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Social media affects the confidence and mental health of teenagers


Kylie Reisinger

Social Media creates unrealistic expectations and standards for all users.

Social media is a huge part of many teenagers’ lives. There are so many social media platforms, and it can be hard for parents to keep up on restricting their kids from being on those platforms. Some of the most popular social media platforms are Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Facebook, and TikTok. Many people go to social media because of the need to feel connected socially to live an acceptable life.

According to, there have been many studies that have shown that excessive social media use has lead to an increased risk of depression, anxiety, loneliness, self-harm, and even suicide.

Center4Research conducted a study in 2016 and reported that an estimated amount of 44.7 million people aged 18 or older in the US had a mental health illness.

Wikipedia under the Creative Commons License
Depression is a massive side effect of excessive social media use.

They also stated that the American Academy of Pediatrics described “Facebook Depression” as a “depression that develops when teens and preteens spend time on social media sites and then begin to exhibit classic symptoms of depression due to the intensity of the online world.” One of the main reasons that social media increases depression is because teens now spend less time connecting with peers outside of social media and more time connecting with peers on social media. The connections they have on social media are less emotionally satisfying which then leads to decreased happiness and mental health.

The Child Mind Institute included in an article that that sleep deprivation is a huge factor in depression in teens and preteens. In the article, they stated that past research showed that 60% of adolescents are looking at their phones in the last hour before they sleep, but among that they also get significantly less sleep than their peers who aren’t invested in social media.

Anxiety is also a very common side effect of excessive social media use.

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Social Anxiety and Anxiety, in general, leads to loneliness and isolation.

Data has shown that anxiety comes from social media use because when users aren’t on social media or aren’t able to use it, they felt withdrawn which creates anxiety. Psychology today states in their article that social media doesn’t create anxiety in users, it fuels the anxiety due to the withdrawal but also the feeling of needing to be liked or good enough on their social media posts.

Social media has also been known to increase the severity of those who have Social Anxiety Disorder or SAD. included a lot of information about this link in their article but the facts that stood out were the following:

  • People who suffer from SAD are more likely to be passive Facebook users but will be less likely to leave comments or share opinions due to the anxiety they suffer from.
  • People with Social Anxiety are also more likely to suffer from Internet Addiction Disorder. Internet Addiction Disorder is described as not being able to function daily without being on social media sites, video games, and other internet platforms.
  • People with SAD are more likely to become addicted to the Internet because they can stay behind the screen and stay at home but still stay connected to the world and other people without facing the anxiety of being face to face with others or being around other people.

Self-Image has been one of the things that have been affected by social media the most. Teens and Pre-teens are constantly looking at pictures or videos of models or social media influencers who have the “perfect body.” To those teens and preteens, they begin to see themselves as not good enough because they aren’t as pretty as them or they aren’t skinny enough. Social comparison which is a very common effect of social media is leading to self-image issues in teenagers which then can lead to eating disorders or body dysphoria.

Wikipedia under the Creative Commons License
Eating Disorders have become a huge problem due to social media.

Eating issues and body dysphoria have been linked to social media because there is an ideal “body type” of how girls should look nowadays. The most common eating disorders are Anorexia Nervosa, Bulemia, and also Binge Eating Disorder/Purging. Body shamers are on every social media platform and target teens, preteens and even adults.  They shame people on the appearance of the body whether they are too skinny or too fat and need to work out.

PolicyLab stated in their article that new photo editing apps are also leading to increased eating disorders because they can edit their body to look the way they want it to. Another piece of evidence they stated is that teens and preteens also look up to many celebrities that have had eating disorders and follow their social media and can also develop eating disorders since those celebrities have had them or have them. Two famous social media influencers who have most of their following on TikTok

Wikipedia under Creative Commons License/ Collage by Kylie Reisinger

Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae Sterling have been victims of body shaming. Charli D’Amelio has 54.5 million followers and Addison Sterling has 39.2 million followers. Both girls both got their fame from doing popular TikTok dances and that is the main content they produce on their accounts. There have been multiple comments on their videos saying that they are too fat, or they’ve gained weight, then once they start losing weight people comment and say that they’re too skinny or they can see their ribs. Both stars have responded on their social media about these comments and have said that they want those comments to stop and it is their body which is their own business. Charli has responded more than once on her Twitter page both to comments and also to Perez Hilton who has body-shamed Charli more than once.  Both stars promote self-love and self-confidence in many of their posts and have still continued to do so.

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Kylie Reisinger, Journalist

Kylie Reisinger is a senior at Sartell High School. She plans on going to SCSU for college and is going to major in early education to become a kindergarten...

Native Americans hit hard by virus are getting help from the Irish


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The Native American people and Tribes are being hit harder than most by COVID-19

Native American tribes are being hit hard by the virus in many ways.  It is infecting their members, and they are also needing to rely on Washington for financial aid during these hard times.

Native American Tribal meeting so they can discuss problems and concerns as a tribe. (Wikipedia Under the Creative Commons License)

There are billions of dollars that are marked for the tribes, but the tribes are being met with red tape and also delays on the funds they are being provided with. This delay leaves tribes uncertain of how they are going to live off of the little money they have and also support their family as well as other families.

USA Today wrote an article about the stress that is on the tribes currently. They stated in the article that the tribes have access to a small business loan program that is called “The Paycheck Protection Project.”

President Trump signs the Paycheck Protection Project, putting it into effect. (Wikipedia under the Creative Commons License)

But those tribes or individuals that rely on income from casinos weren’t allowed access to apply for those small loans due to “an error in legislation.”  Due to the virus and quarantine rules, many of those casinos have had to close their doors which causes many families and people to lose their main source of income. Over 500 casinos owned by native people have had to close due to the virus and risks which has caused a lot of stress and hardships for those families and people.

