All about flowers

Today, I decided to challenge myself and write about the first thing that I think of, that thing was flowers. I currently know nothing about flowers. Hopefully by the end of writing this I will be a flower master.

I first searched up the word flowers, just to see what the first thing to come up would be. The first thing that did come up were businesses and local businesses. The top rated, also with the lowest amount of ratings is Coborn’s Flower Shoppe followed by St. Cloud Floral, and Daisy a Day Floral and gift. These floral shops usually service funerals, weddings, and other special occasions. Other stores like Floral Arts, Inc,  and A Daisy A Day Floral & Gift have online websites that can do same day delivery for any occasion.

The screenshot of all of the businesses in the area that the map showed. (Kaitlin Lessard)

My next question is what are the most popular flowers sold to consumers for larger events like weddings and funerals? What is the most expensive flower?  This question was eased with this article, and this article.

The top flowers at your average American wedding are peony, rose, orchid, lilac and more after that. The top flowers purchased for funerals are lilies, daisies, snapdragons, and more. The most popular flower in the world is roses.

The most popular flower in the entire world. (Photo under creative commons license under pxhere)

This also got me thinking about the prices of flowers. A bridal bouquet can range anywhere from $30 to over $300 depending on the type of flowers you get. In the world, orchids seem to dominate the list of expensive flowers. These flowers can cost thousands of dollars to get your hands on. A more realistic flower that is used for events like weddings is peonies. These flowers are some of the most popular, but also some of the most expensive.

Flowers are not only for bigger events like weddings, funerals, parties or anything else, they are also with us in everyday life. Many people love flowers whether it be the look or smell of them or if they hold a special meaning to them. Sartell high school junior Brenna Lindeen shared that her favorite flower is a daffodil. Nyah Wolf, Senior at Sartell high school has a favorite flower of a rose because she thinks they’re “really pretty” and the flowers remind her of “a deep love.”

Flowers hold sacred meaning to some people, and to others, they just think they’re cool. If you look around in your closet, or when you leave your house you will most likely notice floral patterns. For example:

Sartell high school junior Kate Manning sporting a floral mask, and floral shorts. (Kaitlin Lessard)
A floral Kleenex box to bring some fun into your stuffy nose. (Kaitlin Lessard)
Two phone cases filled with flowers. (Kaitlin Lessard)
Embroidered roses on a pair of distressed jeans. (Kaitlin Lessard)
A black and purple floral dress for any occasion. (Kaitlin Lessard)
A funky flower phone case supporting the flower trend. (Kaitlin Lessard)


A popular flower designed by Takashi Murakami (Kaitlin Lessard)
A life reflecting read filled with flowers. (Kaitlin Lessard)