Songs you need when you need a good cry


How you will be after listening to my playlist

 Do you ever feel really sad and need a good cry? Well, you’re just in luck I created a playlist to have a good cry to when you’re going through a breakup or just in your feelings. I absolutely love this playlist because even when I’m not sad, I will play it, then I will become a depresso espresso just listening to the music. I also love jamming out to it when I do homework. All of the songs I have on this playlist are really relaxing.

An artist I really like is Tate Macre. Her first song that blew up was “One Day.” It blew up on youtube then started to spread through social media. Tate also got famous on a tv show called So You Think You Can Dance an American reality tv show. Once she released a song called “One Day” in 2017, she caught the attention of the RCA record label. She signed with them in August 2019. Now she is a very successful songwriter and artist.


One of my all-time favorite sad songs to listen to when I need a good cry at 2 am is “Jealous” by Labrinth. I can relate to this song and other people could too.  “Labrinth” was made for his dad that walked out of his life when he was 4 years old. He started to get jealous because his dad started a new family. He felt his dad forgot all about him and didn’t care about him anymore. He told the Evening Standard in an interview that he grew up not really having a father figure, and it didn’t bother him because he wasn’t ever there in the first place. He also said the song was kind of written from his family’s perspective at the time. He released “Jealous” in November 2014.   

So while I feel your stares, your disapproval or your sigh of relief, if I lived by them I’d never be able to move.”

— Billie Eilish lyrics

My last favorite artist is Billie Eilish. A lot of teenagers could agree with me when she puts out a song they are all bangers. The songs she puts out, a lot of people could relate to them. Her songs relate to love, depression, her image, and her loss. Billie has spoken a lot about her outfits and why she wears her unique type of clothing. She wore a lot of baggy clothes because she didn’t want to get judged for her body and be sexualized.

In a Calvin Klein ad she said “I never want the world to know everything about me” she proceeded to say “nobody can have an opinion if they haven’t seen what’s underneath.”

Now she has gotten better on her confidence just this week for Vogue she did a cover and she wasn’t in her usual baggy clothing.