The LeSabre

Thoughts about sexual assault

Belle Leblanc-Walz and Curtsey Rengel

November 30, 2017

Why are so many women coming forward all at once? That is a question many people ponder when hearing that so many people are coming forward with sexual allegations. After Harvey Weinstein, so many people came forward with al...



November 2, 2017

CentraCare dispute could spell disaster for St. Cloud area

Ben Kiewel, Journalist

September 21, 2017

Earlier this week, CentraCare set a deadline at the end of this month for its employees to sign a contract regarding their pay. The 18-month contract offers doctors pay benefits, the amount differs based on job position. However,...

Feathered Felon Loose in Sartell

Ben Kiewel, Journalist

September 18, 2017

Early Wednesday morning, Liquid Assets employees were amazed to find a rooster attempting to use the drive-thru. The employees called Sartell police and a comical foot chase began. Sartell police department with aid from the public...

Climate change: what you need to know and how to help

Emma Zenzen, Journalist

January 24, 2017

Temperatures are rising, arctic ice and land ice is decreasing, and sea level is increasing but some people still aren't entirely sure climate change is occurring. After compiling much data, it is clear that climate change is...

Guytano- behind the band

Guytano- behind the band

November 18, 2016

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