The Navajo Nation is being hit hardest by the virus. The Navajo Nation stretches across parts of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah has reached a very grim and sad milestone of this virus. Around two months ago the nation had their first confirmed case of COVID-19, but as of May 2020 the nation had 3,245 confirmed cases of the virus and among those 103 members have died.

This map shows the complete area of the Navajo Nation. (Wikipedia under the Creative Commons License)

Across the Indian Country which ranges from Arizona to Minnesota, 5,200 cases have been confirmed on reservations. This virus is exposing the underlying fractures of the nation and how neglected those Native American tribes are from the US Government. NBC News stated in their article that those tribes have been underfunded for years and are running low on basic needs such as water, food, and healthcare. 30% of homes in which home roughly 175,000 Navajo members of the reservation do not have access to clean reliable drinking water, and they have to haul it miles from local utilities NBC stated. Also, the medical resources on the reservations are very scarce because they are understaffed, don’t always get medicine quick enough, and rural medicine is hard enough.

Native Americans are more vulnerable to this virus because many members suffer from asthma, heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes. Those conditions listed are some of the conditions that make people more vulnerable to the virus and lower survival rates.

This an example of housing on a reservation and it shows how close the houses are to each other. (Wikipedia under the Creative Commons License)

Also, the reservations they live on are very crowded and many houses have a large number of people in small houses and spaces which is a prime example of how the virus can be spread. Also, Native Americans aren’t being counted in for the demographic data for COVID-19, and they are being labeled as other rather than being in the other categories. This upset many of the tribes because they count for a large number of COVID-19 cases and the fact that they are just being forgotten about and not even getting a proper label is very demeaning and not okay. New Mexico is one of the only states that are properly labeling and counting the Native American people towards there numbers of COVID-19 and the deaths related to the virus. In New Mexico, they represent only 10% of the population but over 1/3 of their total cases. In Arizona, they make up 16% of the state’s COVID-19 cases.

It is very hard for the tribes to be able to follow the CDC’s guidelines for washing hands when they don’t always have ready access to water and also they don’t have access to many sanitizing products as well. In an article from the NY Times, it was said that in the Dakotas and Montana where it is very hard to find good and affordable housing, those who couldn’t afford to have a house of their own are having to find shelter with others on the reservation which is hitting those tribes very hard.

The Irish people and the Native American people have always been civil and worked together. It all started back in 1847 when the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma sent $170 to Ireland during the Great Famine since they saw they were struggling.

The Choctaw Tribe Seal. (Wikipedia under the Creative Commons License)

173 years after that amazing act of kindness, Ireland donated and raised over $2 million for the Navajo and Hopi nations who are struggling financially during this pandemic and have been hit the hardest. In the article that NBC wrote about this donating, many people were interviewed and a lot of the Irish people that the reporter talked to said that they thought it was the right thing to do especially to honor their ancestors who had created a strong bond with the tribes years and years ago. Many of the donations had small messages that had the common theme of how the people of Ireland wanted to give back to those who helped their nation survive and stay strong when they were going through a similar issue. The donations received are going to purchasing critical supplies, including food and available water, and also PPE since those living on the reservations have close to no PPE.

This is the sculpture that honors the Choctaw Nation and their relationship with Ireland (Wikipedia under the Creative Commons License)

Ireland honored the Choctaw Nation and their act of generosity by creating a sculpture of 9 stainless steel feathers that stand 23 feet high. The Prime Minister of Ireland, Leo Varadkr visited the Choctaw Nation in Oklahoma and gave his thanks and praises in person rather than over the phone or social media platforms.

Other people have also been donating to help the Native American people out during this terrible time and have been sending their prayers. They are going through such a hard time but having the support from so many people and the people Ireland has helped them out tremendously and hopefully, soon the lives of those in the tribes and on the reservations go back to normal and they will return to their normal daily lives.

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Kylie Reisinger, Journalist

Kylie Reisinger is a senior at Sartell High School. She plans on going to SCSU for college and is going to major in early education to become a kindergarten...

How is Minnesota going to recover and reopen from this?

Govenor Walz is making more steps into the direction of Minnesota reopening.

Wikipedia under the Creative Commons License

Govenor Walz is making more steps into the direction of Minnesota reopening.

Minnesota is currently a hotspot for COVID-19 especially in the St.Cloud area. Stearns County currently, as of May 21st, has 1,831 cases and 11 deaths.  Many of these cases have come from the meat processing plants such as Pilgrim’s Pride and Jenny-O. All the workers from those meat processing plants are currently being tested for the virus in order to move further with the plans for those plants.

The stay at home order for Minnesota has been extended many times. First it was going to be lifted on May 4th but then it got pushed back to May 18th. This has made many small business owners upset because they aren’t able to open back up and that could cause a lot of small businesses to close. Some of those businesses have been saying they will open without permission because if they don’t their businesses will go under and they will lose the business they worked so hard for.

Tony Webster Under the Creative Commons License
Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store opened up this week with over 200 customers inside.

Minnesota’s largest candy store which is located in Jordan opened the other day and had 200 customers inside of the store! This infuriated many small business owners who had remained close due to orders and lost a lot of money in the process of quarantine. In this Kare11 article, they included an interview from a small business Karen Lewis who is the co-owner of Ficus and Fig located in Burnsville. In this interview, she stated how frustrating this was, and after the candy store opened they decided they will open their doors for business as well. She also included more of her opinions and feelings in the article which is linked here.

