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Netflix’s Stargirl should be on your watchlist


Lauren Wensel

The movie inspires viewers to explore the world around them.

Based on the novel by Jerry Spinelli, Stargirl is a movie about a free-spirited girl who changes the life of a new friend, Leo. They develop a romantic relationship as they discover more about themselves and each other. 

Stargirl is funny, sweet, and suspenseful. It is a feel good movie, streamed on DisneyPlus, that will get you attached to the characters in a short hour and a half.  Best of all, it includes many life lessons, which makes me believe it is fantastic for high schoolers to watch. These are the main lessons I got out of the movie:

Stargirl expresses herself through unique outfits. (Lauren Wensel)

Individuality – Stargirl does not conform to the standards most high schoolers do. She is herself and does not care about being “weird.” She dresses the way she likes, not the way other kids do. Stargirl also does not let herself get soaked up in technology, like most kids today. To listen to music, she uses a record player; she has no interest in cell phones. I think when Stargirl tries to be “more normal” like Leo tells her to try, it shows how special she really is. It is obvious that when she is her unique self, that is the best version of herself. I think that goes for everyone in real life too, and it is an important lesson that teenagers need to see. 

Kindness – Stargirl brings a little boy’s bike back to his house after he is injured. She does not knock on his front door, or do anything to show that it was her. She does it out of the kindness of her heart, because she thinks the boy will love having the bike ready for him to ride when he is healed. She also holds a football player’s hand when he gets injured at a big game. She risks being called a traitor by her school by even going in the ambulance with him so he is not alone. She does all this when the rest of the fans just freeze. The fact that doing nice things for others makes her feel good shows how good Stargirl’s character is.

Supporting the dreams of people who you care about is important. (Lauren Wensel)

Young love – The innocence of Stargirl and Leo’s relationship in the movie is priceless. Stargirl does not have many friends, but Leo is there for her. He supports her even when she joins the school music group that is “a joke” to the rest of the school. The way Leo seems a little nervous when he meets Stargirl’s mom portrays high school relationships perfectly. Even though Stargirl and Leo are young, they fall hard for each other. They fall in love with each other’s personalities first, something the media is constantly portraying as rare these days. The relationship does not work out, but Leo shares that his memories of her continue to affect him when she is gone. This is like many high school relationships, because even when they do not work out, the individuals usually learn from them. Stargirl and Leo also prove that having one person who is really there for you is better than having a bunch of friends.

Stargirl is a wild child and is not afraid to try new things. (Lauren Wensel)

Don’t overthink – Stargirl is reckless in the best way possible. When she kisses Leo, it proves that she goes after what she wants, when she wants it. Not many high school girls would run up to the boy they like and make the first move, but she is bold enough to do exactly that. She lives simply, and says yes more often than she says no. Research shows that dwelling over past mistakes and problems increases mental health issues. Once your mental health starts to decline, it is easy to fall into a cycle of unhappiness. Stargirl avoids negative thoughts all together, and she is not hard on herself when she makes a mistake.

Exploration-  Stargirl shows Leo what it is like to try new things, such as meditation. She shows him how amazing it is to get outside and adventure, rather than pretending they are too cool for that like typical high schoolers. Stargirl has a sense of wonder in her that opens Leo’s eyes. He is inspired to explore not just the outdoors, but also the everyday mysteries he never used to think about. The movie brings mental exploration to light and encourages viewers to pay more attention to the world around them.

Stargirl says that like flowers, people are beautiful as they grow. (Lauren)

Growth- Stargirl gives a speech about how real things take time. In the speech, she refers to people as flowers. She says that it takes time to reach your full potential. Her speech indicates that you don’t have to know exactly who you are as you are growing up. Growing up can be hard sometimes, but Stargirl makes it sound beautiful. 

Being brave – Leo is the “typical high schooler” in the beginning of the movie. He cares about what people think of him, and he wants to fit in. Stargirl taught Leo to have courage. When he sees how much fun Stargirl has with life because of her bravery, Leo is freed of the pressure he once felt to fit in with his class. Leo even got up on stage at his school dance and sang in front of his whole school. The movie would be so boring if Stargirl and Leo tried to conform to the rest of the kids their age.

