Tristyn Bailey


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Tristyn Bailey 13 year old stabbed 144 times to death.

A body of a 13-year-old Tristyn Bailey was found nine hours after she was reported missing. She was killed near her home by Durbin Crossing in northwest St. Johns County. A 14-year-old was suspected to be the killer he has been charged with second-degree murder but could change if the judge rules that he should be tried as an adult.  The medical examiner ruled out she had a significant injury to her head and other trauma. She was stabbed to her death it was ruled a homicide. St. Johns County Sheriff Rob Hardwick said that it was horrific and said that Tristyn didn’t deserve to die.

After being arrested, Aiden Fucci, from the back of a squad car, posted on his story “Has anyone body seen Tristyn lately?” Tristyn’s sister posted on her social media “If anyone has information please please please share.”

Police got a warrant to search inside Fucci’s home a report said that they found some items of Aiden’s that had blood on it. Aiden provided a statement but officers said that he kept changing up his story up and made several “admissions.”

Aiden Fucci the 14-year-old boy who killed Tristyn Bailed had to go to court over zoom. While he was on zoom, he seemed relaxed with his hands behind his head with no emotion on his face. Fucci’s original attorney motioned to withdraw as counsel on Thursday. After his attorney left, he was then represented by Public Defenders Office. Attorney Anwar Snober had been representing Aiden since his arrest. It wasn’t clear why he wanted off the case but said he made an agreement with Aiden’s family. Many people were saying that they couldn’t afford to have a lawyer for him even though his dad is employed. But since this whole thing has happened, his company has taken a tumble. A team of defenders were going to represent Aiden Fucci because the family was claiming indigent and filed paperwork to claim it.

Aiden is being held in juvenile detention until May 31st. People from all around are trying to sign a petition to try him as an adult asking the Florida governor and also the Attorney’s office to charge Aiden as an adult. More than 700,000 people have signed the petition for Aiden to be charged as an adult.

His father also got into trouble with the law in 2016 his dad Jason Fucci was booked for battery after police claimed he got into a fight at a gas station with a couple. According to a document obtained by The Sun, he was sentenced to 6 months to probation. He was ordered to go to anger management classes. Jason was also accused of child abuse in 2003. Duval Country Court for the first count show he was 18 at the time, he was guilty of engaging in sexual activity with a 15-year-old female at his home. A second count showed he knowingly and willfully abuse a child. He was sentenced to two years of probation but he was later put in jail for 14 months for violating the conditions. He also has more run-ins with the law, with a charge of theft and driving with a suspended license.

On May 18th people gathered a public memorial service for a celebration of life to honor Tristyn Bailey Tuesday, May 18, at the Celebration Church area in Jacksonville. People that came were asked to wear white or aqua because it was Tristyn’s favorite color. A GoFundMe account will support the memorial foundation the gofoundme account was set up for Bailey’s family. In the first week, the campaign had raised more than $52,000 from more than 1,400 donors.

On Thursday, May 28th St Johns County Sheriffs Office issued a statement that Aiden is being charged as an adult with first-degree murder. Later it was reported Bailey was stabbed 114 times. The state’s attorney said at least 49 wounds were to Bailey’s hands, arms and head. The state’s attorney said there were many things that lead to the decision to charge Aiden as an adult. He said that they gathered information from witnesses and investigators that Aiden made several statements to several people that he was planning on killing someone. He indicated to several witnesses that he was going to kill someone by taking them into the woods and stabbing them. According to the state’s attorney, they found a portion of a knife which was found in a pond close to where they found Bailey’s body. The tip of the knife had broken off and was found in Bailey’s body.


Tristyn was an incredible leader, friend, and role model for many athletes. She lit up the room with her smile and spunk!”

— Tanya White who taught her cheerleading

Tristyn was a sweetheart and she loved cheerleading. ”

— Tristyn's cousin Connie Stull