On Monday other businesses such as dentist offices, veterinarian offices, and elective surgeries can finally begin and take place. Elective surgeries are often the lifeline of hospitals, they are what keep them running and going since there are so many of them nowadays. But with these businesses opening up, extra safety precautions have to be taken, and N95 mask and PPE supplies have had an increased production number which allows those businesses to safely open up. Governor

Walz did say this is a “calculated risk” but it is what needs to happen in the steps leading up to Minnesota opening and recovering from this unexpected closure. Many nurses have expressed their frustrations and concerns about Minnesota opening up so fast and allowing large gatherings. Nurses also are frustrated because allowing elective surgeries to begin leaves nurses wondering when they should use the N95 masks versus the standard masks that put them at risk for the virus.

Minnesota Nurses Association is worried about elective surgeries affecting proper PPE and protection(Wikipedia under the Creative Commons License)

The Minnesota Nurses Association was interviewed by StarTribune where in this article one nurse stated “Continuing this crisis of standard PPE use while adding nonessential surgeries will result in needless infections and death of patients and workers.”

Governor Walz had a press conference last Wednesday at 6 pm where he announced on May 18th the stay at home order for Minnesota will be lifted. The day he announced the state at home order would be lifted was the same day that Minnesota had reached a total of 6,700 positive tested cases. He also announced that churches can only have 10 people max inside, retailers should work at 50% capacity, and this order is is still allowing group gatherings with 10 people or less. But with this announcement, restaurants, gyms, salons, barber shops, etc. aren’t allowed to open until June 1st.

Also, the Minnesota State Board of Education banned all in person graduations even those outside or in gyms which would let students be spaced out. This has been devastating news to many seniors.

Class of 2020, We did it! (Kylie Reisinger)

Minnesota is going to have a long recovery to get back to how it used to be. Businesses have been closed for almost two months now losing business, customers, and money. As all businesses and places can reopen some won’t be opening and especially small family-owned businesses because this virus and stay at home order wiped them out.

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Kylie Reisinger, Journalist

Kylie Reisinger is a senior at Sartell High School. She plans on going to SCSU for college and is going to major in early education to become a kindergarten...

Places to visit this summer after quarantine

Minnesota summers are going to look very different this summer, but check out these amazing places to visit.

Wikipedia under the Creative Commons License

Minnesota summers are going to look very different this summer, but check out these amazing places to visit.

Summer is some of the best three months out of the year. It’s always hot outside, it gets darker later, the lakes are open, and you get tan. But this summer might be a little different due to the situation we are in currently.

There are many places to visit in Minnesota during the summer besides the lakes, there are many state parks and attractions. If you are interested in being outdoors and learning more about our history then Split Rock Lighthouse in Duluth is just for you.

Wikipedia Under The Creative Commons License
A beautiful picture of The Split Rock Lighthouse in Duluth Minnesota.

The Split Rock Lighthouse is just south-west of Silver Bay and is a very historic sight to see.

The lighthouse was retired in 1969; however, it then became the focal point for The Split Rock Lighthouse State Park. I have been to the park myself, and it was so interesting to see the lighthouse and to learn about all of the histories behind it. The climb and walk up to the lighthouse are also very scenic which adds to the beauty of the lighthouse. Guided tours of the lighthouse are also provided for $12 for adults, $10 for seniors, veterans, and active military, and college students, $7 for children 5-17, and free for children  under 4

Wikipedia under the creative commons license
A picture of a tourist on the shore of Lake Superior with Split Rock Lighthouse in the background.

The lighthouse isn’t the only historical place you can visit. While at the park you can also visit the restored lighthouse keepers house, oil house, and the fog building. For more information, you can visit the official website for the national park.


Another very common place for people to visit in Minnesota is Valleyfair. Valleyfair is an amusement park in Shakopee, MN. Valleyfair is a very popular place to go during the summer because of all of the fun rides including the waterpark Soak City.

Wikipedia under the creative commons license.
Soak City’s Ripple Rapids which is one of the 2 lazy rivers.

Soak City is built in the middle of Valleyfair and includes five waterslides, two lazy rivers, and also some smaller splash pads for little kids. Pictures and more information about Soak City can be found on Valleyfair’s website. 

Besides Soak City Valleyfair also offers multiple other rides ranging from huge and tall rollercoasters to smaller rollercoasters and rides for kids of all ages. Valleyfair has many popular rides but some of the most popular are Wild Thing, Renegade, Steel Venom, Excaliber, and The Xtreme Swing. These rides are made for people who love adrenaline and are very brave.

Laura under the creative commons license
The Wild Thing Ride at Valleyfair.

The Wild Thing is a rollercoaster that has a 207-foot drop; it reaches speeds up to 74 miles per hour! The rollercoaster is a fan favorite due to all of the drops and the sharp curves that make this ride thrilling but enjoyable at the same time. This video shows a first-person view of riding the Wild Thing.

Another very popular ride for thrillseekers is Steel Venom.

Wikipedia under the creative commons license
Steel Venom’s Main Entrance at Valleyfair.

Steel venom is a unique ride because it accelerates riders in four seconds from 0 mph to 68 mph! That is crazy. The ride has two 185 foot vertical spikes going back and forth and reaching the top of both spikes on the last pass. The video I linked is a pov of steel venom from the front seat and really shows how scary and thrilling this unique ride is!

Let’s get into more of the scenic spots to visit in Minnesota. Bay Lake is a breathtaking place to visit in the summer.

Wikipedia under the creative commons license
People fishing off the dock on Bay Lake.

Bay Lake Township is a very gorgeous and relaxing town that is only home to around 900 people. Bay Lake is home to a beautiful resort called Rutgers Bay Lake Lodge.  It is a cute cabin lodge and is located right on the lake.

Wikipedia under the creative commons license
A beautiful lakeside view at Ruttger’s Lodge

Rutgers offers many activities that adults and kids can both participate in such as a summer camp for kids called Kid’s Kamp and golfing and a spa for adults. Lodging at the resort includes cabins, Bay Lake Villas, Jane’s cottage, Elsie’s cottage, and more. The lodging prices vary from the different types of lodges and cottages and those prices can be found on Rutger’s website.

