Siblings of Sartell: the Opatz sisters


Garrett Maras

Sophomore Lindsey Opatz and her sister Senior Lauren Opatz enjoyed their spring break trip to Florida this last spring break.

A sister is a bond that can never be broken, even when clothes or your favorite pair of jeans have magically disappeared. A soft spot in the heat will always be left for that built in best friend, a sister. Throughout the previous week I was able to interview the Opatz sisters Lauren (senior at SHS) along with her younger sister Lindsey (Sophomore at SHS) a couple of questions on what life is like being sisters.


Q: Would you say you and your sister are close?

Lauren: “Eh Ya”

Lindsey: ” I would say yes, we are pretty close”


Q; What is one thing that you would describe your sibling as?

Lauren: ” Funny or outgoing”

Lindsey: ” Very Encouraging”


Q: What do you and your sibling like to do for fun together?

Lauren: ” Go shopping, workout, go on vacations, get Starbucks”

Lindsey: ” Drive around or get food”


Q: Who is more of the favorite in the family?

Lauren: ” Lindsey”

Lindsey: “Probably me”

Lindsey enjoying that warm sun again in Florida this past spring break (Lauren Opatz)

Q: Who tends to get into the most trouble?

Lauren: ” Neither, we don’t really get into trouble”

Lindsey: ” Definitely Lauren”


Q: What is the best memory that you guys share together?

Lauren: ” Any vacation that we have been on”

Lindsey: ” Probably all of the vacations that we are able to go on”

Lauren in one of her senior pictures (Nadine Ebert)


Q: What will you miss most about your sibling as they leave for college?

Lauren: ” The mini fridge in her room, or making her get me Starbucks when I ask her”

Lindsey: “I’m going to miss having someone to talk to and be there for me