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13 Reasons Why has controversial history; newest season set for June 5th

Screenshot from the Netflix website

This is a screenshot from of the show's description and tags.

13 Reasons Why is a Netflix original show based on the book of the same name by Jay Asher, with its fourth and final season being released on June 5th. When the show was first released, there was much controversy surrounding it and criticisms from the public.

The synopsis of the story is this: Clay Jensen receives a package from Hannah Baker, a classmate who killed herself two weeks earlier. The package contains seven cassette tapes with 13 stories, 13 reasons why she decided to commit suicide, and Clay is one of them. Tapes in hand, he traverses the town he lives in while listening to find out what part he played in her life and her death.

Many mental health professionals had problems with the representation of mental health in the show and the aftereffects it had for some teens who watched it. In the month after the show released, there was a rise of almost 30% in the suicide rates for youth aged 10-17 in the United States, which was deemed statistically significant. This could be attributed to the fact that producers of the show disregarded the advice of mental health professionals telling them not to release the first season and the fact that they described and showed the way in which Hannah committed suicide.

The three-minute segment in the first season that depicts Hannah’s suicide was removed over two years after the premiere of the first season after Netflix had conversations with more mental health professionals. The scene was a cause for controversy for the show from early on in its release, with mental health groups explaining that scenes like the one in question could put teens at risk for copycat actions and triggering experiences. Both these things were seen soon after the show’s release.

A 23-year-old from Peru tragically ended his life and left tapes behind, seemingly replicating the situation that occurs in the book and TV show. In another case, two teen girls from California committed suicide just days after completing the show, both of which were battling depression prior to watching the show.

This situation could also be aided by the fact that Hannah’s final tape is addressed to Mr. Porter, her school counselor. Hannah sought help from him after a traumatic event, but he dismissed her and told her to move on. This demonizes the idea that if someone is struggling with something, they should get help from a trusted adult, potentially preventing them from getting the help they may need.

Another controversial part of the show was the multiple scenes that depicted violent sexual assault. Though many labeled them disturbing and potentially triggering for sexual assault victims watching the show, the scenes were not removed or reedited. Creator Brian Yorkey defended the inclusion of the scenes in the name of showing realistic stories of what young people may be experiencing.

Not only did mental health professionals have critiques of the show, but so did a few friends of mine. I decided to interview them, and their reactions to the first season and subsequent seasons in later years were less than positive. 

I think it is important to talk about suicide and rape, but I don’t think they did it in the right way.”

— Junior, Lily Rasmussen

The first person interviewed was my good friend Lily. She said she decided to watch the show because she knew it was controversial, and she wanted to know why. Lily mentioned that Hannah’s suicide felt glorified, making people think that “if they did the same thing, they might get back at the people who hurt them and get the love they may not have gotten otherwise,” which is clearly shown by the copycat actions taken by some after finishing the series. Lily stopped watching after the second season because she felt that the show was being made just to be controversial.

The second person I interviewed was my close friend Maddy. Maddy decided to watch the show because she had just finished the book when the TV show aired its first season. “I was young enough that I didn’t really see the problems with the portrayal of mental illness and suicide.” She ended up finishing the first season without many problems with it but mentioned that the show had made her uncomfortable. As it is a show about deteriorating mental health, this is no surprise. “It was shortly after [the first season aired] when I realized  how hurtful it could actually be.”

Maddy then went into detail about her experience watching the second season. After reading about the controversy online and reforming her opinions on the show, she still decided to watch the subsequent season, if only for the fact that she is a completionist. “Season 2 took me around 6 months to finish, simply because it negatively affected me so much.” Maddy discussed how the show put her in a bad state of mind and left her feeling disturbed.

It was shortly after [the first season aired] when I realized  how hurtful it could actually be.”

— Junior, Maddy Loberg

At this point in time, Maddy has solidified her opinions on the show as something that should not have been produced. “I think it was a massive lapse in judgment that the creators and Netflix had.” She then went on to talk about the negative effects the show had on the mental health of teens around the globe and how she used this to justify her pessimistic view of the show.

Maddy, Lily, and many others were disappointed to find out that there was going to be another season produced, if only for the fact that there is no way to know how the show is going to affect young people who watch it until the damage has already been done.

