There is a cost for development in Sartell


Mercedes Anne Haux

Plastic bags are filling the wetlands and ponds.

As Sartell’s population continues to grow and expand, the impact it has on animal wildlife is taking a negative turn for the worst.

According to the Census done in 2019, Sartell has a population of around 18,000 people. As more people continue to move here, the city is expanding incredulously and with it, more and more developments of new homes. As the city continues to grow there are more effects on our wildlife habitats. As a journalist and a bit of a tree hugger, I had to do some investigating to prove my point.

In Sartell, we have lots of wetlands and marshes, and in just these past years construction companies have bought some of the lands and started expanding and building homes in the neighborhoods. During this time, the construction crews, as well as other companies such as electricians, plumbers, roofers, etc. have left an enormous amount of garbage in and around the wetlands.  It doesn’t seem to me that they are doing anything about it.

People need to pick up after themselves, and start thinking about the big picture. ”

— Megan Klose, Sartell Teacher

The wildlife impacted by this includes deer, rabbits, ducks, turkeys, sandhill cranes, etc. Animals aren’t the smartest, so they tend to mistake garbage for food or they accidentally get trapped in a plastic bag or wire. This picture shows plastic bags that our filling the pond where the ducks and Geese like to swim. If the animal were to dive for food or go swimming they could get trapped in the bag and suffocate. The plastic isn’t just filling the ponds, it’s filling the marshes as well.

Pollution like this is a sad sight to see in such a beautiful place. (Mercedes Anne Haux)

According to, over 1 million birds of all species die from plastic and styrofoam every year.

Planet Earth is full of more garbage than it’s ever been before, and humans are the ones to blame. If we don’t do anything about it soon more and more animals can become extinct and the earth could be covered. While we have numerous amount of organizations working hard to solve the problem you can be a huge help as well, even if you go outside and pick up a little trash the earth would be a safer and healthier place for animals and ourselves. So go out and make a difference.

I think any industry not just construction should pick up after themselves and keep the area clean because it can be an eye-sore, and it damages the environment and hurts the animals in it. ”

— Nancy Przybilla, Teacher at SHS