OPINION: Ketanji Brown doesn’t deserve this


screenshotted from @jacquelynmartin on Instagram

Justice Jackson is the first Black woman to be appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

During Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Senate hearing, the bombardment she received from the majority of GOP lawmakers was absolutely astounding.

Not only would I not be surprised if there was racial motivation in the harsh criticism she received from GOP senators, but I almost expect that to be the case. They brought up CRT when she has never as far as I’ve seen mentioned it anywhere in the hearing.

The talking points referencing Guantanamo Bay are also ridiculous given that public defense lawyers don’t get to choose their caseload. Republican senators criticized her for defending so-called Guantanamo Bay terrorists too well. She was too good of a lawyer, and they were upset with her for it.

And in reference to lenient sentencing for sex offenders… some of those same lawmakers that were criticizing her have appointed federal judges or justices with similar records of lenient child porn sentencing. This criticism also makes it seem like Justice Jackson is alone in this issue. In reality, according to abcnews.go.comFederal judges nationwide typically sentence below the [child porn] guideline in roughly 2 out of 3 cases.” Granted, I don’t agree with any sort of leniency in this area of crime, it isn’t fair to criticize her for something other government officials are getting away with.

The hearing went from being what it was intended to be into this intricate witch hunt in which GOP senators bombard Jackson with prying questions, I feel that they would have never asked a white woman. This situation highlights the difficulty women of color face when getting into positions of power. They need to work twice as hard for half of the respect, and it clearly shows here.