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Nicholas Buiceag-Arama
Bonjour, my name is Nicholas. I am a calm and peaceful guy. You would think that I am a hippy, but I'm not. In fact, when you are chilling with me, you experience a very groovy and relaxing vibe that radiates throughout your soul. I always love to have a good time... maybe that isn't always a good thing. I enjoy lounging and taking it easy- at all times. When you are with me, I will act in a very unique way that will make you ask the questions: Who is this guy? Is something wrong with him? And where is he from? I am constantly looking for a good laugh, consequently, you might pee your pants if you are with me. I would say that I am a pretty funny person, but can sometimes take things too far... way too far. Honestly, my life motto describes me perfectly, I live and breath the words: "Chill, bro, it's only chaos."

Nicholas Buiceag-Arama, Journalist

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