Voyageurs National Park closes for Memorial Day weekend


Photo via Flickr under the creative commons license

Flooding in International Falls, MN leads to campsites and trails being closed.

Northern Minnesota’s National Park, Voyageurs, will be closed due to high-water levels that have been seen over the past week.

Memorial Day weekend is coming up and the popular National Park, Voyageurs, sadly closed off their campsite and trails. All trails, campsites, and boat rentals will be closed through June 1st. During the week of June 12th boat tours are cancelled. Multiple other Minnesota parks are closed because of flooding also.

The National Park Service is unsure of how long the parks will be closed for and also stated that more parks could be added to the closure. A few Minnesota National Parks that are open this weekend are Mississippi National Park, Afton State Park, and Sibley State Park.

Although Voyageur is closed, there are still many other activities to do for this Memorial Day weekend. Voyageur National Park has also reinstated their indoor mask mandate for the time being.