The Schelonkas

For the first ever Teacher’s Kids spotlight I present, Jake Schelonka son of Mrs. Schelonka. Mrs. Schelonka teaches Algebra in the high school and before that she taught in the middle school. Jake is a junior this year and has had his mom as a teacher before. He says that class with her is pretty normal except that he calls her mom in class. Personally, I would call my mom Mrs. Kiewel if I ever had her in class, but to each their own. According to Jake, Mrs. Schelonka does not help him with math homework. There are some positives to having a parent at the school, I like that I can go into her room and grab some candy whenever. Jake said he enjoys having his mom close by in case he ever needs something.

C’mon Jake, you have to smile.

— Mrs. Schelonka

One of the hardest parts of being a teacher’s kid is dealing with people’s complaints about your parent. Jake says when someone says something negative about his mother he responds with a simple “Oh” deciding to mostly ignore it and move on. There has been more than one occasion where I was embarrassed by my mom at school. The most awkward moment Jake says is when she visits a class he is in. This has been the first Teacher’s Kids feature if you enjoyed this article look for more coming soon!

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