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A Guide to Country Music Festivals


Photo via Wikimedia under the Creative Commons License

Country music festivals are in full hype as the first ones begin in early June.

Summertime means country time. With the temperature rising, the windows are being rolled down, the sunglasses are going on, and the country music is being blasted through the speakers. Minnesota and Wisconsin both have a variety of music festivals to offer country music fans all throughout the summer. Some of the most popular options are listed below!


Winstock Country Music Festival

Photo via Wikimedia


Where? Winsted, MN

When? June 14th and 15th

Cost? $140 for General Admission

Who? Headliners include Jason Aldean, Old Dominion, Brett Young, and Kane Brown








Lakes Jam

Photo via Flickr

Where? Brainerd, MN

When? June 27th through the 29th

Cost? Price Varies

Who? Artists include Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreery, Justin Moore, and 3 Doors Down







Country Fest

Photo via Flickr
Luke Bryan will be seen at Country Fest this year in Cadott, WI.


Where? Cadott, WI

When? June 27th through the 29th

Cost? $159 for a 3-day General Admission pass

Who? Major performers are Luke Bryan, Sugarland, Little Big Town, Cole Swindell, Lauren Alaina, Brett Young, and Justin Moore







Country Jam

Photo via Wikimedia
Keith Urban is a very well known musical artist and will be playing at both WE Fest and Country Jam.

Where? Eau Claire, WI

When? July 18th to the 20th

Cost? $149 for 3-day General Admission or $125 for student General Admission with proof

Who? Headliners include Keith Urban, Jake Owen, Toby Keith, Maren Morris, Chase Rice, Dylan Scott, Locash






WE Fest

Photo via Flickr
Billy Currington is a major artist who will be playing at WE Fest


Where? Detroit Lakes, MN

When? August 1st through the 3rd

Cost? General Admission starts at $160 for the 3 days

Who? Major artists are Chris Stapleton, Billy Currington, Keith Urban, Jake Owen, Lanco, Dylan Scott, and Walker Hayes


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Financial tips for high school seniors


Ben Kiewel

2019 seniors and their grad party invites hanging on Nelson's wall. Soon they will all be enjoying their new independence.

It’s March and everyone is counting down until that last day of school. Many are looking forward to walking out those school doors on the first day of summer break. For seniors, their last steps in this high school are also some of their first towards adulthood.

This new freedom for the seniors will come with a bunch of responsibilities. Among those, seniors will find themselves trying to manage their financial life. Knowing how to manage your money can be difficult for some and simple for others. Here’s a quick list to help you get started.

  1. Set Up A Budget – Start by tracking and listing your expenses. Include everything from insurance to money spent going out with friends. Next, add your income and make sure you are in the green. If you are in the red or want to save more, look at your expenses and start removing the unnecessary parts. A common spot where your money is wasted is your subscription services.
  2. Start Building Good Credit – A good credit score is necessary for getting loans in the future. You can work on getting a good credit score in a few ways. The easiest of which being you could get a credit card. Be careful and pay your balance before you get into debt, if you don’t, your credit score will only go down. You could also start a loan, although you would probably need someone to co-sign and again you have to make sure to make your payments on time.
  3.  Start Saving – Above all start saving more money, even if there isn’t anything you want to save up for and buy right now it is always nice to have some emergency cash. This is especially important for college students. Remember, you’ll be a full-time student with who will also be financially independent.
  4. Start Investing – A great place to store the money you are saving is through investments. You’ll tend to make more money than keeping your money in a bank with tiny interest. If you are careful and wise when investing, you will see a very high return wait. There are also tons of tools for those looking to dip their toes into stocks, including Acorn and Robinhood
  5. Start Planning Your Career Plan – As a high school senior you are finally entering the bold world of independence and it is finally time for you to start paving your own path. Where ever your path is leading you, make sure it is a solid career that you’ll enjoy and be successful in.