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Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War

photo via flickr

Captain America: Civil War

While this is not the first Captain America, it is the first of the Marvel one-off movies that feature many of the known superheroes. Not only that, but Civil War also introduces new heroes, as a sort of promotion for their upcoming movies.

Tom Holland as the new Spiderman

Some of the new superheroes are Spiderman, played by Tom Holland, Black Panther, played by Chadwick Boseman, Ant-Man, played by Paul Rudd, and the Falcon, played by Anthony Mackie. Each of these heroes have their own movies or are a recurring character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Captain America: Civil War is a very important movie in the Marvel Universe. It portrays two characters, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, fighting each other because of their conflicting views. Steve wants to save his best friend, Bucky Barnes, but Tony wants Bucky to pay for killing his parents.

Steve and Tony get into a battle and recruit other heroes to help them. This movie focuses on the importance to look at a situation through someone else’s eyes and to see it how they see it. If Tony had seen it through Steve’s eyes, he would have realized that Steve didn’t want to watch his best friend die for a second time. If Steve had taken a moment to look at the situation from Tony’s perspective, he would have felt Tony’s anger at what Bucky did.

This movie shows that some conflicts can’t be solved with a simple apology. Even though the movie is from Steve Roger’s perspective, I really liked how the director didn’t try to persuade the viewers to root for Steve or Tony. Instead, it had a nice balance of Tony’s side and Steve’s side, which is difficult to create, especially in a one-off movie such as this. The viewers find themselves believing one side more than the other.

This movie was one of my favorite Captain America movies that Marvel has created, because of the character development. Steve Rogers tries to do everything right, but he still manages to become a public enemy. It proves that even though you are a hero, you can still be a villain in someone’s eyes.

Steve Rogers and Tony Stark (photo via flickr)


I applaud the Marvel directors for making something as bold as to pin two lovable characters against each other, but it was definitely important to the plot of the story and to the character development.

Over all, I would definitely watch this movie over and over again. It has so much emotion and the actors truly seem to understand the pain their characters are going through. It is a wonderful movie and I would definitely recommend watching it! (Just watch the previous Captain America’s first!)


Captain America Civil War is extremely bold. It has battles between heroes, conflicting viewpoints, and amazing cinematography”

— Junior Grace Radeke

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Making music with Maddie guitar edition

Making Music with Maddie: Guitar Edition

In my other article, Making Music with Maddie: ukelele edition, I talked about how, in this time of uncertainty, I have turned to playing music.

Now I will move on to the guitar. I have been playing the guitar for a longer amount of time than the ukulele. I grew up with many guitar players in my family and have taken small lessons and learned from them. It took me a while to get used to the way the strings felt on my fingers and how hard to press down on the strings to get them to make any sound, so don’t feel bad if you don’t make the right chord the first time around.


Electric guitar (photo via pxhere)

There are two main types of guitars: acoustic and electric. Since I have only practiced with an acoustic, I don’t know much about electric guitars.

My acoustic guitar (photo via M. Franzmeier)

Acoustic guitars do not need to be plugged in to play them, so the sound is a lot less loud and boisterous and are instead a lot gentler and country-like. Acoustics are split into two groups based on their string types.

Classical guitars have nylon strings. This was used in the old days, hence the word Classical, when they could only use nylon for their strings. Classical guitars can be used in folk music, pop, jazz, and flamenco.

Steel-string acoustics are exactly that. Their strings are made of steel, and it creates a soft and mellow tone compared to the classical. These guitars are commonly used for country music.

Medieval guitar, guitarra latina (photo via wikimedia)


The guitar was an adaptation of the guitarra latina from Spain, which was a thinner, narrower instrument with four strings instead of six. As time went on, two more strings were added, and the base was widened to accommodate these changes, creating the guitar we know today.

As stated before, the acoustic guitar has a strong influence on country music, but electric guitars are also used for rock bands and pop music as well!

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Making music with Maddie: ukelele edition

If you’re like me, this quarantine has got me a lot more bored and lazy than usual. I lounge around the house all day, open the fridge, close it, and then open it a second later, I stay up late watching Netflix, and rarely go outside.

