Haley and Brooke stop on the trails during a hiking trip in Colorado. (Haley Hennen)
Haley and Brooke stop on the trails during a hiking trip in Colorado.

Haley Hennen

Siblings of Sartell: Haley and Brooke Hennen

January 14, 2023

This week, LeSabre is highlighting the Hennen sisters. Haley is a senior, and Brooke is a freshman. The two make a fantastic, dysfunctional sibling duo.

Q: When you spend time together, what do you like to do?

Haley: “Watch TV…Megamind. It’s actually true.”

Brooke: “We like to watch TV shows, and when we’re driving, or when we’re home alone, we like to get Chinese food.”

The Hennen sisters (left) pose with the Gefre sisters for a first day of school picture. (Morgan Gefre)

Q: What do you have in common?

Haley: “Not much.”

Brooke: “We’re both in orchestra and I play tennis—Haley used to play tennis.”

Q: What annoys you the most about each other?

Haley: “She’s mean.”

Brooke: “Haley’s really smart, but then I ask her for help with math, and she says she ‘doesn’t know.'”

Q: What do you love the most about each other?

Haley: “She’s nice sometimes.”

Brooke: “She’s nice and gives me stuff, and drives me around.”

Haley and Brooke snap a quick selfie in the car to show all the fun they’re having. (Haley Hennen)

Q: Favorite childhood memory?

Haley: “The time our cat pooped in the car and we had to hide it from our parents…that’s some real bonding.”

Brooke: “We went to our cabin a lot—we still do.”

Q: Describe your sister in three words.

Haley: “Hardworking, smart, fun.”

Brooke: “Musical, smart, nerdy.”

Q: What is one thing your sister can’t live without?

Haley: “I would say her phone, but that seems like an obvious answer. Oh yeah, fantasy books.”

Brooke: “Her airpods.”

Q: Who is the favorite?

Haley: “Me.”

Brooke: “I think Haley might be my dad’s favorite, and I’m my mom’s favorite.”

Q: Would you bail your sister out of jail if she did something illegal?

Haley: “Yeah…well, depending on what it is. If she murdered someone, then [no]. If she shoplifted a $15.00 necklace, I would.”

Brooke: “If I had money.”

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