Itasca State Park is a classic sport for Minnesotans to visit any time of the year but summer is its a prime season.

Wikipedia under the creative commons license
Mississippi headwaters which is one of the most popular sites to see.

Itasca State Park is Minnesota’s largest state park and is known for the Mississippi Headwaters. There are many things to do at the park: hiking, camping, fishing, and even watersports. The park is home to 200 campsites which you can reserve and rent for a certain amount of days and all the fares are listed on Minnesota’s DNR website. The state park is also home to the historic Douglas Lodge. The lodge contains guest rooms, meeting rooms, a dining room, and a lobby. You can stay in the Douglas Lodge but it is fairly pricy,   states that one night in a room with one queen bed, and a room with two queen beds are both 150 dollars a night and 900 dollars a week if you want to stay in the Four Season Suites. You can also stay in the Douglas Lodge Suites or the Douglas Lodge Fourplex that are less expensive but still good quality places to stay. That is more pricy than staying in one of the campsites, but you’re paying for the quality. Pets, however, aren’t allowed in any of the Itasca lodging facilities, but they are allowed at the campsites.

Minnesota is such a beautiful place to live in and visit. There are so many wonderful places that you can visit that I didn’t list but you can find some more amazing places on either of these two websites I have linked below.

Explore Minnesota

Only in Your State

Let’s hope we get to have an amazing summer and go explore our beautiful home state that has so many  unique parks and more.

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Photo of Kylie Reisinger
Kylie Reisinger, Journalist

Kylie Reisinger is a senior at Sartell High School. She plans on going to SCSU for college and is going to major in early education to become a kindergarten...

Quarantine is affecting the mental health of Americans


Wikipedia under the Creative Commons License

Mental health issues are a huge struggle in this current time period and are only getting worse.

Quarantine is affecting many people in America but in different ways. It’s affecting some people financially, but it is having a huge impact on American’s mental health.

Very well mind stated that quarantine has a huge impact on the three main key elements of mental health which are Autonomy, Competency, and, Connectedness. Quarantine also comes with many psychological effects such as anger, boredom, difficulty concentrating, emotional exhaustion, fear and apprehension, frustration, helplessness, and more.

Autonomy is described and defined as the right that the patient has to make their own decisions which are a huge part of mental health because they have complete control of their mental health decisions. Competency is defined as the ability to do something efficiently and successfully, which is restricted in quarantine because you can’t go out and complete many tasks of your everyday life. And lastly, is connectedness which is defined as a feeling of belonging to or having affinity to a particular person or group. When you are in quarantine you are isolated and separated from everyone which makes mental health decrease due to lack of human interaction.


Flickr under the Creative Commons License
Stress can be brought on by many restrictions during the quarantine.

An outbreak or pandemic can cause a lot of stress which can also lead to increases in depression and anxiety levels.

The CDC states that stress during an infectious outbreak can include fear and worry about your own health and the health of loved ones, changes in eating and sleeping patterns, difficulty sleeping or concentrating and even more effects.

Dr. Brian Alman shared some of his tips and coping methods for stress during this quarantine period in a reporting article on

The first coping method is the pace you’re going to cope, are you a turtle or a racehorse?  The second step to coping is consistency: eat intelligently, drinking enough water, sleep 7-8 hours every night, etc.  The third step is to find your inner emotional resilience which will require conversations, self-talk, and journaling can also help to cope with stress during this time period.

Another article reported on listed 15 ways to deal with stress during this quarantine. Some of those ways included doing home workouts, online shopping, take breaks from watching the news, cleaning your house, talking to friends, and family was just some of the ways.  You can find the rest of the listed ways on the website which I linked above.

Another problem that is on the rise in American’s in anxiety.  Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease and is typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

Flickr Under the Creative Commons License.
Anxiety is a growing problem in America and is getting worse with quarantine.

This pandemic has a very uncertain outcome which is causing a lot of people to have more anxiety than usual. According to, 31% of Americans say they are no sleeping less because of quarantine based anxiety.  As people are self-quarantining, they are using more remote therapy sources like Talkspace and Brightside.  They have seen a very high increase in demand.  In the same Forbes article, Talkspace saw a 65% increase in customers since February and Brightside saw a 50% increase in new customers since the beginning of the new year.  That is a huge increase in those who are needing to talk to someone about their mental health issues.

The ADDA which stands for the Anxiety and Depression Association of America stated that anxiety levels would increase due to the pandemic because of isolation, capsized travel plans, and more.  They also included ways to decrease and help anxiety levels during this uncertain time.  Some of those ways included: stick to a normal schedule, avoid obsessing over the endless coverage of the virus, starting a new quarantine ritual and even more ways.

Another huge problem people are facing currently is depression. Depression is described as a severe feeling of despondency and dejection.

Flickr under the Creative Commons License
Depression is on the rise to be an epidemic and psychologists aren’t ready.

Depression is a huge problem when self-isolating because you are stuck in your own thoughts. This pandemic could lead to an epidemic of clinical depression and bring numbers higher than they have ever been. With such a rare and confusing disease, stress and loss can come with it.  Examples of this stress might include being afraid to catch it and the loss of loved ones to the virus are at large.

Another huge worry and impact on people’s mental health are financial issues. Finances bring a lot of stress to people but put almost all of America under stress due to their jobs shutting down leaving them unemployed and waiting for unemployment. The listed changes that have to be made before the numbers rise. If the numbers do rise there are many ways that you can reduce depression symptoms and stop surrounding yourself with your negative thoughts about yourself. In an NBC News article, Emily Roberts who is a psychologist said that one of the most important things is for the individual who is depressed to be in touch with their support system. Even though they can’t be in touch physically they can still zoom, skype, facetime, text, etc. Sometimes that can be all it takes. But other available treatments or ways to lessen the feeling of being depressed can include online therapy, having a self-care routine and a daily routine in general, physical activity can also be a huge mood booster.