But I have found a suitable hobby that keeps me occupied while also furthering the knowledge of what I love to do.

Playing music!

If you are anything like me, you have a ton of Spotify playlists filled with music of all genres, whether it be Indie, pop, rap, musical theatre, or even country. But it’s one thing to just listen to music, as after a while it gets boring as well.

So, I turned to playing music. I have a guitar that was given to me by my grandfather and a new ukulele that I just received as a gift for my birthday.  I also have a piano in my basement at home.

I spend most of my time playing the ukulele, as it is an instrument that suits me the best, the ukulele tutorial will be shown here!


First off, you will need to know a little bit about the instrument. 

Three of the four types of ukuleles

The ukulele comes in four different types. The highest pitch is a soprano ukulele. Soprano ukes go out of tune a bit faster and are much smaller than the rest, but have a clear sound and are great for beginners! I started out playing a soprano ukulele but since then I have moved on to the next type, a concert ukulele.

Concert ukuleles are lower in sound, but still in the higher range. These ukuleles stay in tune for a lot longer, but there are more rules and regulations about how to take care of it. This kind of ukulele has a beautiful sound and can reach higher notes because of its elongated neck.

The next type is a tenor ukulele. This is a larger ukulele and gives off a deep, resonant sound. The tenor ukulele is a less common form compared to the first two, and it doesn’t have the bright sound usually associated with the ukulele.

The last and final form of ukulele is the baritone. A baritone ukulele is the biggest form and sounds more like a guitar. Baritone ukuleles are easier to play if you have larger hands and fingers, and can be good to play for beginners. Although, the baritone ukulele is tuned differently than the others, so it may be a bit difficult as a starting ukulele

The ukulele was an important instrument in the Hawaiian culture. The ukulele was adapted from a common Portuguese instrument, a machete. The ukulele can be compared with many different instruments, such as the guitar, autoharp, banjo, and of course, the machete.

I personally love playing the ukulele much more than my guitar, even though I got my guitar first. The ukulele for me fits my personality a lot more than a guitar does, and since it is smaller, the uke fits my hands as well. It’s a lot easier to play four strings than six, like the guitar has, and is easy to carry around and doesn’t take up too much space.

It’s important that you find an instrument that fits you the best. I happened to find mine in the ukulele! Try out the tutorial if you think the ukulele is the right instrument for you!

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Treasure hunts, sun-kissed surfers, and murder mysteries? The Outer Banks has it all


Charlie Monson

"We're the Pogues, and our mission this summer is to have a good time, all the time." - John B

The internet has been buzzing about Netflix’s new action-packed drama Outer Banks since it’s release on April 15th, 2020, and honestly, it’s well deserved. 

With summer just around the corner, Outer Banks makes me want nothing more than to be at the beach all day, every day; and I don’t think I’m alone on that. Many teens on social media are showing off their Outer Banks style and wanting to make the most of their summers just like the characters in the show.


Outer banks kinda vibe🐥❤️ #fyp #foryoupage #johnb #outerbanks #duck #cute #viral #keepingactive #spacethings

♬ original sound – outerbanksnetflix

Speaking of the characters, the show focuses on four teenage friends: John B, JJ, Kiara, and Pope. They all live the island life most of us dream about, out on the Outer Banks in North Carolina. There are two sides to this island, the rich and privileged also known as the Kooks, and the hardworking impoverished known as the Pogues. It’s a classic tale of rich versus poor, and our main characters aren’t exactly living the high life.

John B has been left to his own devices for the summer. His mother left when he was young, and his dad has been missing since his disappearance at sea nine months ago. With no legal guardian around, the Department of Child Services has threatened his summer plans with foster care. Thankfully a visit from Hurricane Agatha keeps the DCS at bay for a little while. 

And this is where the adventure begins. 

Out fishing after the hurricane, the gang stumbles upon a sunken boat. Upon further diving inspection, they find a motel key and decide to find out who owns the boat. After searching the motel room and coming across an empty room with nothing but a safe full of money and a loaded gun, they start to question what to do next. That is until a lowlife marina known as Scooter Grubbs is found dead that same day. 

