A Day in The Life of…Officer Rob Lyon


Maliah Nemeth

Officer Rob Lyon has been a police officer since graduating from college. He’s worked with Albany PD, St. Cloud PD and Sartell PD.

Many students don’t know what it takes to be a School Resource Officer in the 21st century here in central Minnesota.  To find out, Officer Rob Lyon sat down with LeSabre staff to give us the tea.

School Resource officer Rob Lyon was born in St. Cloud and grew up North of Sartell.

This is the Sartell High Schools School Resource Officer Rob Lyon sitting at his desk.

When did you go to school to become a police officer?

After graduation, I attended St. Cloud Technical College for business.  While attending there, I decided that a business career was not for me.  I then transferred to St. Cloud State University and began to take generals.  I also thought about becoming a police officer, so I began to volunteer with St. Cloud PD while attending college.  At that point, I decided to make criminal justice my major. I graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice in 2000.

How was your college experience?

I enjoyed my college days.  I lived at home during college to save money.

When did you become a police officer?

I started in law enforcement in the fall of 2000.  My first job was at the Stearns County Jail.  I also worked for St. Cloud PD, Albany PD, and the last 15 years with Sartell PD.


What made you want to become a school resource officer?

I became a school resource officer three years ago.  I enjoy working with students and building rapport with them.

What do you do when school is not in session? 

When school is not in session I work patrol.  During the school year, I work a day patrol shift.  During the summer I work from 6 pm- till 4 am.  I enjoy working patrol in the summers and being to help/assist with the community.

What does a normal day look like for you while school is in session? 

My “normal” school day starts at 8 am. I have to stop by our PD and check in with the administration.  Then I head to the high school for the day.  I assist with student activities, behaviors, lunchroom, general security, and many other things. I also teach DARE at Riverview Primary School.

What does a normal day look like while you are out patrolling? 

Patrol shifts are different each day.  We take calls for services throughout the day/night.  Some days are extremely busy and others are slow.  Each day brings new calls or challenges.

What are the worst calls that you receive while on duty? 

My worst calls are the ones where children/students get hurt.  I have seen a lot of things throughout my career and something new always comes up.   I also hate having to tell people that their loved ones have passed away. Sometimes we have to give death notifications.