These are just a few tips but the internet is full of more in-depth financial tips for the novice and expert alike. If you are looking for more there are resources everywhere. As your last year winds down to its last month, start thinking about the weight of independence and prepare for it. It is better to walk into freedom prepared than be thrown into it lost and confused.

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Senior stops before the end of the line


Photo by Wikimedia under the Creative Commons

There are five major events for the SHS seniors to look out for before summer time.

We all get the daily new and update emails from the school telling us what is happening for the day and week, but do we really read it every day? Let’s be honest, most of the time that email goes straight to the trash without being opened. For seniors, that can be a huge mistake. There are some major events for the SHS seniors to take notice of and to mark on their calendars.


The first thing to put on your reminders is Senior Awards Night. This event is scheduled to be in the SHS Theater on May 22nd at 7:00 pm. Seniors who have earned esteemed scholarships or honors will be admired at this event.


A mandatory event for all seniors is graduation rehearsal, but lucky for us it takes place during a regular school day. So it’s just a matter of remembering not to go to class at 12:15 pm but to head to the gymnasium instead. This takes place on Wednesday, May 29th. Another bonus about this day is the pizza party just for the seniors at 11:40 on the lawn.


 The very next day, May 30th is the senior class trip. Seniors will be taking a bus to Arrowwood Resort in Alexandria. The bus leaves at 8:30 am and will arrive back at the school at 5:30 pm. Be sure to print and fill out the form if you are planning on attending the senior trip or to order your pizza for the 29th!

Click here for the form!


June 1st is the day we have all been waiting for, Graduation Day! Commencement will take place on that Saturday at 7:30 in the gymnasium. Grab your diplomas and celebrate!


Later that night is the All-Night Graduation Party for the Seniors to spend one last hurrah together while getting hypnotized and enjoying fun casino games. The night begins at 10:30 pm and will go throughout the night. There is even a chance to win a car if you attend! Click here to visit the website to register.


Now if you decided to skim this article as I do with the daily emails, at least check out the Sartell School’s website where there is a page dedicated to all the things you need to know about before us seniors move on to be high school graduates.

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Six ways to stay healthy as you age

How to elevate the quality of your life


photo via picserver under the creative common license

Keep in mind, genetics is not fate. While problems such as Alzheimer’s and heart disease do have a genetic component, lifestyle tends to trump genes. Physical aging is shaped by many different lifestyle choices.

1. Exercise 

Our brain and body are connected; what promotes fitness is also healthy for the mind. By exercising at least 20 minutes a day, older participants feel better, have fewer falls and fractures and experience social benefits.

2. Nurture friendships

Evidence suggests that whether it’s praying or hiking, what enhances well-being is the getting together, not the activity. People who see other people on a regular basis live longer and become sick less often. Avoiding negative family members may also enhance health and longevity. The positive emotional content was associated with healthy longevity. Having a negative, pessimistic view on life may not only result in a decline in memory and self-efficacy but may shorten your life by almost eight years.

3. Be cognitively stimulated early

The sooner the verbal cognition is learned, the lower the risk of Alzheimer’s. So basically, read to your children!

4. Stay cognitively engaged

Whether the activity is Bridge or crossword puzzles, mental exercise may be as key to keeping the mind supple as physical activity is to the body’s functioning.

5. Eat a healthy diet

Most of us know that a healthy diet means moderation in meat, sugar, and fat, and plenty of vegetables and fruit. Those fruits and veggies are also benefiting the brain.

The capacity of fruits and vegetables to absorb damaging free radicals cuts the risk of dementia. Hydrating is essential and dehydration causes malfunctions.

6. Throw out nasty habits

Don’t smoke. Smoking constricts blood vessels and may decrease cognitive capacity.


It’s a no-brainer: An engaging social environment, combined with good nutrition and daily exercise, helps keep the brain healthy. Older people who are involved with friends, physical activities, and lifelong learning. Wholehearted participation in these pursuits gives meaning to old age and helps elevate the quality of life for those years.