After investigating, they start to think Scooter was involved in the smuggling of some kind of illegal contraband, which leads them on a wild goose chase to cover their tracks from cops, the Kooks, and other unpleasant outsiders. 

Turns out this was a very small piece to a much larger puzzle, one John B was set on solving; a puzzle he couldn’t solve without the help of Kook princess Sarah Cameron. 

John B and Sarah Cameron become quite the treasure hunting team. (photo via Refinery29 with fair use permission)

You see, John B’s dad was set on finding an old sunken wreck known as the Royal Merchant that was known to have had four hundred million dollars worth of gold aboard. John B decides to continue his dad’s search for the gold with the help of his friends, but kids from the poor side of the island can only get so far. Maps and archives John B needed for his treasure hunt were located in places poor kids aren’t necessarily allowed. This is where rich kid Sarah Cameron comes into play. 

Turns out they have a lot more in common than just wanting to find hidden treasure.

This relationship, however, could have grave consequences considering where each of them comes from. The Kooks don’t like the Pogues and vice versa. While John B and Sarah were out gathering information, we learn that the rest of the Pogue gang isn’t well-liked among the elites.

After being attacked by Kooks Rafe and Topper, Pope has had enough with being treated poorly. With help from mischievous JJ, they decide to retaliate.  Not only adding to the already toxic relationship between the two sides but also creating one heck of a mess for themselves later down the road.

JJ, in my opinion, has the best and strongest story arc among all the other characters. (photo via Forbes with fair use permission)

Besides rivalries, treasure hunts, dramatic teen romance, and mysterious murders, Outer Banks has a huge message for what family means. While some families in the show turn out to be extremely toxic, notably the relationship between JJ and his abusive father, we also see that some families just want what’s best for their kids. And we even see how new families can be made just by the likes of friendship and how far that bond can stretch. Relationships between the characters are constantly being tested, turning best friends against each other at times.

This show starts off slow with just a few surfer friends trying to have a good summer and quickly takes a very serious turn. It’s addictive and fast-paced and gives us a healthy dosage of adventure, something a lot of us have been craving lately. It may be just another teen drama on Netflix, but definitely one you should check out. Trust me, once you start watching, the thrill this show delivers makes it hard to put on pause.

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A series of unfortunate book buds


Ethan Johnstone

A photoshop done by Ethan Johnstone for this episode’s topic, middle grade novels.

In this episode, we discuss some of our favorite middle-grade novels, what they are about, and why we like them.

Books Mentioned:

  • The Sisters Grimm by Michael Buckley
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan
  • The Search for WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi
  • Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snickett
  • Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White
  • The Secret of Zoom by Lynne Jonell

Music by: Purple Planet

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Staying Social While Social Distancing


Lauren Wensel

Many people are making fun plans for when quarantine ends.

As the ‘stay-at-home’ order stands in Minnesota, many citizens are getting really anxious to see their friends. It is more important that people stay healthy, rather than giving into their desires to see their friends face-to-face. There are a few super fun, online ways to have fun with your friends as the stay at home order comes to a close. 

1) Brunch or baking call

One fun activity you could plan is a Zoom or Houseparty call where you and your friends all cook or bake a certain recipe. You can deliver a few groceries to each friend, set up a time when you will meet online. You can cook/bake with a sense that you are in the same kitchen, and then enjoy your food while catching up.

2) Play card games online 

There are several fun and easy card games out there that you can play with friends online. One site you can use is Playing, but you can search for a site with your favorite card game; there’s quite a few of them. For the gamers out there, it is a good way to play games online but still stay connected with your friends. This can also be a fun, new experience for the friends that never play card games. 

3) Have a painting or drawing competition 

If your friend group enjoys art, hold a little painting or drawing competition in a group chat. You can decide to all create the same image, or you could all do your own thing. It could be fun to watch the same painting tutorial from Bob Ross or any other artist. You can decide on a judge, or just send each other your final products for fun if you’re less competitive. 

4) Have a meme competition 

You could do an Apples to Apples style meme competition in your friend group’s group chat. Select a judge, and everyone else sends a funny meme. Then, the judge picks the best meme. Everyone can take turns being the judge. This is a great way to have a good laugh with your friends and put yourself in a great mood.

