Canada mourning the tragic deaths of 215 children


Screenshot from CBS News.

Monument for the children who lost their lives at Canadas preliminary schools.

At Canada’s largest preliminary school 215 children were found dead in a mass grave. These children were Indigenous children at the school forcing them to be stripped of their culture. In these schools, many children would die, never to be returned to their families. These children were found near the city of Kamloops in southern British Columbia. The remains were from the early 2000’s and there are more bodies that need to be accounted for. 

The school was operating from 1890- 1971 housing many Indigenous children at a time and 50 bodies were recognized with deaths ranging from 1900-1970. 

People are outraged with this discovery as Indigenous people have a history of being oppressed. There are memorials made for these children, proper graves for the recognized children, and unmarked proper graves given to the unrecognized children.