Teacher of the Week: Mrs. Heckman



During various weeks of the school year, the LeSabre highlights standout teachers of the Sartell-St. Stephen school district.

Teachers are the foundation of our school, society, and future. They are the ones who allow for the endless possibilities of a students future to become a reality.

Mrs. Heckman’s family consists of her husband, two sons that are 20 and 23, and her daughter who is a junior. (Used with Mrs. Heckmans permission)

At the end of the meadows wing you will find Mrs. Heckman. She teaches a variety of art classes including graphic design and photography. She is also the teacher in charge of the Sartell High School yearbook every year. 

Heckman and her husband enjoy a Minnesota Twins game together. (Used with Mrs. Heckmans permission)

When Mrs. Heckman was questioned about her interests outside of the classroom her response was “ I take A LOT of photos. 🙂 I have had a photography business in town for about 20 years and [I take] photographs for the yearbook so I stay busy with photography. I also love to travel and spend time with my family.” 

A significant quote Mrs. Heckman lives by is “Be Kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.” 

Mrs.Heckman received her undergraduate degree from St. Cloud State University, and then attained her masters degree from Southwest Minnesota State University. 

Mrs. Heckman loves horses. She grew up with them at her grandparents house and will never turn down a chance to ride a horse. (Used with Mrs. Heckmans permission)

If Heckman did not become a teacher she states, “The only way I can see that happening at this point is if I win the lottery so I guess I would be chilling at home reading by the fireplace.”

Now leaves the fun questions: 

Q: If you were a fictional character who would you be and why? 

A: I have two characters that I have loved since childhood. Wonder Woman and Morticia Adams 

Q: Who’s your celebrity crush? 

A: Chris Hemsworth 

The Cotton Bowl is a football game held in Texas that Mrs. Heckman and her husband attended. (Used with Mrs. Heckmans permission)