Reviewing Bella Bear skincare


I was on Amazon browsing for skincare items and I saw Bella Bear skincare. I was looking at their face mask and body butter. The face mask I got is called the tropics. It’s supposed to brighten, tighten, tone, and minimize your pores. Another good thing about their products is that all their products are cruelty free and they price their products at a reasonable price. The face mask was $8.49 and the body butter was also $8.49. The body butter can help moisturize your skin and it will have your body feeling silky smooth. It also says it can help prevent stretch marks if you get pregnant.

When I first used the face mask it smelled so good! It was really soft and made my skin feel so smooth after washing the mask off. My skin felt so good after it felt like I took off all of the dirt out of my skin. The only thing I had a problem with is that it didn’t have a time on how long you should have the face mask on. But I looked at the comments from other people on Amazon and they said 10 to 15 min to keep it on and then wash it off. I thought the body butter was gonna be green because it looked like it in the picture but when I got it was yellow. I absolutely loved the body butter it felt like it was butter on your skin right after I shaved I put the body butter on it felt like heaven right after.

My package came really fast and I got free shipping by using my dad’s prime because I didn’t want to spend more money on shipping so I used him. I would definitely get more stuff off of amazon from them I also would recommend getting their face mask and body butter you won’t regret it.