Honest album review: Harry’s House


Screengrab via Youtube

This album features the different genres of pop-funk, pop rock, R&B, and synth-pop.

On May 20th of 2022 Harry Styles released his 3rd studio album titled Harry’s House. This album features 13 songs including the single “As It Was”, the song that has taken the app TikTok by storm. This review is my first impression of each song and I will be writing as I listen excluding “As It Was” because I have heard that song too many times for it to be a first impression.  Without further adieu, Harry’s House:

“Music for a Sushi Restaurant” I love the little melody in the first 10 seconds, it has a nice groove. The bass guitar has a nice funk to it. The quiet vocals is an interesting contrast to the instrumental especially with such a loud chorus. I cannot say that I am a fan of the lyrics, it reminds me of a Disney channel theme song and not in the best way. The instrumental is very good and unique and it is an interesting concept for a song just lacked in lyrics in my humble opinion. I rate this song a 3/5, not bad just not my taste.

“Late Night Talking” This song reminds me of the radio on the car ride to school. This song is much more simple than the previous one, but it’s a nice contrast. He is using different vocal technique in this song which i prefer. Again this song has simple lyrics but it is a fun song. This is a good summer song. I will give this song a 4/5.

“Grapejuice” The title is funny. The instrumental is also a little funny. I do not like the voice effect sounding thing he is using. The song is a nice little song, reminds me of a song to listen to while driving and watching the sunset. I like the melody he made. This song is making me a little bored trying to listen the whole way through. The instrumental part at the end is nice and the counting is a fun touch.  I give this song a 3/5.

“As It Was” I’m not going to listen to the full song but my review is that its a cute nice spring time vibe song but it is played so much I am not in the mood to listen again. I rate this song 2/5 not bad not the best just okay.

“Daylight” I like the beat of this song, and so far he is using a similar vocals to “Music for a Sushi Restaurant”. This song has a very captivating instrumental and it keeps my interest. The chorus is very catchy, and I love the almost rock sounding section where it still feels like the song but it has such a different vibe in a good way. Loved the ending. 5/5, this is a good one.

“Little Freak” I have no idea what this song is going to be like just from the song title. This song almost sounds generic to me, it’s not bad at all just not anything special. I’ve also noticed he puts to random words together in a verse then just changes the topic, for example it could be something like: bed sheets, sunken cheeks, I know a girl just like you. Just words or phrases put together in a way that doesn’t make sense and he does it in every song. Anyways I rate this song a 2/5, got me a little bored honestly because I was hoping for more.

“Matilda” The raw guitar reminds me of the early 2000’s the way it is picked. The simplicity of this song is refreshing compared to the other songs so far. I like the light vocal layers this song has, it fits the vibe. Interesting name to choose, it makes me think about the actual name more than the message of the song but I think thats just me. The transition into just one layer of piano and one layer of vocals really sets the tone wonderfully and builds into something more powerful. Very nice bridge with a slight contrast keeping my interest. The lingering final chord of the piano is a good touch keeping the sad vibe of the song there. My rating for this song is 4/5.

“Cinema” Fun guitar in the instrumental. The lyrics of this song are very unique and good for interpretation. This is just another Indie genre sounding song by Harry Styles in my opinion. The best part of the song is the instrumental breaks. I am not a fan of the repetition at the end but the vocals in the background are nice. I give this song a rating of 2/5.

“Daydreaming” I feel like I just listened to this song. This is a fun summer song but it also sounds like the other fun sounding songs on the album. Confusion aside I like the more powerful vocals in some parts of this song, it is a good contrast and sets it apart from the others.  The repetition sounds like filer to me, that is the vibe of this whole song to me. Cute outro though and because of that I give this song a 3/5.

“Keep Driving” He is doing the random word lyrics again for the first two lines. This song has a cute instrumental. This song is a cute love song it seems to be so far at least. I think I like when he belts more, or uses a more powerful singing voice rather than almost holding back. It doesn’t sound bad and it does fit the vibe of some of the songs but it isn’t as pleasing to my ear. That song was over before it began, very short but cute. 3/5.

“Satelite” The intro reminds me of Stranger Things. The switch between verse and chorus is fun, keeps my attention with the tempo switch. I like the added kick in the verse. He has very interesting concepts and song ideas which is fun to listen to. He added in a rock element into this song like he did to another song before which keeps you listening. The song gets a little repetitive and has a quick ending but it is not bad so i’ll give it a 3/5.

“Boyfriends” The intro reminds me of a TedTalk. It almost sounds country with the guitar and all of the vocal layers but the lyrics are very different from country. Reading the lyrics and listening to the song at the same time it is hard to predict how and when the timing of things will happen which keeps me on my toes. I am not a fan of this song to be honest it is simple and nice but it reminds me too much of country for me to enjoy it more, I give this song a 1/5.

“Love Of My Life” This song reminds me of 2016 for some reason. I don’t really like the vibe of this song, to me it doesn’t have a redeeming instrumental yet. This song is not bad, it is still pleasing to my ear but it is just boring to me. The piano part at the end is the best part of the song by far and has saved this song for me. The rating would have been a 1/5 but because of the ending I will give it a 2/5.

This album is a chill indie vibe that has some fun summer songs and even a couple of crying songs. I don’t think any of the songs in this album will be any go to songs but I can see me adding some to a playlist or two. Overall I give this. album a rating of 3/5, pretty average.