Siblings of Sartell: Kendra & Carly Duea


Kendra Duea

The Duea sisters at family Christmas dinner.

Out of all the sibling duos throughout Sartell, I chose to interview the Duea sister duo. Kendra is a senior this year, and her younger sister, Carly who is a sophomore.

I love having a built-in best friend!”

— Kendra Duea

Kendra is a senior this year, and while she is looking forward to next year, she will miss her little sister. (Nadine)

Q: What is your favorite thing to do together?

K- “Go shopping and car rides.”

C- “Go shopping.”

Carly eating dinner at her favorite restaurant in Florida. (Kendra Duea)

Q: Were you closer when you were younger, or now?

K- “Now.”

C- “We have always been close but we got really close when my brothers moved out.”

Q: What’s one thing you guys have in common?

K-“We are both pretty crazy.”

C- “I don’t know.”

Q: What annoys you most about your sibling?

K- “She gets in her moods and gets really mean.”

C- “How she is always right while we are working”

Q: Favorite memory together?

K- “Our last trip to Florida.”

C- “Any memory from Florida.”

Q: Who is the favorite?

K- “Me”

C- “Me”

Q: Funniest story 

K- “When we were with our grandparents on a vacation, and a family friend fell asleep while driving, and almost drove Carly off a cliff.”

C-“When Kendra was driving, and her car was sliding through the roads when it snowed.”