The LeSabre

Energy Ave

Energy Ave

February 28, 2018

Don’t Drive Drowsy

Don’t Drive Drowsy

February 16, 2018

Upperclassmen give registration recommendations

Megan Sieben, Journalist

February 1, 2018

With registration coming up, many of you are probably getting slightly stressed about what classes to take for next year. As a senior, many underclassmen students have asked me questions regarding potential future classes for...

The real villain in “The Last Jedi” (No Spoilers)

Ben Kiewel, Journalist

January 12, 2018

No, the real villain isn't Supreme Leader Snoke or even Kylo Ren. The biggest threat to the galaxy is those little fluffy creatures that inhabit Luke's island. Behind their disproportionate eyes, they hide their true lust fo...

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