Teacher’s Kids

I decided to start this feature because I am also a “teacher’s kid.” My mom is Mrs. Kiewel, an Algebra teacher at the high school. So I am interviewing fellow teacher’s kids to see how their high school experience is different from a student who doesn’t have parents in the building. For most students home life is almost completely separate from school life except for the dreaded parent-teacher conference night, but for teacher’s kids, those two separate lives are mixed every day. This feature is all about the kids who share that awkward high school experience with their parents, this feature is for the Teacher’s Kids.

The Schelonkas

Ben Kiewel, Journalist

For the first ever Teacher's Kids spotlight I present, Jake Schelonka son of Mrs. Schelonka. Mrs. Schelonka teaches Algebra in the high school and before that she taught in the middle school. Jake is a junior this year and has had his mom as a teacher before. He says that class with her is pretty normal except that he calls her mom in class. Personally, I would call my mom Mrs. Kiewel if I ever had...

The Andersons

Ben Kiewel, Journalist

The next student under the Teacher's Kid spotlight is David Anderson, a senior in the high school. His father, Mr. R.K. Anderson, teaches College English and English 10. I met with David and asked him a few questions about school. Q: What is your favorite subject in school? A: Tech Education classes. Q: You are a very accomplished athlete. Which sport is your favorite? A: Nordic skiing. ...

The Notschs Pt. 1 Dylan
The Notschs Pt. 2 Dalton

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