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Autumn Fosteson
Autumn Fosteson is a senior at Sartell High School. If she isn't at school, rehearsal, or doing homework, odds are she is at home dancing to some boppin' tunes. Her hobbies include photography, regretting deleting Flappy Bird off of her phone, and pretending she knows what's going on. She thoroughly enjoys using her '79 Cannon AE-1 35mm to photograph usually nothing.
Her spirit animal is the almighty dog (praise be unto thee). Autumn's favorite TV shows are Grey's Anatomy and Stranger Things. She once described herself as "25% attitude, 50% coffee, and 25% dependent on her cell phone." Her red-hot sarcasm -leaving most to quake in their boots- is no match for her capacity for Piña Colada smoothies. Autumn feels that with willful restraint from cursing, and an abundance of coffee, she will be more than capable of accomplishing the task of "Journalist."
If she were to actually be arrested, it would be for stalking and abduction of an animal.

Autumn Fosteson, Journalist

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