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College tour guide: tips & tricks to finding your perfect college!


Photo by Jordan Mareck

SHS students will begin touring colleges as summer approaches, so it is important to know a few tips to make the most of college tours.

Your college will become your new home away from home, so it is important that you are sure it is a good fit. Below are some tips and tricks to help you survive college tours!

Photo by Jordan Mareck
There are lots of great colleges in Minnesota for students who prefer to stay close to home after graduating.


-Write up a list of questions that you would like to be answered during your tour.

-Schedule a visit ahead of time and make sure to let the college know how many people you will be bringing for your tour! By scheduling a tour, you also may have the option to tour a specific area of campus that highlights your major!

-Check the weather: depending on where and when you are touring, you may need to bring rain gear or a coat.


-Ask lots of questions

?: What are the classroom sizes?

?: How good are professors at answering questions during office hours?

?: How big is the campus? (ex. small, medium, large)                     

Prior to visiting a college, it is helpful to do some research and write down any questions that you would like to be answered during your tour.

?: Where do students go to study?

?: Are there a lot of shopping areas around campus (for groceries, convenience, etc.)

? How many students end up transferring?

? What meal plan do you recommend?

? How hard is it to change your major?

-Take pictures of different areas that you will be spending a lot of time in (ex. dorms, dining hall,rec centers, library, study centers, etc.)

-Pay attention to dorm sizes, conditions, and overall vibes.


-Rate your experience and write down any thoughts: Write down what you liked, and what you didn’t like so that you will have something to look back on when it is time to make a decision!

Photo via Wikimedia Commons under the Creative Commons License
It is always helpful to rate your college tour experience afterward so that you can look back at it later when you are making your decision!

Colleges Near Sartell, MN

College can be stressful, but following this college tour guide will hopefully help ease some of the stress so that future college students feel at home during college! Check out some of the colleges below to get started!

St. Cloud State University

St. Cloud Technical Community College

Saint Johns University/College of Saint Benedict

Click here to read about the 20 Best Value Colleges and Universities In Minnesota 2019

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How to enjoy spring



Spring cleaning, along with many other activities, should fill up your time this season.

Here is a list of activities to liven up your spring experience as the weather gets warmer.

1. Take a long walk

It is important to get outside and feel the sun on our faces.

Getting outside and breathing the fresh air helps your mental health and can help with seasonal depression, especially after such a long winter. It is this time of year to get out of the house and enjoy the breeze and the sunshine.

2. Set up a picnic

Try to find the perfect spot with at least enough shade to keep the cooler in, so the item inside stays colder longer. Remember to bring a tablecloth or picnic blanket to sit on. Keep it simple. Pack a sandwich, some cold drinks, and have a great time!

3. Open your windows

Having your windows open for extended periods of time will allow fresh air to spread throughout the home. Along with the fresh air, sweet bird melodies will boost the spring vibes.

4. Engage in spring cleaning

Everyone goes through the spring phase of cleaning out unwanted clothing, preparing new outfits for summertime, and cleaning out all the crud that manifested throughout your house during the chilly months or this creates a fresh new start as you clean everything around your house and gets you pumped for warm weather.

Click here to read more information on this infogram.

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There are days where even my coffee needs coffee. There are days that I put the "pro" in procrastination. There are days when I say "I'm just gonna lay...

How to end the quarter strong


Photo via Pixabay under the Creative Commons License

With the quarter coming to an end, it is important to stay on top of your work and finish strong!

An inside look into the dilemma transpiring in Sartell students’ minds:


One week left. Spring break. Homework. Spring Break.

Final projects. Spring Break. Midterms. Spring Break.


With spring break only one week away, it is hard to stay focused on school. However, this week is a big week with the end of a quarter. After three long months of third quarter, it is finally coming to its end which means homework, projects, and midterms. Staying focused on school work can be challenging, so here are a few tips to stay on top of things with the end of the quarter only one week away.

