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Hardee’s is put to the test


Images photoshopped by Raven Vastag

Hardee's was founded nearly 20 years after Carl's Jr, with Carl's Jr being created in 1941, and Hardee's being made in 1960

In 2013 Hardee’s started to open more locations in the northeast
Photo via Wikimedia under the creative commons license


In this world, nothing is certain except death, taxes, and a random burger chain having 2 different names despite being nearly identical restaurants. Hardee’s/Carl’s Jr. is a fast food chain found across the United States.

Carl’s Jr. is found in the west coast areas and part of the south, and Hardee’s is found in the midwest and the east, as well as the rest of the south

Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. started as two different burger chains, until CKE bought them out and decided to combine them, as well as build a small storyline around the burger chains. In 2017 CKE co-marketed the burger chains, coming up with a fake joint-owner named Carl Hardee who’s son, Carl Jr. took part of the company to himself. The storyline followed Carl Hardee and his attempt to get the company back. 

There aren’t many differences between the two chains. The logos are different with Hardee’s having the star next to the word Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. having the star on top and behind the words Carl’s Jr. but it’s the same star and the same font. They have somewhat different taglines, both on a red ribbon under the logo, but the Hardee’s tagline is “Charbroiled Thickburgers” while the Carl’s Jr. tagline is “Charbroiled Burgers.” With differences in the food, Hardee’s has red burritos while Carl’s Jr. has green burritos, and Carl’s Jr. in a west coast fashion, serves salads while Hardee’s does not.

I decided to go to Hardee’s to test out the food myself. I never heard of Hardee’s being a great fast food place, but I also never heard anything bad about it. I never really heard anyone talk about it at all. I vaguely remember going as a kid but I hadn’t been since. I went, and I got the Original Thickburger combo in order to get the full Hardee’s experience. I got it to go and my friend convinced me to eat it in the car while we waited for a few other friends, and I must say eating in the car did not make my experience any better or worse.

It’s alright. I feel like Hardee’s quality of food I’d put a tier above most fast food joints. I’d put it around Culver’s or something for quality.”

— Mr. Walker

I was surprised with the taste. It was a very sweet burger without much salt on it. It came with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, bacon, mayo, and ketchup. The bacon was the only part that tasted salty. It threw me off guard with the first bite but after eating a bit of it it was a good quality burger. If you’re not a fan of sweet burgers I wouldn’t recommend it, but I didn’t mind. I tried some of the fries, and they were almost completely saltless. There was some flavor in them but I didn’t taste any salt, so either I got a bad batch of fries or Hardee’s is trying to help people with their sodium intake, either way I appreciate the cause of extending my life

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Raven is a senior at Sartell High School. His favorite SZA song is "Doves In The Wind." His plans after high school are to be rich and famous for his music...

Délicieux Raspberry Muffins


Lucie Mathon

Chef Lucie has been cooking with her mom since she was five.

About the Writer
Photo of Lucie M.
Lucie M., Journalist

Lucie Mathon is a junior at Sartell High School and is 16 years old. She is from France and is staying in Sartell for one year.  She has many stories...

Délicieux Caramel Rolls


Lucie Mathon

Chef Lucie has been cooking with her mom since she was five.

About the Writer
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Lucie M., Journalist

Lucie Mathon is a junior at Sartell High School and is 16 years old. She is from France and is staying in Sartell for one year.  She has many stories...

Cooking with Chef Lauren- Homemade Bacon Mac and Cheese


Lauren Sip

This week Chef Lauren whipped up some homemade mac & cheese for her snowy day home.

A snow day is a perfect day to stay inside and make some homemade mac and cheese for you and your friends! Instead of taking box mac and cheese made with artificial cheese, here is an alternate, more natural recipe.

To make bacon mac and cheese all you need are

  • 2-3 cups of pasta
  • 4 cups of shredded cheese
  • 1/2 tsp of salt
  • 1/4 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/4 tsp onion powder
  • 1/2 tsp of paprika
  • 1/4 tsp of pepper
  • 2 tbsp of butter
  • 2 tbsp of flour
  • 4 cups milk
  • 1/2 a package of bacon.

To prep, have all seasonings measured and in one bowl and have everything measured out such as the shredded cheese and necessary liquids.

So to start you need to cook the pasta.  It doesn’t necessarily need to be macaroni noodles; it can be any type of noodle.