Vampire Diaries is a Netflix series that you can not go wrong with.(Photo via Soul Fan Art under the CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license)

5) Use Netflixparty to watch movies or shows together

Netflixparty is a free website that synchronizes any movie or series on Netflix with as many people as you wish. It is a great way to stay on the same page and talk about what you are watching with friends. All of your friends must have a Netflix subscription, however, for this to work. 

6) Do Tik Tok dances or challenges

Tik Tok has debatably become more popular than Instagram and Snapchat during quarantine. It can be really fun to make videos on the app, either learning dances or trying the most recent challenges, and showing them off to friends. It is exciting watching your friends’ videos, rather than people you have never met. 

7) Plan a future camping trip or vacation 

By now, I think everyone has thought about all the fun things they will do when quarantine finally comes to an end. If you and your friends have been thinking about going on a trip in the future, make a Google doc and plan out the trip. It will be nice to have something to look forward to, and you will save time in the long run.

You can workout with friends virtually in your house. (Lauren Wensel)

8) Have a virtual sweat session

It can be hard to get moving when gyms are closed, sports are cancelled, and you are not supposed to leave your house. One way you can get active is pull up a YouTube workout video on your computer or tv. FaceTime a friend or a few, and you can follow along to the video together. Exercising will boost your serotonin levels, and make you feel more energized. Working out with friends can make it feel like less of a chore. 

9) Start a book club

Reading is an activity that will keep your mind sharp during quarantine. Agree on a book to read with a group, set a time frame, and go on Zoom or Houseparty every couple of days to discuss the book. Pick a juicy book to make the conversations fun and interesting. No matter how serious your book discussions are, you will have a good time seeing each other’s faces and just talking!

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Is “Tiger King’s” Carole Baskin really guilty?


photo via PickPik under the creative commons license

A tiger on a rock much like those shown in Netflix's Tiger King.

Disclaimer: This is all just a theory for entertainment. I am not saying that any of this is true, just stating theories gathered by myself and others based on evidence found from the case. 

After the hit documentary, Tiger King released on Netflix, fans of the show latched onto episode three and the disappearance of Don Lewis, better known to fans as Carole Baskin’s ex-husband. As memes circulated and Tik Tok songs started popping up, people began to look past the facts, and how Lewis’s case has been cold for over 20 years. 

Don Lewis went missing in August 1997, and while there is no evidence Lewis was killed, investigators on the case say it is unlikely he disappeared on his own. 

There is little known about what happened the day before Lewis disappeared, but his then-wife Carole Baskin offered insight into their life at the time. Baskin states that they often had disagreements about their wildlife sanctuary. Lewis wanted to breed the cats and establish a business while Carole wanted to make it a charity. 

Baskin also said this wasn’t the only source of conflict in their marriage. Lewis would often fly to Costa Rica to engage in romantic affairs. Family and friends said Lewis was planning on moving to Costa Rica before he disappeared, but when police searched his property in Costa Rica they didn’t find any incriminating evidence against Carole or anyone else.

However, two months before he disappeared, Lewis filed a domestic violence injunction against Carole, claiming she threatened to kill him. Carole denies these claims and says she had no idea about the injunction. Carole has since refused a polygraph test relating to Don Lewis’s disappearance. Lewis also told his friends he wanted a divorce and one that would not favor or leave much to Carole. 

After Lewis’s disappearance, Carole was accused by his children of forging his power of attorney to favor her. Also shortly after Lewis’s disappearance, Carole broke into the place where Lewis’s will and power of attorney were kept and stole both, then later uncovered them. There was a change in his power of will to leave small amounts of money (about 10%) to Lewis’s former family, and the rest went to Carole. 

Lawyers have since noticed that the power of attorney had strange wording. Lewis’s former lawyer, Joseph Fritz, pointed out that instead of “upon my death” the wording was “upon my disappearance” leading many to theorize that whoever wrote the will planned for Lewis to disappear. 

After Lewis’s disappearance, his daughters began the rumor that Carole chopped him up and fed him to their tigers. According to UBC, captive tigers eat about 9-18 pounds of meat per day, if fed five times a week. According to his missing person’s report, Don Lewis weighed about 170 pounds at the time of his death. 

