Siblings of Sartell: Grace & Lily Elness


Grace and Lily enjoying a day at the zoo in there younger days.

Grace during her senior photo session.
Lily, taking some photos during a pretty sunset.

Out of all the sibling duos throughout Sartell, I chose to interview the Elness sister duo. Grace is a senior this year, and her younger sister, Lily who is a sophomore.

Q: Favorite thing to do together

G- Getting food together and going to our cabin. 

L- I like when Grace drives me to go get food. 

Q: Were you closer when you were younger, or now?

G- Both.

L- Probably now. 

Q: What’s one thing you guys have in common?

G- We both have a good style. 

L- We both love soccer.

Q: What annoys you most about your sibling?

G- She takes my clothes. 

L- She is rude all the time.

Q: Favorite memory together?

G- Family trips together. 

L- Hanging out at our cabin together.

Q: Who is the favorite?

G- It depends who is on my moms good side that day. 

L- It honestly depends on the day, but I think her.