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Gopi Ramanathan
Gopi Ramanathan is currently a senior at Sartell High School.  Although you probably know more than you've ever needed to know about him, here are a few interesting tidbits about his life.  He is 5' 5'', which makes him a lot shorter than most of the people he is surrounded with but taller than most of his family.  However, his little brother is taller than him, which disappoints him ever so slightly.  Gopi also has roots in Sri Lanka, a small island off the coast of south India.  This interesting connection has also given him the superpower to tolerate almost any spice known to man (including the blazin' sauce at Buffalo Wild Wings).  He also really loves to take part in school spirit, and even won the award for "Most School Spirit" according to the Sartell Yearbook.  For his future, he hopes to get into college somewhere and do something with his life.

Gopi Ramanathan, Journalist

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