Families throughout Sartell celebrate winter holidays via decorations. (Kellan Nichols)
Families throughout Sartell celebrate winter holidays via decorations.

Kellan Nichols

Holiday lights lead to holiday fights

December 6, 2022

Before Thanksgiving, comes the annual debate of whether or not it is too soon to decorate for the following winter holidays.

Some people get upset with the more festive residents of Sartell because of the early lighting. According to Bankrate.com, 51% of Americans start to decorate their homes for Christmas between Thanksgiving and December 1st, with another 15% of respondents beginning the holiday season earlier in the month. 

One of the many houses in Sartell that have begun decorating for the Christmas season. (Kellan Nichols)

As stated by Kenneth Nichols, twenty-year Sartell resident: “I feel that it is, in a sense, skipping a holiday. It makes things feel rushed and like we’re not focussing on the moment.”

Clearly, the early decoration of homes for the winter holidays causes some distress and frustration for certain residents in the area.

A beautiful display of holiday deer found outside a home in Sartell. (Kellan Nichols)

Though it may upset some people, many others subscribe to the philosophy that home decorating should be up to the homeowner.

SHS senior Daniel Zacher says, “I think that it is a little unnecessary, but there is nothing wrong with getting a little excited for the winter holidays, so I don’t mind it.” This more neutral standpoint seems to be the popular vote.

Many people are also in support of decking the halls a bit earlier than usual. Senior Greta Foss gave her opinion on the issue: “I just think that if something like pretty lights makes people happy, then let people be happy. Life is too short to be worrying about the decorations on other people’s homes.”

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