Little Rascals is now 27, and better than ever!

One of the best movies of all time is Little Rascals (but only the 1994 version) because of its humour, relatability, and feeling of being young again. I confirmed this after watching the movie when it got put back on Netflix in April of 2021. As a child, a Little Rascal was my favourite DVD to play in the car. It made all young boys want to join the “He-Man Women Hater’s Club,” because of all the fun thing they did. Whether it was fishing, chasing a duck, crashing a ballet recital, singing about pickles, and their overall friendship it could put a simile. Now that I am almost an adult, it helps relieve the stresses about getting old. When Netflix put the movie back on to the streaming service, I had to watch it right away. Each scene hit the same way it did when I watched it as a kid. I think my favourite scenes are any that Porky and Buckwheat are in, but especial when they give Darla Alphalpha’s note. Overall anyone can find joy while watching Little Rascals, which makes it an overall masterpiece.

List of best scenes: