The population of Mexico City is 8.855 million as of 2015. (Fair use photo from Google Maps. )
The population of Mexico City is 8.855 million as of 2015.

Fair use photo from Google Maps.

Tragedy in Mexico City: a train line collapsed, killing at least 24 people, including children.

May 10, 2021

Mexico City is facing a major tragedy after the deadliest subway accident in history that occurred Monday night. At least 24 people were found dead after an elevated train collapsed due to an overpass that caved in at 10:22 p.m.

Monday’s accident was the deadliest in the history of Subway transportation and, according to, concerned citizens have raised questions about the structural integrity of the mass transit system.

The support beams of the transit system collapsed at 10:30 p.m as a train passed by, leaving 70 people hospitalized and 27 still remain hospitalized with serious injuries, according to Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum.

On Tuesday, May 4th, a crane carefully lowered a dilapidated train car to the ground, revealing four bodies of the 24 that were killed. Of those 24 people killed, 21 died on the scene while the others died in hospitals from their injuries. Children, unfortunately, were among the casualties.

Authorities are struggling to identify the victims and only five have been identified so far.

There is not a lot to go by this early and not a lot of news coverage because investigators are still trying to determine the cause of this catastrophe and who is responsible.

However, what they do know, according to is that initial analysis points to a “presumed structural failure,” Sheinbaum said as she promises a full and thorough investigation. A Norwegian firm has been hired to investigate.

The overpass that collapsed was five meters (sixteen feet) above the road of Tlahuac, but the concrete median that the train runs across lessened the casualties of those driving on that road.

One witness by the name of Abelardo S├ínchez, “‘was just closing up his sandwich shop beside the metro line when he said the ground shook, a tremendous noise echoed, lights flickered and the air filled with dust and the smell of burning wires.'”

The aftermath of the tragic train crash in Mexico City. (screen shot from

Surprisingly, this incident does not come as a shock to anyone. This metro station, which is among the world’s cheapest, was inaugurated half a century ago and several incidents have occurred since. One including a head-on collision in March of 2020 of two trains, which left one passenger dead and 41 injured. In 2015, a train did not stop in time and collided with another, leaving 12 injured. In October 1975, another accident killed 26 people. And finally, a magnitude 7.1 earthquake in 2017 exposed the structural flaws of the elevated lines where Monday’s accident took place.

At the time, officials say that they had done “patchwork repairs” on the columns and beams, but it clearly was not enough. Many people feel that that damage was never properly repaired, which led to this devastating accident.

The video below shows the crash that the security cameras caught and explains the state that Mexico City is currently in. It also has stories from witnesses who had seen and heard the crash take place.


This video also shows the crash but also explains the events leading up to the crash and concerns from citizens.




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