RockCreek Coffe House is the best of the best

Rockcreek Coffeehouse is a small and local business located in Sauk Rapids, MN

screenshot from Rock Creek Website

Rockcreek Coffeehouse is a small and local business located in Sauk Rapids, MN

On that bright and early, crisp Sunday Morning. What’s better than a fresh made cup of coffee? Nothing, am I right? But, what if I told you that there is something better. Not just your usual Starbucks and Caribou coffee. In fact, a cup of coffee made with true care by some of the best baristas in town. Where can you find this excellent cup of coffee you may ask? It’s your small owned business of Rockcreek Coffee House located in the heart of Sauk Rapids, MN.

Going in a little deeper into the different kinds of drinks are made at this business…

Specialties hot & iced:

Rockcreek has several options of specialty lattes which can be served hot, iced and even blended!

Henry Mocha: Chocolate, caramel and hazelnut latte

Turtle Oddie: Chocolate and caramel latte

Jaran’s Java: Caramel and almond latte

Matty’s Mocha: Chocolate, almond, and coconut latte

Montana Mint Mocha: Chocolate and peppermint latte

Bozeman Berry: Chocolate and red raspberry latte

Colorado Joy: White chocolate latte




Smoothies & Protein shakes:

An actual image of one of Rockcreek Coffehouses several smoothie options. They just released Blueberry Banana! How yummy! (Arlyn Florez)

Piña Colada, Raspberry, Strawberry, Mango

Chocolate whey protein, Strawberry whey protein, Vanilla whey protein, Vanilla Plant base protein



Italian Soda (16oz) ; Sparkling water with a choice of flavor

Americano; Hot or iced

Breve; Rich espresso based drink made with steamed half and half

Carmel Macchiato; A layered espresso drink made with vanilla, shots of espresso, steamed milk, and a tantalizing amount of caramel drizzle

Cappuccino; Espresso based coffee drink made with shots of espresso, steamed milk and topped with steamed foam

Chai Tea; A blend of mixed spiced tea with milk of choice served hot, iced or blended

Loose leaf & herbal teas (16oz); Multiple and a significant amount of variety


So the real question comes down to what are people’s favorite drinks at the local Rockcreek Coffee House?

Arlyn Florez is a barista at Rockcreek Coffee House and her all time most favorite drink is an iced vanilla chai made with almond milk.

Arlyn Florez is one of Rockcreek’s baristas she has been working at Rockcreek for almost 2 years now.

Carly Duea’s favorite drink to make and savor for herself is an iced banana bread chai (as you can tell our chai tea’s are pretty popular)

Carly Duea has been working at rock creek for a little less than a year but enjoys the customers and the great hospitality (Kendra Duea)

Mallory Appel enjoys the newest menu drink which is a sunset lemonade consisting of lemonade and flavor shots of strawberry. How yummy!!