Subway overpass accident in Mexico City

Monday night a subway train overpass collapsed onto a busy road in Mexico City after one of the support beams gave way.

It has been reported by multiple news reporters that the beam crumbled as the train was riding over it around 10:30 pm on Line 12 near Olivos station in the southeast of the city.

The accident, unfortunately, killed 23 citizens and injured more than 60. There are photos and videos that clearly show damaged train cars and destroyed buildings surrounding the area.

According to NBC News, “The mayor, wearing a hard hat and face mask, told reporters at the site that 65 people had been taken to hospitals, and seven were in serious condition.”

At the time of the incident, first responders were unsure of how many people were dead, but they concluded that there was a mix of adults and children involved.

City officials are determined to investigate this tragedy and construct a solution so this never happens again.

More information and news to come as this accident unfolds.