1. Procrastination is not your friend.

Get your work done! If you have a project due Friday start working on it now. Procrastination is hard to overcome, but you can do it! The sooner you get your work done the sooner you will be stress-free and ready for your week of no school.

2. Study, Study, Study

Don’t slack. If you have a midterm you aren’t prepared for… start studying. Put in your headphones and go to work. There is time to sit back and relax over spring break. Use your time now to study for a test that could bump your grade up if you do well. If you need some relaxing music to listen to while you work click here!

Photo by Danyelle Yoerg

3. Stay organized

Keeping yourself organized will ensure that you are ready for any test you have or any assignment that needs to be turned in. Use a planner or use your computer to track the dates of when important items are due. You will thank yourself later when you can find what you need in a millisecond.

4. Sleep is important

Students are known to stay up all night in order to study for those final exams or finish that final project. The end of the quarter is stressful as it is, don’t put more anxiety on yourself by not sleeping. Sleeping will help you feel more refreshed and ready to take on whatever school throws at you. You are also more likely to do better after a well-rested night.

5. Talk to your teachers

If you are leaving a few days early to catch a flight somewhere sunny, talk with your teachers before you leave. They can help come up with a plan to get all your work done so there is nothing to worry about over break. Your teachers are there to help! They know this time of the year is hard to keep up with all the work, so just communicate with them to make sure everyone (even the teachers) end the quarter happy and healthy.

6. Give yourself a pat on the back!

Don’t forget to take the time to applaud yourself for all your hard work. Give yourself a break every once and a while and watch some Netflix. You’re doing great and need to remember that as long as you are doing your best that’s all you can do.

Photo via Wikipedia under the Creative Commons License
If you follow all these steps you will be good to go and ready to take on the last few days of the quarter.

One week Sabres.
One week until Spring Break.
We can do it!

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Hi! I am Danyelle, and I am currently a senior. Throughout my 18 trips around the sun, I have spent a majority of it sleeping, playing with kids, or taking...

Saving the planet starts with you!


Jenna Eibes

Going green has never been easier with these awesome tips!

Going green is super easy and critical to helping restore the Earth’s pristine condition. The world is dying because of all the pollution and oceans littered with plastic. It is time to take a stand and help restore the planet’s natural beauty. There are so many simple ways to help save the planet that take little to no work at all.

Jenna Eibes
Make sure you are contentious about the amount of water you consume and use.

      1. Pay attention to water consumption

Make sure when you are brushing your teeth that you turn off the water while doing so. Leaving the water running wastes way more water than what needs to be used. Also, taking shorter showers can make a huge difference.

     2. Start biking and walking more

Fossil fuels released by cars can have a significant impact on the environment. Reducing the number of greenhouse gases produced by a vehicle can be very beneficial. Not to mention, biking or walking will help clean the air while keeping you in good physical health.

     3. Reduce, reuse, and recycle

Waste has a very negative impact on our environment. By throwing recyclables into a recycling bin instead of a trash bin can help make sure these materials are reused and don’t litter our oceans. By recycling, you also help these used goods find new purposes.

Jenna Eibes
Recycling plastic, aluminum, and paper can help find a new purpose for used materials.

  4. Turn off lights when you aren’t in the room

Leaving your lights on when you aren’t home or when you aren’t in the room can be detrimental. Make sure to be environmentally conscious when it comes to lighting your home. Using ENERGY STAR light bulbs can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well.

    5. Use reusable shopping bags

When you are heading to the mall to do some shopping, make sure to bring your own environmental friendly bag. Reducing the amount of plastic bags used can help save mother earth and our oceans. Plastic bags sit in landfills and then drift to coastlines. These bags often pollute the ocean and harm marine life.

6. Ditch the straw

Jenna Eibes
Make sure to turn off the lights when you leave a room!

