Epstein guards spared prison time

In a plea deal with federal prosecutors the two prison guards on duty the night Jeffery Epstein killed himself will be spared prison time. 

Tova Noel and Micheal Thomas have both admitted to falsifying prison records on the night in question. 

During their shift instead of checking in on Epstein, whose cell was only 15 feet from their office, Noel and Thomas browsed the internet and mulled about the common area. 

Their plea deal still has to be approved by a judge, and should they get approved, they will be assigned to 100 hours of community service and be forced to cooperate in the ongoing Justice Department investigation into Epstein’s death. 

Authorities say that Epstein was alone in his cell the night he killed himself and surveillance footage showed no one entering the area where Epstein was being held. 

He had just been taken off of suicide watch after a previous attempt. 

Epstein’s ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell is currently awaiting trial on charges she helped procure underaged girls for Epstein and his clientele.