Next, take a separate pan and cook bacon to desired crunchiness.  Once the bacon is done, drain the fat and set the bacon aside. In the same pan melt the butter.  Once the butter is melted, add flour and whisk until smooth. Pour in water and keep whisking. Add milk and whisk again. Mix in the pasta and seasonings.

Once that is mixed in add the cheese, stirring occasionally. When the cheese is melted, chop up the bacon into thin pieces and mix it into the mac and cheese.

Now every time you crave mac and cheese, you can make it fresh and homemade, adding anything you would like such as substituting the bacon for broccoli for even a healthier dish!


About the Contributor
Photo of Lauren Sip
Lauren Sip, Journalist

Lauren Sip is a senior at Sartell High School and is 17 years old. If she could be BFFs with any celebrity it would have to be A$AP Rocky. If she could...

Cooking with Chef Lauren


Lauren Sip

Yummy chicken, potatoes, and green beans make for a good hearty meal.

Attention boys and grills! Healthy and delicious meals are important to living a happy and hearty life. Cooking meals may take a little extra time than just going to McDonalds’s, but in the end, the time it takes to cook is totally worth it for all the delicious and healthy food that anyone can make.

Chicken is a great choice and can be used in many different recipes and can be cooked in many different ways.

As a self-proclaimed chef, I cooked garlic breaded roast chicken breast with roasted potatoes and green beans for my mom.

First, you need to cut up the potatoes into little pieces. It doesn’t matter how, and then place them in a pan with oil and seasonings of your choice and pop into the oven at 400 degrees for about 35 minutes or until golden brown. For seasonings, I’d suggest garlic garlic from tastefully simple.

Next to make the chicken you’ll need two chicken breasts, ¾ cup of flour, a shake of salt and pepper, 1 egg, ¼ cup of water, 1 ⅓ cup of panko bread crumbs, 1 ½ tablespoon of garlic powder, and 2 tablespoons of melted butter. Then you need to combine the flour, pepper, and salt into a medium-sized bowl. In the second bowl, combine the water and egg and whisk. In a third bowl, mix the bread crumbs and garlic powder. Finally, take the chicken and dip in flour, then in the egg mixture and lastly the bread crumbs.  Place in pan and spread melted butter over chicken and bake for 40 minutes (or until golden brown) at 400 degrees. 

When the chicken and potatoes are close to being done, boil some water with a little salt and steam some green beans. Take food out of the oven, place on a plate, and you now have a simple but healthy meal for 2!

Recipe is from Purewow.

About the Writer
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Lauren Sip, Journalist

Lauren Sip is a senior at Sartell High School and is 17 years old. If she could be BFFs with any celebrity it would have to be A$AP Rocky. If she could...

Water World


Raven Vastag

Travis Scoots album covered edited into water world with some water touches

Water is a necessity. Anybody who drinks water should expect the highest quality. The flavor, the packaging, and the price all need to come together to make the best product possible for the consumer. I will be testing various waters from local gas stations and convenience stores such as Holiday and Kwik Trip.

Although I will be using many plastic bottles, I will give extra points if a bottle is more environmentally friendly then another. This depends on the thickness and material of the bottle.

About the Contributor
Photo of Raven Vastag
Raven Vastag, Journalist

Raven is a senior at Sartell High School. His favorite SZA song is "Doves In The Wind." His plans after high school are to be rich and famous for his music...

Val’s vs Burger Time: a review of two great burger places


Raven Vastag

As far as burgers go, in the St. Cloud area there is a fierce competition between Val's and Burger Time.

In the St. Cloud area, there are quite a few places that offer burgers on their menu, but two of the most popular burger joints focus just on burgers: Val’s and Burger Time. Overall it seems that Val’s is the more popular choice, but the Burger Time fan base is very dedicated. The only real way to test it is to compare the taste of the burgers to see which one comes out on top

A Val’s cheeseburger comes in at $2.05. It’s not a big burger, but it’s worth the price. It comes with mustard, ketchup, pickles, and onion. It’s a very greasy burger, but it’s good overall. The meat doesn’t get overpowered by the toppings which is important. I ordered a cheeseburger, a large order of fries, and a Reese’s milkshake. The fries filled up a large part of the bag. The fries were really good, and they tasted almost meaty. The burger, on the other hand, was very underwhelming. It was good and better then most fast food, but it just tasted greasy and the bun had a strong flour flavor. For the price, it was very good, and I would recommend it. Val’s shines in value more than flavor.

