Piers Morgan v. Andrew Tate on ‘Uncensored’


Screenshot from @piersmorgan Uncensored youtube channel

Piers Morgan asks Andrew Tate about censorship. The conversation ended up being a little contentious.

Kickboxing champion, Andrew Tate, went head to head with media celebrity, Piers Morgan on a Piers Morgan Uncensored interview October 7th, 2022.

Morgan said “Andrew Tate is the most googled person on the internet other than, for example, President Trump or Kim Kardashian.”

Tate is a four time world kick boxing champion (Photo via Wikimedia Commons under the Creative Commons license)

In the interview, Morgan brings up controversial issues on censorship with apps like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Tik Tok. Morgan does not agree with censorship although he does not exactly agree with Tate on every single topic like his views on women and clinically diagnosed depression.

Andrew Tate was intrigued to talk to Piers when he was welcomed onto the show since Morgan has also been known for disagreeing with lots of news anchors on controversial topics as well.  Which led to him being fired from his last news job being forced to either apologize to the world or lose his job so he left and created the talk show Piers Morgan Uncensored.

Piers Morgan runs the Piers Morgan Uncensored morning show (Photo via Wikimedia Commons under the Creative Commons license)

Piers and Andrew do agree on how it can be difficult to be a young male in the modern world today. There are also quite a few views that Morgan can agree with Tate about on like  censorship and how some of the topics that Andrew Tate has discussed is brought out of context and turned against him. 

There are videos of Andrew saying clinical depression is not real that Morgan absolutely did not agree with backing his point up with how there is no doctor that would say it is not real, and it is erratically incorrect.