Senior captains talk about spring 2022 softball season


Alayna Tavale

This picture is of the Sartell softball seniors on the way to play their first game of the season!

Since the weather has been very windy, snowy, and rainy, the softball season has been spent in gyms indoors. The first game was on April 12th, and the weather was not pretty. The Sabres have taken advantage of every practice to try and get outside, but what are they most excited about this upcoming season?

Senior Rylie DeMaine and Abbi Scholz after a great softball practice inside,                                                   hoping to get outside.

Senior, Abbi Scholz, thinks “We are given the circumstances that are given to us, and I am most excited to have another go-around with my friends.”

Senior, Megan Driste says “I am excited to try and win a conference championship with my best friends.”

Senior, Rylie DeMaine said “I am excited for one last season with all of my girls, and for a baller season of fun.”

Junior, Jaiden Tretter says “I am excited to hang out with the team and grow my skills and become a better player overall.”

The Sabres definitely showed up to their first game against Sauk Rapids going 11-0 the first game and the second game 21-0. The weather was not the best, but the Sabres went over the river and did the best they could to bring back two wins for Sartell.