Senior of the Week: Ashley Janssen


Josh Akkerman

Ashley Janssen is Sartell’s first highlighted Senior of the Week.

Today, we are starting something new at LeSabre: Senior of the Week! Each week, a senior from the class of 2023 will be asked a few questions about their future. 

To start off this new tradition is senior Ashley Janssen. When asked if she’s thinking about her future, Janssen says, “I have been. I would love to attend college either in Minnesota or South Dakota after I graduate college. I would love to stay living in Minnesota to be close to my family!”

Ashley Janssen visits the NDSU campus to prepare for her future plans. (Ashley Janssen)

Another aspect of her future that Janssen is thinking about has to do with where she wants to go to college.  

Janssen explains, “I would love to attend Saint Catherine University in Saint Paul. They have a great nursing program and that is what I want to do after high school. If Saint Catherine doesn’t work out for me, I would also love to attend Augustana University in South Dakota!” 

Those are some great options for Janssen and her future career that she wants to pursue!

Speaking of her future career, Janssen says, “I have always wanted to go into the medical field. When I entered freshman year, I knew that I wanted to become a pediatric nurse. Nursing has always been a passion of mine and I will be pursuing it while in college!”

Awesome choice for a career path! The places you go will be very fortunate to have you as a nurse 🙂

You can’t look forward without sometimes looking back, so even though Janssen is excited about what is to come, she is feeling a little nostalgic too: “So far this year is going great! Each class that I am taking currently is worth college credit, so I am attempting to prepare myself for my future. I am yet not feeling overwhelmed with the amount of homework I am receiving each night, I am just trying to live my year the best I can by attending as many athletic games and events as possible.”

Substantial responses from Janssen as we get a sneak peek into what her future plans are.