Carole reported Don Lewis missing after one day, giving someone a theoretical 24 hour period to dispose of the body. In order for Lewis to be fed to his tigers in one day, they would have to own between 9 and19 tigers. However, at the time of his disappearance, Don and Carole Lewis only owned one confirmed full-grown tiger. Saying that Lewis was known to do many deals off the books, it is impossible to say how many big cats the couple actually owned at the time. 

Nevertheless, while they may not have owned many tigers, there were certainly enough large cats on the property to eat 170 pounds of meat. The only problem with this theory would be the bones. The only big cat with a bite force strong enough to break all the bones in the human body is a jaguar. 

The femur is the strongest bone in the human body and it takes 1700 PSI to break it, and jaguars have a bite force of 2,000 PSI. However, captive jaguars eat less than tigers, as they only eat about three pounds daily, meaning it would take more jaguars to dispose of the body in the same one day period. 

photo via Wikipedia under the creative commons license 
The Jaguar has the strongest bite force of all large cats, nearly 2 times that of a tiger.

Don Lewis’s lawyer has other theories about the case that don’t involve Carole or tigers. Lawyer Joseph Fritz has gone on record with his theory on what happened to his former client, believing there was no way that Lewis would leave his family, including his four kids from his former relationship. 

After his disappearance, authorities found Lewis’s car parked at a small airport, which was not unusual because he was known to make off the book flights as his pilot’s license had been suspended. Fritz believes Lewis was planning on flying his plane that day, but something went wrong and he ended up being strangled in his plane and dumped in the ocean. 

After the Documentary Tiger King hit Netflix many had questions, especially about Carole and her private affairs, however, little is known about what actually occurred the night Don Lewis disappeared. While nothing is yet conclusive, authorities hope the attention brought by the Netflix documentary will lead to serious evidence about the Don Lewis cold case.

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Marvel movie reviews

Marvel Studios has 20 movies in the series that you should watch in chronological order.

photo via wikimedia under the creative commons license

Marvel Studios has 20 movies in the series that you should watch in chronological order.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is an extremely complex, amazing set of movies revolving around fictional heroes created by Stan Lee. The Marvel Cinematic Universe began with Iron Man, which was released in 2008, and since then it has created more than 20 other movies in this universe. In total, Marvel has accumulated more than $22 billion in box office sales, and the group movies alone accounted for at least $8 billion in sales.


The best way to watch all of the Marvel Movies is in chronological order, so here is a little guide to help you out:

Captain America: The First Avenger – takes place in 1942 during WWII.

Captain Marvel – takes place in 1995, nearly 53 years later.

Iron Man – takes place in 2010, 15 years after Captain Marvel

Iron Man 2 – takes place after Iron Man

The Incredible Hulk – time unspecified, pre-Avengers

Thor – takes place six months before Avengers

The Avengers – takes place in 2012

Iron Man 3 – takes place six months after The Avengers

Thor: Dark World – post-Avengers, pre-Ultron

Captain America: Winter Soldier – post-Avengers, pre-Ultron

Guardians of the Galaxy – sometime in 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – after Guardians

Avengers: Age of Ultron – takes place in 2015

Ant-Man – takes place in 2015

Captain America: Civil War – post-Ultron, pre-Infinity War

Spider-Man: Homecoming – post-Civil War, pre-Infinity War

Doctor Strange – takes place in 2016

Black Panther – takes place in 2017

Thor: Ragnarok – post-Ultron, pre-Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War – takes place in 2017

Ant-Man and The Wasp – between IW and Endgame

Avengers: Endgame – starts in 2017, finishes in 2022

Spider-Man: Far From Home – post-Endgame


Below are movie reviews on the group movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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The story of Jai Paul


Photo via Saint Audio under the creative commons license

Jai Paul released two demo songs that were a huge hit.

Jai Paul released two demo songs and became one of the most influential artists in pop music, getting sampled by very well known musicians, such as Beyonce and Drake. In April of 2014 his album leaked, causing him to quit music until mid-2019.

