‘Where We Started’ album


fair use photo from billboard.com

Thomas Rhett has yet again put out another stellar album.

Thomas Rhett is a dad of four girls with his wife Lauren Akins, but also is an American singer and songwriter who came out with his first song in early 2012. He now has come out with seven studio albums and continues to pursue music with other featured artists. He was nominated for five GRAMMY’S with his song “Angels” and has also won other exceptional awards.

He has toured around the world with various artists, but I had the opportunity to see him two times while he was in Minnesota. I saw him in September 2019 and on New Year’s Eve of this year. In September, Russell Dickerson and Dustin Lynch¬†opened for him, and on New Year’s Eve Conner Smith and Cole Swindell opened.

I have been supporting Thomas Rhett for a few years now, and I have loved every song he has come out with. I personally love his new album and in this article, I will be breaking down some of my favorite things from each song.

“The Hill”

  • I really love the beat of this song and how it goes on throughout the song. The song lyrics are really beautiful too. He shows the love he has for his wife and shows that he will do anything to anything for the love he has for her through the highs and lows.

“Church Boots”

  • This song has a more country vibe and shows that he is very country with some songs, but he can also be more country-pop with other songs. I like how this song shows that you do not always need new things to be satisfied in life with what you already have, and you can truly appreciate the little things you have to make things work in life.

“Bass Pro Hat”

  • I really love how this song shows that you can have what you want where you have it already. I love that he talks about how you may not need much to make yourself happy and you can have satisfaction in the life you live every day. This song has a slow but upbeat melody and seems like it would be a good song to hype yourself up with.

“Anything Cold”

  • I really like the summer vibe this song emits. It shows that you can have a good time with people and some drinks and snacks. I love how you can let loose and just vibe to this song and not have a care in the world. This song is upbeat and energetic for all times of the year.


  • Even though this song gives off a sad vibe, it also has a good message behind it. It talks about how someone in your life can have a bigger impact on your life than you think it can. I really love how you can see blessings through people in your life when you listen to this song because you can realize how happy you are with the people you have already.

“Half Of Me” featuring Riley Green

  • In this song you can see that Thomas Rhett and Riley Green do not want to do anything sometimes and just escape from the fame for a little bit and just do things that make them happy outside of the constant attention of the world. I think that this song shows that you can do things without feeling too much pressure and just relax and enjoy life instead of being stressed every day.

“Bring The Bar”

  • I really like how this song shows that you do not need much to hang out with someone. You can just be happy and relax at home when you do not feel like doing anything crazy which I think is nice to spend quality time with someone and not have to worry about doing extravagant things to be with someone and make them genuinely happy.


  • I really love how this song shows that you can have a good time where you are. This song sh0ws that paradise can be anywhere you make it to be. I love how he implements his wife and how he talks about when they were 17 and her green eyes. I really love how this song is a love song but shows you can make the best of what you have every day.

“Death Row” featuring Russell Dickerson and Tyler Hubbard

  • This song shows that you never know what someone is going through or what they had gone through in their past life. I love how he expresses what he does and the emotions he feels through listening to these stories. They are just normal people who made a mistake but are learning how to overcome the challenges we face. It shows the differences in what we see every day compared to what they see and shows we should not take things for granted.

“Mama’s Front Door”

  • This song describes young love because the majority of people have a curfew, rules from parents, and how you grow with the love you have young. I love how this song shows that you can do so many great things while being so young and then continue to show that you can do them as you get older.

“Slow Down Summer”

  • This is one of my favorite songs off of the album because summer is one of my favorite seasons. I really love how this song shows that you can appreciate things when you live a little, but also it talks about how people want summer to last forever because of certain things like warm weather and happiness.

“Simple As A Song”

  • There is a different vibe this song gives, like the different tempo and melody make it unique. I love how this song just shows that you can love someone through who they genuinely are and not who you want to see them be. I like how he mentions his wife and how he loves her simply for her and not how he wants to see her.

“Us Someday”

  • I love how this song shows that you can appreciate the young love and work towards where you want to be in the future. It shows that if you feel like giving up on the love, you can be happy and stronger in the future because of the challenges you faced to work towards a strong and older couple in the future with a family, a house, and a successful life.

“Somebody Like Me”

  • This song has a beat that you can vibe to and have a good time with. I really love how the song shows that you never know what someone is going through until you get to know them, especially in a relationship. This song shows that you can be happy no matter what the circumstances you face in everyday life.

“Where We Started” featuring Katy Perry

  • This is one of my favorite songs off of the album because it shows where Thomas Rhett and Katy Perry started before their career took off. I really love how they show the little things in life that have led them to where they are now. This shows that you can do anything you put your mind to and do what makes you happy.

Below are some pictures that I have taken from each of the concerts I have been to.