A Burger Time burger comes in at $3.59. It is more expensive than Val’s, so it loses points there. It comes with mayo, tomato, ketchup, and lettuce. It’s really greasy as well but the toppings help dilute the greasiness. I ordered a Bigger Burger, which is just their regular burger and an order of fries. The fries seemed really stale, but the burger was great. The toppings didn’t take up the whole burger, but you could still taste it. The meat was seasoned well, and it complimented the toppings. Because it comes with tomato there’s a sweet and salty flavor happening which is really nice. Burger Time was a great burger and even though it was more expensive, it excelled in other areas.

So what is the best burger of St. Cloud? Val’s pulls ahead in value providing a cheap burger with good flavor, but Burger Time keeps up with size. They both tasted great. Val’s was more of a plain burger, while Burger Time had more toppings and variety in flavor. The best burger of St. Cloud is not an objective thing. At the end of the day it matters what you want. If you want a cheap burger that tastes good, then Val’s is probably better for you, but if you want a more full burger with many different flavors you’d probably prefer Burger Time. I believe that the better burger is Burger Time. It costs $1.54 more and for that, you get a bigger burger, along with much more variety in the burger. Val’s is a great burger for the price, but you can’t judge a good burger off of strictly value.

About the Contributor
Photo of Raven Vastag
Raven Vastag, Journalist

Raven is a senior at Sartell High School. His favorite SZA song is "Doves In The Wind." His plans after high school are to be rich and famous for his music...

Coldstone: Sartell vs St. Cloud


Courtney Kosloski

Sartell VS Saint Cloud Cold Stone

Ice cream. Something we all enjoy especially in spring and during the upcoming summer. Sartell and St. Cloud both offer multiple different places to get ice cream basically any part of the day.

Google Maps
Sartell Cold Stone to Saint Cloud Cold Stone


Cold Stone has been popular for a long time now. Popular enough that Sartell recently opened their own Cold Stone ice cream store while Saint Cloud’s Cold Stone has been open for years now. Cold Stone has become a nationwide favorite.

The first Cold Stone opened in Tempe, Arizona in 1988 by Donald and Susan Sutherland. “Cold Stone Creamery sold not just ice cream, but a concept: Customers designed their own personalized ‘dessert creations,’ choosing from basic ice cream, yogurt, and sorbet flavors and adding in fruit, candy, nuts, syrups, and other ingredients.”

Courtney Kosloski
Cold Stone Ice Cream




Now, to compare Sartell’s Cold Stone vs Saint Cloud’s Cold Stone:  there’s not much difference between the two. They both offered the same exact menus and extra ingredients along with obviously the same prices on things.  However, there were a couple of differences.  Sartell was not as busy as Saint Cloud which means total less time spent there.  Also, Sartell had fewer people working which makes sense if it isn’t as busy. Otherwise, they are both wonderful places to stop and get a treat.

Courtney Kosloski
Sartell VS Saint Cloud Cold Stone
About the Contributor
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Courtney Kosloski, Journalist

I am a senior at Sartell High School, which is ironic because I tend to not be at school or on time for my classes. I like to take my time with anything...

In-N-Out: worth the beef?


Alexis Miller

SHS senior Tarah Rosendahl getting ready to destroy our burgers.

It isn’t news that In-n-Out burger has taken the West Coast by storm.  This past week I traveled to California for a mighty fine spring break trip.  While I was there, I decided to find out whether or not In-N-Out was truly worth the beef.

Quite honestly, the service here was shockingly good.  This being said, we did arrive before the lunch rush which eventually left a line out the door.  We ordered food for our party of three, and the food arrived within under five minutes of ordering.  Now was time for the moment of truth.  Would the burgers be as mouthwatering as previously claimed? Will the toppings be as stacked as Bill Gates’s paycheck?

In-N-Out has started several foundations to aid and help people in need.

In my personal opinion, the answer is sadly no.  I will say that by no means was this a bad meal, and I would obviously choose it any day before a larger fast-food chain such as McDonald’s or Burger King.  The poor food experience may have been my fault going in, as my expectations were set pretty high.  The ultimate factor that brought my high hopes crashing down was the similarity to Five Guys Burgers and Fries, a restaurant previously reviewed by The Good, The Bad, and The Delicious.  I had difficulty wrapping my mind around the hype over In-N-Out and how long someone may wait in line for a burger that tastes the same, down the street at a different chain that is not only cheaper, but has a shorter wait time.