Drake released Dreams Money Can Buy in 2011, and again on streaming platforms in 2019. Photo via Rap Dose under the creative commons license

Jai Paul is a British artist.  His two demos are “BTSTU,” which stands for Back to Save the Universe, and “Jasmine.” Both of these songs were huge hits mixing elements of R&B as well as experimental pop music. Drake sampled “BTSTU” in his song “Dreams Money Can Buy,” and Beyonce used it in her song “End of Time.”

As of April of 2020, “BTSTU” has 2.3 million plays on YouTube, and “Jasmine” has 3 million. He decided to sign a record deal with XL Records and got to work on his music.

In 2014 his album was released on BandCamp. There were no titles to any of the songs, and they all sounded like demos. Soon after he tweeted that it was not him, and it was not his debut album asking all of his fans not to buy it. He said that it was devastating to him in an official statement and that he was angry at how the media portrayed it as if he leaked his own album, despite him saying otherwise. This caused him to quit music after losing all motivation, knowing that if people wanted to they could take his music and listen to it before he was ready for anybody to hear it.

This is the album cover that came out on the leaked version of the album, as well as the official release of the album. Photo via XL Records under the creative commons license.


On June 1st 2019, Jai Paul released Leak 04-13 (Bait Ones) on streaming services. People were excited that this would finally be Jai Paul’s return to music. In December of 2019 he released two new singles: “He” and “Do You Love Her Now.” These have remained less popular than “BTSTU” and “Jasmine,” with “He” only having 13,000 views on Youtube and “Do You Love Her Now” having 16,000, but fans are still more excited than ever to have new Jai Paul music.

Maybe eventually he will be able to return to his former popularity, but until then fans are happy to just have Jai Paul as their underground treasure.

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The strange minds of Rae Sremmurd


Photo via Ahmed Klink under the creative commons license

This band is not your normal, run-of-the mill type of group.

Rae Sremmurd is a hip-hop duo from Mississippi who came into the spotlight with songs like “No Flex Zone” and “No Type.” Now let’s talk about how weird they are.

The first point of Rae Sremmurd’s strangeness comes with their name (pronounced Ray Shrem-er). It’s Ear Drummers backwards. They created the name when hip-hop producer Mike Will Made-it noticed them. They said in an interview with VladTV: “His team is Ear Drummers, and we wanted a unified name so we put it backwards and came up with Rae Sremmurd.”

In an episode of How To with Fader magazine, group member Slim Jxmmi says, “There is a silent H between the S and the R, and if you forget that, you won’t be saying it properly.” But I don’t believe he knows what a silent H means. A silent letter is when a letter is in a word but is not pronounced, like in the word knot. It doesn’t mean that the letter isn’t there but is pronounced. That’s actually the polar opposite of a silent letter, by definition. 

Rae Sremmurd has practically split up and Swae Lee decided to go do his own thing with music, becoming a very popular feature artist. Photo via Wikimedia under the creative commons license

I would also like to talk about their music, mainly their two biggest hits, “No Flex Zone” and “No Type.”

No Flex Zone, as the title suggests, is supposed to be a song about not flexing. A no flex zone is an area that you are not allowed to show off in. In the chorus, group member Swae Lee exclaims “No flex zone, no flex zone, they know better, they know better” but in Slim Jxmmi’s verse he says “5 chains so they look at me funny, and “Four five six seven chains on”, which really throws out the “no flex zone” theme.

In an interview with Hot 97, they said “No Flex Zone” was about not being fake and showing off what you don’t have, but this was only their first album so they did not have “four five six seven chains on” because they didn’t have the money to yet. 

Second is “No Type.” This is a song about the group not having a specific preference in women, but it seems to be more about flexing their jewelry rather than women. The hook begins with “I ain’t got no type” and then immediately follows up with the type of women they like, as well as Swae Lee saying in his verse “I got some models that you see up in the movies” really making it seem as if Rae Sremmurd really does have a type.

Overall I believe that Rae Sremmurd is a great group to have fun with. Their music isn’t made to make you think and analyze, it’s just nonsense to show off their abilities as singers and rappers, but that doesn’t put them past criticism. If you write a bad bar, it’s a bad bar, no matter what the music is made for. Their a great group to have fun to and ignore the lyrics, and although they have practically split up I am looking forward to whatever they decide to do with their careers as solo artists.

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