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Alex Pringle
Alex Pringle is a senior citizen at Sartell High School. There are some things to know about her: she absolutely adores animals, her favorite dog is a Corgi, and she loves cats as well. Her future consists of attending The College of Saint Benedict, attaining a bachelors degree to teach high school level English,  and raising animals as if they were her children. Her eating palette is minimal, she enjoys basic foods and snacks such as buttered noodles, pizza, and Mountain Dew. Other than writing, her hobbies include treating her male cat, Louis, as her own kin, watching Netflix, and writing music. Alex plays two instruments, the trumpet and the piano; she uses her piano to write music. She is non-athletic and prefers to eat her feelings. She is in other activities at her school such as Journalism, Yearbook, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, and Pep Band. She is quite involved in the music department, but has nothing to do with choir; this is simply due to the fact that band is better than choir. Overall she loves to write, and frankly, is fantastic at it. If she were to actually be arrested, it would be for

Alex Pringle, Journalist

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