Ultimately, I would recommend going to In-N-Out if you ever find yourself galavanting around the west coast, so that you can decide for yourself if it’s really worth the beef.

Is In-N-Out worth the hype?

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Hello, I'm Alexis Miller.  I am currently a senior at Sartell High School where I enjoy partaking in procrastination and naps.  In my spare time I enjoying...

Is Leeann Chin better than Pacific Wok?


Brooke Walters

Many Sartell students have indulged in either Leeann Chin or Pacific Wok.

Many SHS students have enjoyed a meal at least once from either Leeann Chin or Pacific Wok, but which restaurant do students prefer? Every student that is craving some Chinese food typically chooses one of these two places.

Brooke Walters
Leeann Chins menu when you walk in.

Leeann Chin has a variety of options. You could get an entree which includes your choice of white rice (300 calories) or natural brown rice (260 calories) and also your choice of meat. They have 4 different kinds of meat options here which include chicken, beef, shrimp, or tofu. They also offer combos which include your choice of the white rice or natural brown rice with any two 1/2 entrees or 1/2 entrees with 1/2 appetizer.

Brooke Walters
Leeann Chins line of food.

They also have a variety of drinks and sauces to enjoy with your meal. Not only do they have bottled water, milk, and cups of juice, but you can get a number of different pops with their pop machine.

Brooke Walters
The variety of sauces you can buy and bring home with you.

For appetizers, they offer cream cheese puffs, and for every three puffs, it is 360 calories. To get three cream cheese rolls the cost would be $1.99 and for six the cost would be $3.89. They also offer egg rolls which are 210 calories a roll. They offer Potstickers as well. These are priced at $1.99 for two and $3.89 for four. They offer garlic soy green beans, but these are sized in a small or large bowl. If you choose to have a small bowl it will cost $2.79 and for a large, it would cost $4.29. The last appetizer they offer is oyster wings. The cost to buy three oyster wings is $2.99 and to buy six is $5.29.

Senior, Jack Wensau, prefers Leeann Chin because “The cream cheese puffs are so good, and the food is more savory.”

Leeann Chin also has deals for parties and families. Not only do they offer rice with meat, but they also have vegetables and frozen yogurt. They are limited in their flavors of frozen yogurt serving only raspberry or lemon. Some downfalls of Leeann Chin is it can get spendy for those who are very hungry and need a big meal. Leeann Chin is also downtown St. Cloud which can be very hard to get to during rush hour.

Senior, Taylor Schoenberg, prefers Pacific Wok over Leeann Chin because “I work there and it’s healthier for you.”

Brooke Walters
The menu and where you order at Pacific Wok.

Pacific Wok’s options are slightly different compared to Leeann Chin. At Pacific Wok they offer signature bowls, and in these bowls, you can always take away or add in anything of your choice.  Every signature bowl gives you the options of either white rice, brown rice, or noodles. Served with their veggie mix, which consists of broccoli, carrots, water chestnuts, baby corn, mushrooms, snow peas, and bell pepper. The first signature bowl is the Aloha bowl. In the Aloha bowl, you get to choose between teriyaki or yakitori chicken with grilled pineapple. The Salmon bowl is served with wild salmon fire grilled (teriyaki or yakitori).  The third signature bowl is the Tiger Shrimp bowl, and this bowl comes with 10 grilled shrimp, bell pepper, and pineapple. The last signature bowl option is the Veggie Protein bowl, and this bowl consists of organic tofu, sprouts, and edamame peas.

Senior, Saylor Voss, prefers Pacific Wok because “It’s healthier for you and is more flavorful to me. It tastes real to me.”

One of the few differences between Leeann Chin and Pacific Wok is Pacific Wok has sushi rolls and samurai salads. The types of sushi rolls they have are the California Roll, White Tiger Roll, Veggie Roll, Teriyaki Chicken Roll, and Sushi Pac Combo. The types of samurai salads they have are Just Greens Salad, Grilled Pineapple Salad, Shichimi Chicken Salad, Spicy Asian Chicken Salad, and Wild Salmon Salad.

Pacific Wok also has deserts, but they only offer chocolate chip or M&M cookies.

Another distinct difference is that Pacific Wok has more drink options then Leeann Chin. They both have their variety of pops through their pop machines, but Pacific Wok also has carbonated water, pure leaf green tea, organic chocolate milk, white milk, and bottled water.

