Siblings of Sartell: Morgan & Mallory Weber


The sisterly bond! (Photo captured by Kelly Weber)

The relationship between two siblings is an unbreakable bond. Today, I will be highlighting the sibling relationship that these two Sartell High School students share. This sibling duo, Mallory and Morgan, both have a lot in common, and they spend a lot of time together. Morgan is a junior this year, and Mallory is a freshman. 


Q: What is your favorite thing to do with each other?

Morgan: “Jamming out to music in the car.”

Mallory: “Going for car rides and jamming out to music.”


Q: What is one thing that the other sibling does that tends to annoy you the most?

Morgan: “When she wears my clothes without asking.”

Mallory: “Whenever she fights with me.”


Q: Who is the favorite child, Morgan or Mallory?

Morgan: “Definitely me.” 

Mallory: “Morgan.”


Q: Who would you say has the messier room?

Morgan: “Mallory.”

Mallory: “Me.”


Q: If you guys fight, what is it about?

Morgan: “Her wearing my clothes or thinking that she is better than me.”

Mallory: “Normally about stupid stuff.”


Q: Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?

Morgan: “Mallory.”

Mallory: “Me.”


Q: Describe each other using only one word.

Morgan: “Social.”

Mallory: “Smart.”


Q: Who is the more athletic sibling?

Morgan: “Me.”

Mallory: “Me.”

Even though she can be really annoying at times, I would say Mallory is my built-in best friend.”

— Morgan Weber