with snow, comes Christmas. Patches’ favorite part of Christmas is being able to chew up Christmas cards. During autumn, Patches is fond of hunting and long walks. Patches’ go-to past time during all four seasons is playing with her green snake squeaky toy. If Patches was able to speak, her signature catchphrase would be spoken along to the tune of Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire. Her catchphrase would be, “duh duh-duh duh duh duh duhhhhhhh (x2)”. Because Patches is a midwestern girl, she would speak with a Chicago accent and adorn a green turtleneck cable knit sweater. 

Patches Photo Album

The second dogs that will be featured this week, are a duo. Introducing Rocco and Xena Engel! Rocco and Xena are both Pitbull Terriers and the two belong to senior Jordan Engel. Rocco is the older pooch, and at three years old, he loves to chew toys and sleep. Xena is the baby, and at two years old, she has lots of energy and loves to run around and cuddle. The two both love to play fetch with their tennis balls. Their story started when Rocco was found as a stray in an alley by a family friend. Rocco was extremely friendly, and he fit right into their loving family. After some time, Rocco began to get lonesome, so Xena was brought home from a pet store. The duo have become mischievous siblings, because they love to work together to sneak cheeseburgers. If Jordan could communicate with Rocco and Xena, she would tell them, “They make any bad day better and I love them.”

Rocco and Xena’s Photo Album

The final pup of this week is Max Richards. Max is a four-month-old puppy, and he belongs to sophomore Alyssa Richards. Because Max was a foster dog, his breed is unknown, but he appears to be a mix of a Lab and a Beagle. Max’s hobbies include going for walks, playing tug of war with his toy rope, and giving kisses. Max was brought into the Richards family after they met him at a gathering at their neighbor’s house. At the time, Max was being fostered by their next-door neighbors. Once the Richards met him, they fell in love with how sweet and quiet he was, so they took him home. Thanks to his new family, Max finally has a forever home.

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