Brooke Walters
All of the sushi and bottled drinks at Pacific Wok.

After eating at both Pacific Wok and Leeann Chin, I decided that Pacific Wok was the restaurant for me. In my opinion, Pacific Wok has many healthier options. The atmosphere at Pacific Wok is also friendlier and more welcoming then Leeann Chin. Pacific Wok is also a good location from my house, and they offer many more options for people who are vegan or vegetarian as well.

Knowing which restaurant I preferred, I wondered what the other students of SHS preferred. I put out a twitter poll asking people which restaurant they prefer Leeann Chin or Pacific Wok. This poll was open for 24 hours. Of the 68 votes, Leeann Chin was the leader with a solid 54% and Pacific Wok was at 46%.

This is the Twitter poll about which restaurant people prefer.

If you are interested in visiting Leeann Chin’s website click here. 

If you are interested in visiting the Pacific Wok website click here.



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Coffee and Bagels

The much needed simple review, coffee and bagels. We went to three reputable sources of both the beverage and the food. This week, it was hard to choose a winner.


Avery Atkinson

The Good, The Bad, and The Delicious is a segment dedicated to providing everyone with reviews on all their local and national eateries.

Panera Bread

Bagels are hard to mess up quite honestly, but some bagels are just a cut above. Coffee is also a pretty universal thing, but again, some are better than others. I was not aware that Panera even had coffee, but once I got there I saw that they had a pretty basic selection of caffeinated beverages such as a caramel latte and a chocolate mocha. They also offer various teas hot and cold. Since there were only two options, it was a pretty easy choice, so I just got a caramel latte. The bagels, however, were much more diverse in that there were both savory and sweet bagels to choose from, so naturally, I got an asiago cheese bagel and I had it cut in half. First impressions were that the coffee was just coffee, nothing really special, but the bagel, oh, the bagel, was an experience I will not soon forget. This bagel was warm, the texture of the bread was divine, and the cheese was perfect on top of it. You wouldn’t necessarily think that a bagel could be savory, but I’m telling you now, it can, and it is life-changing. The only downside to this was the price, it was $5.89 for the two, and I’m not saying it’s a bad deal, but I am saying that it’s a steep price for coffee and bagels.

We gave Panera a 4.5 out of 5 bagels.

Einstein’s Bagels/Caribou

So I’m going to preface this review by stating that I am not a student at St. Cloud State, but for all intents and purposes, I am now. Einstein’s bagels resides in the Atwood Memorial Center on St. Cloud State’s campus. With it being combined with Caribou, let’s just say I was expecting more. First off, the price of a medium Caramel High Rise and an everything bagel with chive and onion cream cheese cost me a whopping $8.18. Now although Caribou is a classic and carries a reputation with coffee-lovers across the globe, I regret to report that my bagel experience can be summed up as “adequate.” It was a very forgettable experience, with a bagel that left much to be desired. It was bland and lacked any particular flavors that jumped out at me. I was a fan of the cream cheese, however, which had been generously applied all over my bagel. It was a delightful experience, that did help make up for the initial disappointing taste. I will also note that the Atwood Center was extremely packed, so it was difficult to find seating to properly enjoy my bagel, and in turn, increased my level of saltiness towards Einstein’s. I would recommend Einsteins/Caribou because of its defining factor, the cream cheese. But I firmly believe that better bagels exist in the area for a cheaper price. 

We gave Einstein’s a 3.5 out of 5 bagels.


Starbucks has been a solid contender when it comes to coffee and bagels for a while now and has garnered quite the reputation. As always, it has been a stable and reliable source of sustenance and maintains this reputation when we took time out of our day to review Starbucks’ coffee and bagels. For coffee, I got a venti caramel macchiato. And let me emphasize, that for a coffee enthusiast, this was a breath of fresh air. It was a beautiful blend of espresso and milk, and it made my day. It was beautifully smooth with a touch of caramel that delights coffee lovers and Starbucks enthusiasts alike. With that being said, regardless of how much coffee was consumed, the bagel was less than desirable. It almost tasted stale, and incredibly chewy, which for a bagel, was just strange.

We gave Starbucks a 3 out of 5 bagels.
All these breakfast bagel eateries are within 10 minutes of each other in the St. Cloud area.



About the Writers
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Savanna Mueller, Journalist

As a Senior™ at Sartell High School, I am fully aware of how powerful a spoken Vine™ (rest in peace) reference can be, and I'm hoping this can get...

