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December 11, 2017

The Sartell Doghouse is a weekly article that allows the students of SHS to flaunt their pets to the rest of the school by sending in pictures to the LeSabre.


The first pet to be featured this week is Victor Kucala. Victor is a four-year-old Dalmatian, and he belongs to juniors Anna, Izzy, and senior, Beca Kucala. In his free time, Victor loves sleeping, playing, and dressing up in his favorite booties and vest. Victor loves to eat and will sneak anything he can get his paws on. That is, unless you’re eating a salad, because he hates lettuce. Victor was born in Wisconsin, and he made his way into the Kucala family because his mom always dreamed of having a dalmatian. Victor has nuzzled right into the family.

Victor’s Photo Album

The second best friend of this week is Sid Knettel. Unfortunately, Sid passed away in July, but he left little paw prints on his family’s hearts. Sid was a seven year old Boxer, and he belonged to senior Cheyenne Knettel. He loved running outside, playing with squeaky toys and balls, and going on car rides with his dad. Because of his protective personality, Cheyenne believes that Sid would sport a leather jacket, white shirt, and black pants. Referring to the classic novel, The Outsiders, she would describe his style as, “like a greaser.”  If Cheyenne could communicate with Sid, she would say, “That I love him and that he is the best pet I’ve ever had.”

Since Boxers are guard dogs, he didn’t like anyone that wasn’t his family. In my family, he was considered my brother and unfortunately, he passed away in July and as much as it hurts to talk about him, he will always be my best friend and I know that he’s in a better place, playing with my old dog and playing with squeaky toys.”

— Cheyenne Knettel

Sid’s Photo Album

The final pup of this week is Bailey Mae Kowalke. Bailey is a one-year-old Labrador Retriever, and she belongs to junior Faith Kowalke. Bailey’s first birthday was on November 4th, so she is still a puppy. She is currently 70 pounds and growing! When Bailey isn’t snuggling with her people, she loves hunting, running with the four-wheeler, and playing with her tennis ball. Because Bailey loves to hunt and is an outdoorsy girl, she would most likely wear all camo with “a nice pair of muck boots.” To go along with her outfit, Bailey would speak in a country accent and her signature catchphrase would be, “When are we going hunting next?” Bailey found her way into the Kowalke family, three years after they lost their chocolate lab to cancer. As soon as Bailey was brought home, she became part of the family. If Faith could tell Bailey Mae one thing, it would be, “Thanks for being such a great friend!”

Bailey’s Photo Album

If you think your furry best friend deserves to be featured, get ahold of the LeSabre staff or email us!

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