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Partners in Crime: Jacob and Abdul


Tim Engle

Jacob and Abdul ready for their senior season of football.

At Sartell High School, many students have what famous artist Drake calls “Their right hand, their go-to.” To showcase those extraordinary friendships, this feature article was created.

Seniors Jacob Bjelland and Abdul Wadood believe that Saturdays are #fortheboys.

They claim that their friendship resembles Sulley and Mike Wazowski. Anyone could agree that it is an accurate description of the duo.

Jacob’s favorite activity to do with Abdul is just chill. Jacob is annoyed at the fact that Abdul always has to go home for something. He appreciates how loyal of a friend Abdul is. He also says, “Abdul calls Ziploc bags ziplocies,” describing the humor Abdul adds to his life.

Abduls favorite memory with Jacob is playing Lacrosse with him. When asked what he likes to do with Jacob he said, “Hanging out on days that are boring.” He appreciates his energy, but is annoyed by Jacob not answering his phone and going to sleep.

The two boys shared some of their personal information to see how good of bros the two are!

Partners In Crime: Tori and Amber


Emma Gent

Here is Amber and Tori all glammed up for Prom 2018.

Many Sartell students have that one special person in their lives that they just couldn’t live without.  It’s, to reference the ever popular Grey’s Anatomy, “their person.” To highlight those special relationships between students, this feature article was created.

Seniors Amber Heun and Tori Gaida have been bffs for years.

They even say they are a lot like Spongebob and Patrick. Amber says, “Tori is definitely Spongebob.”

Their favorite memory together was when they went to Mexico. Tori enjoys going to the cabin with Amber and is annoyed with how slow she eats. According to Tori, “She eats so slow, slowest person I’ve ever met when it comes to eating.” But appreciates how kind Amber is and how she is always there for her.

Amber says she loves doing anything with Tori because she is so fun and funny. Amber is annoyed by Tori’s loud eating. Amber appreciates how down to earth Tori is. She says, “She has always been there for me, and she is a good person to be around.”

The two besties shared some of their personal information to see just how well the other person knows her!


Partners in crime: Sammy and Taylor


Sadie Folsom

Sammy and Taylor at Junior Prom.

Seniors of Sartell High School, Taylor Schoenberg and Sammy Quaal are the definition of best friends, which makes them perfect candidates for the article Partners in Crime.

Taylor and Sammy met at Kidstop and

have been inseparable ever since.

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Brooke Walters, Journalist

Hi! My name is Brooke Walters, and I am a senior at Sartell High School. In my free time, I like to play hockey and soccer. I also like to spend time with...

Partners in Crime: Brenna Chisholm and Morgan Kirchner


Ashley Kesler

Brenna and Morgan at Soccer.

Students of Sartell High School, Brenna and Morgan are the perfect example of two peas in a pod. Their friendship is something that inspires everyone around them which made them perfect candidates for the feature, Partners in Crime.

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Hi! I am Jenna Eibes, and I am a senior at Sartell High School. In my free time, I love to play soccer, take pictures, hang out with friends, and spend...

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