If you’re feeling anxious, stressed, depressed, and more and need someone to talk to there are many online counseling sites. The ones that I have listed and linked below are all free options available for you: (a great often for those of you that are religious)

Those are just some free counseling websites but there are so many more available to use 24/7. But if you are feeling down during this time of uncertainty and need someone to talk to, please reach out to a trusted adult, a counselor, counseling website, or one of the mental health hotlines. Remember even those times aren’t good right now they will get better, stay positive!


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Kylie Reisinger, Journalist

Kylie Reisinger is a senior at Sartell High School. She plans on going to SCSU for college and is going to major in early education to become a kindergarten...

Buisnesses and people make PPE for health care workers


photo via Kathy Willens under the creative commons license

Nurse outside of Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx protesting for more PPE.

The healthcare industry is facing a crisis of PPE shortages that they can use to combat COVID-19.

PPE is important for healthcare staff to have because it’s one of the only things they have to protect them from contracting the virus. Doctors and nurses are being forced to use the same N95 mask for multiple shifts in a week or even more than a week due to the shortage because the regular population is overstocking the masks.

The worst shortage has been in New York.  Doctors are fighting a huge amount of cases due to their huge state population and the concentrations of so many people in New York City. Doctors in New York have resorted to wearing garbage bags as gowns since they have run out of gowns and need to be protected.

Army Sgt. 1st Class Tyrone C. Marshall Jr. Under Creative Commons License
This the proper PPE that all doctors battling COVID-19 should be provided with.

Using garbage bags and other supplies for PPE are affecting doctors and nurses in very harmful ways. Kious Kelly who is an RN in New York passed away due to contracting the coronavirus after not having the correct and required gowns, he later had to resort to wearing a garbage bag to protect himself and that ultimately failed him. Another ER doctor, Dr. Frank Gabrin had contracted the virus after wearing the same mask for four days while treating COVID-19 patients. He later died in his apartment in the arms of his husband.

Those two aren’t the only doctors and nurses who have passed away from no protection. The Guardian stated that at least three NHS doctors, two nurses, and one midwife have all passed away due to contracting the virus. The Guardian also listed these statistics: 72% of doctors cannot get a hold of an FFP3 mask when needed, 77% report shortages of long-sleeve gowns, 43% cannot find or use a visor or goggles when they need to use them.

The Doctor’s Association UK found and stated that 49% of medics performing procedures can’t always access a gown.  42% said they couldn’t find an FFP3 mask and 20% couldn’t find proper eye protection. Not having proper protection while fighting this virus in close conditions, is causing many doctors, nurses, and medical officials to have a lot of anxiety since they’re worried about contracting COVID-19.  Many doctors and nurses are protesting outside of hospitals saying that they need more PPE desperately and are pleading people to not hoard masks and gloves so that they can do their job. All doctors and medical professionals of all kinds need proper protection from the virus so that they can fight this virus and help reduce the number of cases in the US.

One of the worst states that are experiencing COVID-19 is Washington. Washington has over 10,224 cases and has had 491 deaths so far. They were running on barely any PPE and were in desperate need of more. It was stated that over half a million items came from donations, 1.5 million items came from the national stockpile, and almost 3.9 million items from suppliers. That is almost 6 million new PPE items. All the items they received are going right to those who are working on the front lines. With all of these supplies, Washington healthcare systems and workers can efficiently treat COVID-19 patients without having so much anxiety that they are going to contract the virus.

Brendan Mcdermid Under The Creative Commons License
A nurse protesting outside of a hospital saying they need more PPE items badly.

LEGO is currently making 13,000 face visors a day for frontline workers in Denmark.  It may not be in the US but the company LEGO is located in Denmark. The company modified some of its molding machines so they would be able to make face visors for those fighting the virus efficiently.

According to the Business Insider, the company said, ” This week we began to make visors at our factory in Billund for health care workers in Denmark that are on the front lines.”

The visors created have a simple design that LEGO created and drafted with the help of Denmark’s health sector. The masks were designed to provide an extra level of protection between the healthcare worker’s eyes and those patients that have COVID

-19. This video has  even more information about what LEGO is doing and also shows the design of the face visors.

Many big companies and just ordinary people are going out of their way and making PPE from their home or company warehouses to help hospital staff that needs it desperately. A San Diego nurse Vanessa Dangerfield’s husband used his creative talents and made a 3D printing program to make the headband part of visors. His community now has 200+ visors made and ready for healthcare workers to use which is a huge relief for his community.

Photo by Wikipedia under the creative commons license
The University Of New Mexico is creating PPE for healthcare workers in New Mexico.

The University of New Mexico is also making a huge impact on nurses and doctors. The university just received a 500,000 dollar grant from the U.S Air Force to develop a 3D printing hub. In this 3D printing hub, they will be able to efficiently make facemasks and face shields for healthcare providers in their community. As of last Sunday, they can produce 500-700 masks a week, and they are hoping to produce more once they are tested by the Air Force and Sandia Labs.

Christina Salas who is with the University of New Mexico stated in an interview, “As soon as we confirm that the printing methods we are using and the material type were using is adequate for the purchase that they are planning on purchasing double and triple the supplies they did before.”

A family in Granville, Ohio transformed their garage into a place where they are producing many face mask shields after figuring out they can efficiently make face shields using a laser cutter and engraving machine. So far they have been able to make a total of 80 shields and plan to make more. They also created a Go Fund Me so they can keep buying the materials and resources they need to continue to make more shields for healthcare workers.

Another way the general population can help at home is to create fabric or cloth reusable masks, which are very easy to make with fabric, elastic and a sewing machine of some kind. JoAnn Fabrics created a free at-home mask creating kits with different patterns of fabrics and elastic so people who love to sew can help out health care workers and allow them to have a better layer of protection.

