SpaceX blocks Ukrainian troops from using satellite technology.


Photo Via Flicker

The war raging between two nations is reaching the final frontier.

Former president of SpaceX reveals that the company has taken steps to prevent Ukrainian forces from using satellite technology. SpaceX is looking to prevent the use of high powered technology in the war against Russia.

Satellite orbiting over the U.K (Photo Via Flicker under the creative commons license)

 In a CNN article, President Elon Musk says the satellite starlink was never intended to be used for military-like purposes. Ukranians have altered the satellite which was not a part of the agreement with SpaceX.  The satellite was originally created to monitor our planet and provides thousands of individual services. 

SpaceX and the Pentagon held discussions about a possible deal for military units, according to people familiar with the conversations.

On February 8th SpaceX officials indicated at least part of those conversations had ended.