Photo of Avery Atkinson
Avery Atkinson, Journalist

As a senior™ at Sartell High School, I have very few talents. But the ones I do have include reading not ONE of my College English books and constantly...

Sartell Vibe shakes up Sartell!


Jenna Eibes

Sartell Vibe offers a variety of shakes and teas that are perfect for every palette.

Jenna Eibes
Malibu Sun Tea and Sabre Tea are available every Monday-Friday.

If you are in need of a tasty snack but don’t want to deal with the guilt of eating a super sugary sweet, stop into Sartell Vibe and get your very own protein shake and tea.

They offer a huge variety of shakes, teas, and protein filled snacks to satisfy your every need without the sugar and fat. The staff has no problem recommending shakes and teas that would be good to try. Sartell Vibe also serves fun drinks, like glitter teas, Christmas inspired shakes, jello shots, and fat burning shakes on special occasions, so make sure to follow their Facebook and Instagram for more updates.

All the staff at Sartell Vibe have a great understanding of the products they sell and have no problem answering any questions you might have. Sartell Vibe has gotten 5 out of 5 stars on Facebook and the reviews are outstanding with over 700 likes. They also give away a free limited edition shake every week so make sure to follow their facebook and stay tuned for their shakes and teas of the month. Sartell Vibe also offers VibeCash. VibeCash can be earned by tagging Sartell Vibe in a social media post of bringing in a new friend, these both earn you one dollar in VibeCash.

Hannah Wolff
Wellness coach, Hannah Wolff, shares her journey with herbal life.

Many Sartell students have decided to try Sartell Vibe since the grand opening. Sartell senior Alexis Kubesch said, “I like Sartell Vibe because it’s in a good location and the teas are super good. I would recommend the Rasberry Cheesecake Shake and the Sabre Tea.”

Many students stop in quick on  Wednesday mornings like junior Emma Gent. She said, “I like Sartell Vibe because the tea is really good and the manager knows me so I get a really good discount on their products.”

Sartell Vibe offers many discounts to their customers such as VibeCash and half off coupons from wellness coaches. Wellness coach and Sartell senior here at SHS, Hannah Wolff elaborated a little more on Sartell Vibe, what products they offer, and how they boost confidence and immune health. She stated, “I did a three day trial with herbal life and I really loved my results and I know I was really happy so I wanted to see if other people would be happy as I was. I wanted to see people get excited about their results and see people get healthier.”

Sartell student Ashley Kesler also decided to indulge in Sartell Vibes yummy shakes and teas. She said, “I really like Herbal Life because it is not only a yummy meal but also a healthy replacement meal that substitutes all the fast food I could be eating! I like how there are many different flavors of not only the shakes but also the teas!” Ashley has also become a preferred member with Herbal Life. She said, “I became a preferred member because I am an avid Herbalife consumer and instead of buying a $12 shake every day I can just buy the canisters of ingredients and make my own shakes and teas at home, which ends up saving me a ton of money!”

Jenna Eibes
At home Herbal Life products that help you save money.

Sartell Vibe offers drinks that help you stay healthy and happy at a reasonable cost! Not to mention it is right here in Sartell so it’s an easy stop before an early Monday morning.

Sartell Vibe Owner, Sonia Nordmann, has lived in Sartell for over 20 years. She said, “I am extremely involved in the community so I knew my business had to be opened in Sartell.” Sonia elaborated a little more on her journey with Herbalife as well. Sonia said, “I have been on the product for three years and have lost 25 pounds. I lost the weight and I am still losing weight.” Sonia Nordmann is very active in the Sartell community and was up for citizen of the year last year. Her great customer service will live you wanting to come back every day.

Sartell Vibe is located at 234 Pine Cone South Rd (57.93 mi) Sartell, Minnesota 56377. Sartell Vibe is open Monday-Friday from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. Sartell Vibe is perfect for Sartell High School students because is super close to the school so make sure to stop in before school sometime. Sartell Vibe’s positive and encouraging environment will surely leave you wanting more! If you aren’t sure what to get, ask the staff and they will recommend their favorite shake and tea for you!

About the Contributor
Photo of Jenna Eibes
Jenna Eibes, Journalist

Hi! I am Jenna Eibes, and I am a senior at Sartell High School. In my free time, I love to play soccer, take pictures, hang out with friends, and spend...

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