Fentanyl distribution is out of control


photo via rawpixel under the creative commons license

The prevalence of fentanyl in today’s world has been going up.

It has been reported that there have been multiple overdoses of fentanyl in these years, and this is only getting worse as time goes on.

Multiple teen overdoses have been reported in Virginia, Oregon, and Los Angeles. Seven teens in LA have died just in the past month from pills laced with it in just the past month.

According to a doctor specializing in drug abuse, teens have been exposed to the drug for many years, but the isolation brought about by the pandemic led them to try self-prescribed drugs to cope during challenging times.

Fentanyl is an extremely powerful and addictive drug that is deadly when injected with a barely noticeable amount. It has usually affected adults, but has been making its way over to young people in recent years. From September to March, one dozen students in Texas have died from fentanyl overdoses, including a 14 year old boy who passed away in January.

It hurts you to see your son after he’s gone and ask yourself, Why didn’t I know about this sooner to help him?

— Lilia Astudilo, the 14 year old's mother

CDC report found that 41% of teens who died of an overdose were struggling with a mental health condition or they were in treatment for a mental health condition.  

“We should discuss mental health more and be more open to getting help when we know that we need it, “This starts at home, but it should continue in school.”

Dr. Scott Hadland, an addiction specialist