About the Writer
Photo of Kylie Reisinger
Kylie Reisinger, Journalist

Kylie Reisinger is a senior at Sartell High School. She plans on going to SCSU for college and is going to major in early education to become a kindergarten...

IHeart Radio hosts a living room concert


IHeart Radio Under Creative Commons License

IHeart Radio Awards Logo for 2020

The IHeart Radio Awards is one of the biggest events in the music industry. Artists from almost every genre of music are nominated for awards and are credited for their amazing music and all of their hard work. Due to the virus, the concert was sadly canceled, but that didn’t stop the artists from having a concert live-streamed on tv for fans at home.

I love music and was looking forward to seeing the awards this year, so I tuned in to the concert.  This is my recap and review of the Iheart Radio’s Living Room Concert special.

The concert was streamed on Fox and was hosted by Elton John. This one-hour special was also presented to raise money for charities helping during the hard times we are experiencing. I was most excited to see Billie Eilish and Shawn Mendes because they are some of my favorite artists.

The special kicked off with Alicia Keys and then was followed by the Backstreet Boys.  The Backstreet Boys came together from different homes and performed their hit song “I Want It That Way,” which my mom loved since they are one of her favorites.

Glenn Francis Under the Creative Commons License.
The Backstreet Boys at the IHeart Radio Awards Last Year

The group put on a very fun and entertaining performance even though they were all separated due to social distancing of course. The band along with most of the other performers are donating money to the First Responder’s Children Foundation and also Feeding America. They are all donating due to all of the struggles some families are facing currently.

Then after another performance, it was time for my favorite artist Billie

Billie Eilish Album of the year cover

Eilish and her brother Finneas.  They performed her hit song “Bad Guy.” I loved her acoustic performance! It was acoustic it gave viewers a chance to see how unique and special her voice is. Her performance was very laidback but it was still amazing just like all of the other performances I have seen from her. It was also her anniversary of releasing “Bad Guy” which went platinum five times!! She is very successful especially for only being 17 years old.


After Billie’s performance, Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello were performing her new hit song “My Oh My.” Camila and Shawn are a couple and have been since they released their song “Senorita.”

During this performance, Shawn was playing the guitar and Camila was singing the acoustic version of her hit song. Before starting their performance, they had talked about how they have been social distancing and also encouraging people to stay home and donate to charities if it is possible. They also thanked first responders for all of their hard work during this hard time.

Taken by Steve Kwak Under the Creative Commons License
Tim McGraw pictured at the benefit concert for the NICU.

Many other performances were very enjoyable, Tim McGraw performed one of his hit songs ” Something Like That” from his backyard. Demi Lovato also gave an inspirational message before her heartfelt performance of “Skyscraper” which is one of her most popular songs and fits with everything the world is going through right now. Elton John also sat down and video chatted with Lizzo. They talked about how much they loved each other and their music. Elton John also sang one of Lizzo’s hit songs “Juice” and then Lizzo thanked Elton for all of his music and how it has impacted her and her family.

The IHeart Radio Living Room Concert was filled with amazing performances from many artists and also many inspirational messages as well. The ones I listed above are just the ones that I loved the most.

I loved the idea that IHeart came up for the awards this year; it was so entertaining and fun to watch. My mom and I watched it together, and she also loved the concert, though she didn’t appreciate Mariah Carey’s performance at all. She loved the rest.

Overall, it was an amazing special that Fox and IHeart put on, and I encourage all of you if you have Hulu or can rewatch Fox’s specials to tune in and watch the concert. It is worth the watch!!

About the Writer
Photo of Kylie Reisinger
Kylie Reisinger, Journalist

Kylie Reisinger is a senior at Sartell High School. She plans on going to SCSU for college and is going to major in early education to become a kindergarten...

Covid-19 is effecting the world, especially the class of 2020.


Kylie Reisinger

A collage representing the COVID-19 virus and the graduating class of 2020

COVID-19 also known as the Corona Virus has taken over the United States very quickly and has changed everyday life for many across the country. While a huge portion of the population is affected by this terrible virus, one group of citizens around the world is feeling the effects very hard currently. Those citizens being the class of 2020 or the seniors in American high schools currently.

Graduating is one of the things that many have looked forward too and wanted for a long time. We all work 12 hard years going through every grade level with each one getting harder as we go on and then once you know it you’re finally a senior. All the hard work you’ve gone through during school is finally going to pay off and you will get rewarded for your hard work. Being a senior is such a bittersweet moment for high schoolers; this is the year you will have your last first day of school, your last prom, your last first game, and you will finally graduate.

Being a senior myself, I have always looked forward to walking across that stage and receiving my diploma with all of my family watching me, and I can finally say ” I did it!” It has always been a dream of mine. I have had ups and downs in my four years of high school, but I wouldn’t trade my experience for the world. I wouldn’t trade for anything for the memories and friendships I’ve made throughout high school. I was so excited to have my last prom with my friends and for all of us to graduate finally after four years of hard work and studying for countless hours. But sadly Covid-19 is on the brink of taking all of that away from every single senior in the class of 2020.

Schools and businesses all around the country have closed and are waiting to re-open when Covid-19 finally slows down and is under control. But in my opinion, it doesn’t look like schools are going to re-open for the rest of the school year at all sadly.  This probably means online classes at home, no prom, and no graduation. This disease has affected people of all ages, but it has really impacted me and my peers who were looking forward to graduating and receiving our diploma in May.

To the class of 2020, keep your head up, don’t think all of your hard work has gone unnoticed because it hasn’t. Your parents, teachers, and peers have seen how hard you’ve worked, I know everything we were looking forward to and the opportunity to make more memories have been ripped away from us, but just know, we all have each other’s backs, and we will get through this rough time together.