Straws, among many other things, pollute our oceans every year and end up killing and/or harming our aquatic ecosystem. You do not need a straw but if you prefer to use one, reusable or metal straws are the way to go. These substitutes help keep the oceans clean and sea life happy.

    7. Spread awareness!

Sometimes all you can do is educate the people around you about how important it is to keep our earth clean. Spreading the word to friends and family can have a ripple effect. Once one person knows the facts they will change their behavior and help spread the word.

To learn more about how to save our earth, click here.




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Top 10 most dangerous animals in the world

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!


C. Jemming

Here is a list of the top ten most dangerous animals.

When asked to associate items with the word dangerous, massive animals tend to top the list. Spiders tend to monopolize the fear department, and sharks are connected with the “killer” stereotype. Realistically, neither of these animals can come close to comparing with the vicious beasts that storm the earth. Both large and small, animals can be downright deadly. Here is a list of the top ten most dangerous animals in the world today.

1. Human

This should not be surprising because, after all, humans are animals too. The total death rate from war alone is estimated to be from 150 million to 1 billion people. Humans still assault each other at high rates from gun violence in cities to terrorist attacks around the globe. Humans have the capacity to annihilate the entire plants with genetically-modified superbugs and nuclear devices. Humans are not only the first dangerous animal in the world but also pose threats to other creatures. Extinction data reveals that a rate of 100 to 1,000 species become extinct per million per year mostly due to human-caused habitat. Sad to say, but people are largely at the top of the list as the most dangerous animal in the world.

Image result for mosquitoes

2.) Mosquito

These little buggers are considered the second most dangerous on our list because of all of the deaths associated with carrying deadly pathogens. Found in every region on the planet except in Antarctica, these pests are primary provoker of diseases such as Yellow fever, West Nile virus, the Zika virus, and the Dengue fever. They kill around roughly 725,000 people annually.

3.) Tsetse Fly

These flies inhabit most of Africa and much like the mosquito, they transmit different diseases. Trypanosomiasis or “sleeping sickness” is caused by microscopic parasites. This disease is fatal if left untreated. It has a fatality rate of 100%. However, it is curable in its early stages of development. Each year around 50,000 to 500,000 people die from this disease transmitted from this fly.

4.) Saltwater Crocodile

This croc is the largest animal of all living reptiles. Male crocodiles can reach up to 7 meters long when fully grown. Other types of crocodiles will attack humans as well, but due to the close proximity of saltwater crocodiles to humans, they pose a much greater risk of attack. Annually, there are about 275 to 745 attacks, and 63% of these attacks are fatal.

5.) Black Mamba

This dangerous animal is an extremely venomous snake that is native to parts of Africa. There are snakes whose poison is more lethal, however, this fast-acting snake’s poison shuts down the nervous system and has paralyzing effects. Without anti-venom, the fatality rate from this snake bite is 100%. There is documentation that fatalities occur as little as 20 minutes after injection. This deadly snake kills around 20,000 people annually.

6.) Pufferfish

Tetrodotoxin is up to 1,200 times more poisonous than cyanide, and this toxin is released if the pufferfish is ingested. Their spikes lay alongside their body. It expands its body when faced with danger and unveils its long spikes. If a person were to touch a spike without respiratory treatment, they will survive for about 60 minutes. About six people die from pufferfish each year, but this does not mean they are any less dangerous.

7.) Box Jellyfish

Found in warm coastal waters around the world, this type of jellyfish is typically found in Australia. A tiny amount of jellyfish venom can cause a human heart to seize and stop. Stings from these creatures are said to be severely painful and fatal to humans. Hundreds of people are hospitalized each year due to stings, and 20 to 40 people die each year in the Philippines alone.

8.) Gold Poison Dart Frog

One of these frogs contains enough venom to kill 10 full grown humans or 20,000 mice. Growing to two inches long, their bright yellow color warns predators of their deadly toxicity. Gold poison dart frogs keep their poison right underneath their skin. If they become distressed, they will start sweating this toxin, making the frogs toxic to the touch.

