Elk River Motor Park Extreme 5K


Maliah Nemeth

This is a picture of the goodie bag, your timer, your number, and your finisher medal. Everyone who participates in this race gets these 4 specific items.

On May 15th, 2021 ERX Motor Park put on an event called the Extreme 5K

ERX stands for Elk River Extreme Motor Park. It opened its doors in 2008 and is co-owned by Todd Plaisted, and Chris Carlson. ERX hosts 30+ events annually. 

ERX has a 500-acre facility that is committed to bettering the community while hosting world-class events. 

Some of the events that ERX puts on are Border Battle XC, Day of The Dozers, Extreme 5K, High Lifter Rally, Livin Music Festival, Nitro Rally Cross, and Off-road National. Out of these few events that were listed we will go in-depth about Extreme 5K, Day of The Dozers, and 

The Extreme 5K is a 5 kilometer 18 obstacle race. You race through mud, water, and swamps. The obstacles that you conquer are Winter Mudslide, Whoops, Log Jam, Trench Warfare, Vertical Surprise, Berlin Wall, Firewalk, Spooled Up, Log Roll, Tire Trek, Red Romper, Eliminator, The Wilderness, Swamp Buster, Extreme Off-Road, Split Decision, Monkey Business, Blast Zone, and the Final Hurdle. These obstacles use both your arms and your legs and your agility to run up the hills. While doing the 5K you can expect to get soaked and muddy. You start the race with running through mud and then you end the race with the snowmakers blowing nice ice cold freezing water. 

This is the map of the 5 kilometer, 18 course race. (maliah nemeth)

Day of the Dozers event is held annually at ERX. The event is put on by The Day of the Dozers team and volunteers. This is a hands-on event for children giving them the experience of operating a piece of equipment with trained experienced operators. This event is giving money back to Children’s Minnesota.