About the Contributor
Photo of Kylie Reisinger
Kylie Reisinger, Journalist

Kylie Reisinger is a senior at Sartell High School. She plans on going to SCSU for college and is going to major in early education to become a kindergarten...

World pollution levels are decreasing


Via Flickr under Creative Commons License

This is what everyday life looked like for residents of China before COVID-19 struck due to heavy air pollution.

It has been noted in many articles that pollution levels around the world have gone down dramatically ever since COVID-19 stuck the world and ordered people to quarantine and self-isolate.

The reason for the decreasing levels is because the virus is shutting down industrial activity, and people are following the stay at home orders which is leading to lower levels of CO2 emission. This is affecting the world in many positive ways.

Paul Monks who is a professor of air pollution at the University of Leicester tell The Guardian that, ” We are now, inadvertently conducting the largest-scale experiment ever seen.”

The reduction of air pollution can actually lead to a decrease in spreading diseases, and it could also positively affect people who suffer from asthma due to the air being cleaner. The World Health Organization has stated that NO2 is a very toxic gas that causes inflammation of the airways.

Via NASA permitted for reuse
This image shows the drastic decrease in No2 levels in Wuhan China, Before and After COVID-19



One of the largest drops in pollution levels was seen in China, but more specifically the city of Wuhan.

According to NASA, the nitrogen dioxide levels have dropped 10-30% since the city-wide lockdown was instated. It has been said that there have been more lives saved due to the decrease in No2 levels and Co2 levels than those lost to COVID-19.

Labeled for reuse on google images
This map represents and shows the total levels of No2 levels present in the world before Covid-19

As reported by Science Alert, Marshall Burke, Standford University’s environmental resource economist says that he has calculated that during the two months of pollution reduction in China,  4,000 lives of children five and under have been saved.  He also states that his calculations show that 73,000 lives have been saved for adults over 70 in China. 

Pollution affects the world in many negative ways. Air pollution alone can cost a person three years off of his/her life expectancy.  Italy’s NO2 levels and CO2 emission levels have also drastically decreased which has changed the country in many ways; some of those ways are leaving people shocked. 

The decrease in emission levels is due to cars not being driven so often.  Many of the vehicles in Italy are diesel and that impacts pollution levels greatly. Another shocking decrease in pollution for Italy is the huge decrease in water pollution. The Venice Canal has cleared up after being dirty and murky for hundreds of years due to pollution.

American is also starting to see the same decrease as other countries due to many states enforcing the same stay at home and lockdown procedures that Italy, China, and many other countries are also enforcing. In one of America’s biggest and busiest cities, New York City carbon monoxide levels dropped around 50% and carbon dioxide levels about 5-10%. Scientists’ main worry, however, is that the decreased levels could be reversed very quickly once global commerce, travel, and transportation behaviors all resume back to normal levels after this pandemic. 

Climate change is also getting better due to the ozone layer being unaffected for now but once the pandemic is over, many scientists have reported they believe it will all sadly change.  

About the Writer
Photo of Kylie Reisinger
Kylie Reisinger, Journalist

Kylie Reisinger is a senior at Sartell High School. She plans on going to SCSU for college and is going to major in early education to become a kindergarten...

2020 Tokyo Olympics may be on hold

2020 Tokyo Olympics may be on hold

Photo Via Flickr under the creative commons license

The Olympic Games is one of the biggest broadcast sporting events that takes place every two years. Athletes train hard just to hope to make it into the events that take place. The Olympics is a place where people from around the world connect to other people of all different races and ethnicities.  The Olympics brings people together doing the sport they love with all they have.

The Olympic games this year were supposed to be held in Tokyo, Japan which houses over 13,942,856 people. So many athletes had been relentlessly training and preparing for July 24-Aug 9 to showcase all of their hard work. But due to Covid-19, many athletes’ hard work and dreams have been crushed. There would’ve been way too many people who would have attended the games which would’ve spread the illness more easily and very quickly. The world can’t afford to risk spreading this illness even more than it already has been.

I personally have grown up watching the Olympics and I couldn’t imagine not watching it.  It’s something I look forward to every two years. I can’t even imagine working and training your whole life to finally get a huge chance to showcase your hard work and talents, and then have it taken away from you out of nowhere.

According to an article, USA Today wrote about the postponement,  “It also figures to cause headaches and heartaches across the international sports community–for federations and leagues that must now adapt their schedules, and for the 11,000 athletes who had spent years training to compete this summer.”

Some athletes have responded to the postponing of the games using online platforms. Teddy Riner who is a double Olympic super-heavyweight judo champion stated on the Instagram post “See you in 2021, Tokyo. First, we have a more important fight to win.”

Britain’s 200m world champion Dina Asher-Smith also posted an upbeat positive message on her Instagram page, the post stated “#Tokyo2021. Same fire, new dates. Stay at home and stay safe everyone xxx.”

Tom Daley who is a two-time Olympic diving medalist from London stated on his Instagram page that “His body would feel being another year older, but he promises to work his tail off to make Great Britan as proud as he can when the time comes.”

Overall the postponing of the Olympics games was a shock, but it was what needed to be done to keep the world safe and healthy and also combat Covid-19. Hopefully, in 2021 the athletes will be all fired up and ready to go.

About the Writer
Photo of Kylie Reisinger
Kylie Reisinger, Journalist

Kylie Reisinger is a senior at Sartell High School. She plans on going to SCSU for college and is going to major in early education to become a kindergarten...

Climate change has a lasting effect on wildlife

Climate change is affecting the world in many ways.

Photo via Flickr under the creative commons license

Climate change is affecting the world in many ways.

