Plymouth shooting inside of the middle school


Screen Shot From KSTP

On Monday morning, Plymouth middle school faced one of its worst fears: a shooting. Thankfully no one was hurt.

On Monday morning April 26, 2021, there was a shooting inside of a Plymouth Middle school around 8:45 am.

A sixth-grade student brought a handgun to school with him on Monday, April 26th. He waited until the class change was over and then fired the handgun into the ceiling in the hallway.

The school’s administration staff was the one who confronted the student and kept the gun away from him so that he didn’t shoot again. The school resource officer was seconds behind.

The student’s father said that his son was hoping that with him firing a gun in school that the officers would fire at him. The father said that this was because of the COVID, the kids are depressed, and they are spending all their time on their laptops.