Twins stumped in extra innings


"Target Field, Minneapolis, MN" by kla4067 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Target Field is still a sight to behold even when it’s empty.

The Twins suffer another devastating loss to the Texas Rangers in extra innings now making the Twins 0-7 in extra inning games. The final score being Rangers four Twins three.


Any loss like this is tough.”

— Rocco Baldelli

The Twins now 0-7 for extra innings lead some to complain about the rule implemented last year. Each team gets to start extra innings with a man on second with the hope being that the game doesn’t go too long. Some fans are upset that this new rule now upsets the original balance of the game, other fans are happy with the new rule knowing that they won’t have to watch the game go on for another three to five extra innings.

While the Twins started out the game hot with a home run by Max Kepler in the first inning. The Rangers struck right back with a home run of their own in the second tying the game one to one. The Twins scored two runs in the third making the game three to one up until the 9th inning. The Rangers got a man on first and with the next at bat a scores a run to tie the game. The Twins in the bottom of the ninth had three immediate outs. Rangers then scored one in the top of the tenth and the Twins were unable to answer back resulting in their 7th loss in extra innings.

Video taken from youtube channel MLB