Climate change is a problem that is taking on the world by a landslide.  Every day it is getting worse and causing more damage. Animals are most affected by all of the damage that is being done as it is destroying their habitat and where they are found. There are 4 species who are currently being very affected by climate change in terrible ways.

1: Polar Bears 

Polar bears have greatly been affected by the climate change epidemic. Polar Bears are mostly found in the Arctic Sea which is made of snow and ice but climate change is causing the earth to warm which in turn is destroying their habitat. In a previous story featuring polar bears Steven Amstrup, a chief scientist for polar bears said “Some previous media reports have suggested that this means they could come ashore and eat terrestrial foods and be fine…We have no evidence of that.”  That being said if they don’t get help now they could be gone forever

photo via flickr under the creative commons license
Polar bear habitat is dwindling daily because the earth is warming.

2: Adelie Penguins

Adelie penguins are also one of the many species who call the arctic sea home.  Along with the polar bears they are also facing the risk of their home and natural habitat being destroyed. But the main problem they are faced with is that the main food source that they live off of called “Krill” which are tiny crustaceans live on the undersides of ice sheets. Since climate change is causing the earth its self to heat up this is causing the krill to then be killed because the ice is melting away. When the krill runs out in one area this causes the penguins to migrate further and further using more energy which then makes breeding and hatching harder, which then causes fewer babies to be born which could lead to the extinction of this breed in the end.

Photo from flickr under creative commons license
Adelie penguins are one of the many species who live in the artic that are being forced to migrate due to the earth warming

3: Acropora Cervicornis

Photo VIa flickr under the creative commons license

This is a type of coral, and coral is classified as a type of animal. But this is just one of the types of coral that is being damaged and killed due to the climate change epidemic. This coral is getting the most damage due to the ocean waters warming.  It’s warming because the earth’s temperature is changing and getting warmer. Coral are very sensitive to water changes, and the tiniest change can trigger a whole colony of it to die off. This coral used to be found all over and around the Caribbean but now it is restricted to only a few areas.


4: The Golden Toad

Photo via flickr under the creative commons license

This species is one of the few species so far to actually become extinct due to climate change. The golden toad lived in mountaintop cloud forests but then those forests disappeared due to drought and other climate changes. One of the other factors of extinction is a fungus that was brought on by climate change that is killing many animals worldwide in all sorts of climates.

Climate change is a huge problem that the world is facing each and every single day.  It needs to be brought up and brought to the attention of future generations so the world can work together to eliminate this problem and help the Earth get healthy again.


About the Writer
Photo of Kylie Reisinger
Kylie Reisinger, Journalist

Kylie Reisinger is a senior at Sartell High School. She plans on going to SCSU for college and is going to major in early education to become a kindergarten...

How is technology in classrooms effecting students?


Photo via Tessa B. Corric under the creative commons license

Kids using technology in the class room can have it's pros and cons.

Technology is everywhere you look today, from computers, smart tv’s, iphones, and to the Mac Books all students at Sartell High School have and cherish.

Technology today during this generation is huge in classrooms and their everyday curriculums. It can help students, but it can also harm them just as much as it helps them.

Let’s take a look at some statistics of technology and schools. Today 97% of teachers have at least one computer in their classroom which makes sense because they need to use the grade book, do attendance, etc. The average computer to student ratio in classrooms today is 5.3 to 1.  Take that ratio and look at the effect it would have on a classroom of 30 kids. Our Mac Books can help us in class, but they can also be just as harmful.  Many of our assignments are online through Schoology and other websites which means we use our laptops to complete them. But many students often resort to playing computer games or watching tv shows on Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Technology can help make classroom activities.  An example of that is if students need to do a worksheet, they can complete it on their laptop instead of making copies on paper and them doing it that way. In some ways including technology in the classroom can create a more engaged environment.  Using a laptop like we have or an ipad like they use in the other schools can make learning activities more fun and get more students to be motivated to participate in the activity. Having technology in the classroom also incorporates new learning styles into the classroom. It can be difficult to make a different lesson plan that is fit for every student and their strengths, but with technology, students can do an assignment or project the way they want to and the way that they enjoy the most. It also helps you connect with your students because it can be very challenging to connect with students and create a bond with them. According to a recent survey, 84% of teachers reported that they use the internet once a week to find new content that will engage students in the classroom via.

Technology in classrooms does have its cons as well, one of these being it introduces excessive screen time almost every day. There have been many concerns that excessive screen time can cause eye damage. In a recent study conducted by San Diego University psychologist Dr.Jean Twenge and University of Georgia psychology professor Dr. Keith W. Campbell found that adolescents who spend 7 or more hours a day on screens were twice as likely as those who spend only one hour a day on screens to have been diagnosed with depression or anxiety.  Cheating is a huge con of having technology in the classroom. It introduces many more ways to cheat on tests, assignments, and quizzes. Students can copy and paste their work onto other classmate’s assignments, and also do the same for papers, but has been combatting plagrism on assignments which is a huge help to teachers. The last con is it can have a lot of distractions to students, on almost every single website there are ads and pop-ups that students will see and become distracted. But students can also download games or play them on the internet during lessons or tests. I myself have seen a lot of students playing games in the classroom, and I think this is the biggest con of introducing technology in the classroom.

Technology is such a new and improving topic that is changing every single day.  New updates come out or new devices come out which causes us to go out and buy them. But technology in the classroom has its cons and its pros just like everything else does. It can help students become more engaged in class, make lessons more interesting, and can help teachers connect with students easier. But it can also be a huge distraction to students in class, can expose students to excessive screen time, and condones cheating and makes it easier to cheat. What’s your opinion about having so much technology in classrooms nowadays?

About the Writer
Photo of Kylie Reisinger
Kylie Reisinger, Journalist

Kylie Reisinger is a senior at Sartell High School. She plans on going to SCSU for college and is going to major in early education to become a kindergarten...

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