9.) Cone Snail

Cone snails are slow-moving, so they use a harpoon to catch faster-moving prey. Their venom is powerful enough to kill a human. After the venom is injected, their prey becomes immobilized. Besides being venomous, parasitic flatworms can be transmitted to humans through these creatures. Around 30 humans have died from a cone snail.

10.) Cape Buffalo

Nicknamed “the Black Death”, these impressive animals are said to have killed more big game hunters than any other animal in Africa. They can reach heights of 6 feet and can weigh around 2,000 pounds. The cape buffalo tends to gore its prey or trample it to death. Approximately 200 people die each year from a buffalo attack.

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There are days where even my coffee needs coffee. There are days that I put the "pro" in procrastination. There are days when I say "I'm just gonna lay...

10 ways to reduce stress fast!


photo via The Blue Diamond Gallery under the creative commons license

Stress can take a toll on you, find out ways to reduce stress here!

Many Sartell students have felt a little stressed out at one point in time. Whether they have a big test coming up or are worried about a big speech, we have all been there. There are so many simple ways to reduce stress fast.

  1. Take some deep breaths

    Jenna Eibes
    Going for a walk or run can increase your mood drastically.
    • Breathe in through your mouth for a couple seconds and then release. Do this for at least two minutes.
  2. Pray

    • Sometimes when you are stressed you feel like nobody is listening. Pray,  knowing that someone is listening to your struggles and is going to help you through it.
  3. Laugh it off

    • Sometimes all you need is a good laugh and the company of your friends. Sit down, watch a funny video, and let go of all your negativity.
  4. Go for a walk or run

    • Go outside and go for a nice walk or run. Getting your heart rate up and getting some exercise should help perk you up.
  5. Buy yourself something nice

    Jenna Eibes
    Listening to an upbeat song can put you in a good mood!
    • Sometimes after a long day, you need to treat yourself to something nice. Scrounge up that extra money and buy something you wouldn’t usually buy.
  6. Spend time in nature

    • A breath of fresh air and a short walk can take your mind off a stressful day.
  7. Keep a journal

    • Writing down what you are feeling can reduce your stress. Getting those hard to talk about things off your chest can be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders
  8. Listen to an upbeat song

    Jenna Eibes
    Reading a good book can transport you to a different world.
    • Listening to some music with upbeat vibes can make your mood so much better. Put your headphones in and relax.
  9. Take a hot shower or bath

    • A nice bubble bath, a tub of ice cream, and some candles is a good end to a stressful day.
  10. Start a good book

    • When you read you go into a completely different world. Curl up with a soft blanket and a good book and let go of all the stress of your day.

For more tips on how to reduce stress, click here.

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Fashion and Fads of SHS

Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it. -Nicky Hilton


Jenna Eibes

Fashion and Fads of SHS

There are many notable fashion trends this year at SHS. The trends and fads at the high school have spread like wildfire, here are some of the few making their way around SHS this school year.

Apple watch on a wrist

Apple Watches: When you walk around Sartell, you will notice that almost everyone is wearing an apple watch. I asked senior, Kenna Rohe why she chose to invest in an Apple watch as she said she bought it, “to help track health and to help track the kids I nanny timeouts.” The Apple watch is perfect for people who love to work out and keep daily goals.

Parkas: Parkas are all the rage with winter coming up quick. These long, puffy coats are perfect for cold weather because they are stylish and keep you toasty during these harsh Minnesota winters. The most popular brand name parkas at Sartell are Michael Kors, Patagonia, and The North Face. I asked, senior, Anna Baken why she decided to purchase a parka this fall as she said, “they are the warmest and most fashionable winter coats I have ever seen.”

