Colourpop concealer review


Screengrab via Colourpop website

A concealer accessible to all with an affordable price and large shade range.

In the hunt to find the perfect concealer that checks all of my requirements I stumbled upon the Colourpop “Pretty Fresh” concealer and decided to try it out. The very first thing I noticed about this product is the incredible affordability with the price being only $9 at Ulta and even as low as $6.50 on the Colourpop website.

Colourpop claimes this is a cream concealer with a full coverage finish. (Screengrab via Colourpop website )

Before I purchased this concealer I wanted to make sure I got the perfect shade for my complexion and after with deliberation with a wonderful Ulta employee we settled on shade fair 15 warm which is the second warm toned shade of this particular concealer.

This concealer has a shade range with 30 different skin shades alternating from cool, warm or neutral. (Kaitlin Lessard )

Colourpop has many affordable options in every product as well as having amazing eyeshadow palettes, and highlighters so my expectations were high for this concealer.

Opening the bottle the first thing that I noticed was the smell of alcohol. This is not alarming or a bad thing for a concealer, just a first impression.

The concealer has an extremely flexible wand, making it easy get in cracks of the face and glide over imperfections. The actual application process was pleasant as the product applied very smoothly, and softly leaving me hopeful for the blending process.

This little wand is so flexible it makes application feel like a breeze. (Kaitlin Lessard)

This concealer is claimed to be full coverage and blendable with a natural finish however when I blended the product on my blemishes it seemed to disappear. After 2-3 coats of the concealer I can say that this will not be my go to for my next breakout. The concealer does have a brightening affect. After trying this on my dark circles under my eyes it makes me look more awake and doesn’t completely take away the darkness under my eyes but does brighten them up.

After blending the product on my troubled areas, I noticed it gave my skin a dry pilling look especially around my nose. My skin type is dry especially after washing my face which is what I do before applying any makeup so this is a no for me.

This concealer claims to last all day. (Kaitlin Lessard )


Between the low coverage, and the dry skin effect this concealer is not meant for me. There are absolutely pros to this concealer for example the smooth application and the affordable price. I would even go as far as to recommend this concealer to people with oily skin or clearer skin than mine.