Pink and black Hunter Boots

Hunter Boots: These boots are sure to keep you cozy and dry, no matter the weather which is what makes them so appealing to SHS students. You can catch almost any girl wearing them on a cold, snowy day or a gloomy, rainy day. Senior, Sadie Folsom says, “I thought Hunter Boots would be a cute fall/winter boot to wear and I didn’t really have any boots at the time.” These boots are known for their versatile use and warmth. These boots are perfect to buy at Scheels or Tradehome at our local mall. 

Mom jeans: This comfy casual look has become very popular at Sartell High School over the past year. Mom jeans are perfect for those Sartell students who want to look cute but don’t want to be uncomfortable. These jeans can be dressed up or dressed down which makes them so likable.

Dave Dugdale (

Patagonia: Patagonias are perfect for lazy winter days. Patagonias come in many different styles and colors which makes them attractive to students at SHS. Each fleece is made with recycled materials which are appealing to the earth lovers of SHS. Many people at Sartell choose to invest in Patagonia, though they are expensive. Senior, Brooke Walters decided to pay the extra money because “Patagonias are cute and comfy.”

Hydroflasks: These stylish water bottles come in many different colors and sizes to fit anyone’s need. If you take a stroll down the hallway at SHS, you will see some people with these colorful water bottles. These water bottles are easy to carry and keep your water cold all day. Hydroflasks are perfect for after-school sports at SHS. 

Different types of jean skirts

Jean Skirts/ Overall Dresses: Denim is very in this year which is very evident at Sartell High School. If you ask any girl, they are sure to have either a jean skirt or overall dress in their wardrobe. These dresses and skirts come in many different colors and lengths. Also, jean skirts and overall dresses are perfect for those girls who like to look comfy cute.

Lululemon: Over the past couple of years, the brand Lululemon has boomed in Sartell. Many people at SHS have something from Lululemon, whether it’s a water bottle, a headband, a pair of leggings, or a shirt. Lululemon is perfect for those students who work out right after school being that Lululemon is a sportswear brand. I asked junior, Brenna Chisholm why she likes Lululemon and she said, “Lululemon offers high-quality clothes and is a good brand to buy from.” Lululemon offers many different types of apparel in many different colors and patterns.

A pair of black vans

Vans: When walking down the halls of SHS you will notice one shoe brand, in particular, that seems to stick out. Vans are on the cutting edge this school year. The different colors and styles of these shoes draw many Sartell students to buy them. Customizable Vans help show the individuality of the students at Sartell High School. Senior Maddy Eckhoff, who has four pairs of Vans, says, “ I like that they are edgy and match a lot of my outfits. Also, they are easy to slip on.”

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Hi! I am Jenna Eibes, and I am a senior at Sartell High School. In my free time, I love to play soccer, take pictures, hang out with friends, and spend...

Stress Relievers: Part 2

No matter how happy you might be, stress still happens.  It’s a prominent feature in the lives of teenagers. Some stress can be good but for the bad, anxiety-causing kind, here is a list of five things that can help relieve stress.

Rachel Eisenschenk
A picture of my bed that I like to sleep in.

1. Take a nap. Napping has been shown to reduce cortisol levels which helps with stress levels. Napping also helps with taking a break from the stress and relaxing for a little bit.

Rachel Eisenschenk
This is a picture of a yoga mat.

2. Yoga. Going into a yoga pose is a great way to stretch out your body and feel great afterward. Some yoga poses are really relaxing, and the breathing combined with the poses are helpful for relieving stress.

Amanda Rubin
A picture of me laughing.

3. Laughing. There is no better way to lighten the mood than laughing. Even just a smile that turns into laughing is a great way to relieve stress.

Rachel Eisenschenk
A photo of a daily planner I write in.

4. Write it out. Writing about stress and keeping a journal, or even writing it and then ripping it up is a great way to get the thoughts in your head on paper. This helps your mind relieve some of the stress by having the words go onto something else instead of all in your brain.

Minnie Czech
A picture of a beautiful snowman being hugged.

5. Hug someone! Hugging someone can make the most stressful days become a little brighter.

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