Schools should offer eclectic sports too


Jordan Laws

This article is about the sports I think schools should add.

Did you grow up playing a sport you liked but also wished there was a sport you had at your school, just as a backup option?

There are many schools that don’t have much for sports to play in the first place. In my opinion, there should be more opportunities for students to pick a sport that they would really enjoy. There are a couple of underrated sports that would be fun to add to schools, like badminton, rugby, frisbee golf, and bowling. And yes there are some schools that have these sports but not all do.

Personally, one of my passions (in sports anyway) is badminton. Badminton can be very competitive and fun at the same time. It has similar rules to volleyball and tennis. You play with rackets and a thing called a “birdie” that flies through the air.

A sport that can be played for fun or as a competition. (photo via “Google” under the creative commons license)

Another sport that would be fun to play and fun to watch is rugby. Although it can be a dangerous sport, it sounds and looks fun to play. Rugby is a sport similar to football, but it has its differences. I have seen a couple of rugby games on tv once, and they looked rough but I understood it quickly because of the rules of football.

These are the difference between rugby and American football (photo via “Google” under the creative commons license)



If you look at the players, you can see that they look tired and possibly like they are having fun. (photo via “Rugby” under the creative commons license)












I also think schools should have frisbee golf as a sport. This is because a lot of people actually like playing golf, and also playing frisbee. Frisbee Golf can also be competitive (I guess any game can be competitive if you are really competitive 🙂 ) but frisbee golf has always been interesting to me. I drive around and at parks, there are frisbee golf courses I guess you could say, all around them, and I see teens and adults playing it.

Kids and a Family-friendly game/sport to play. (photo via “Frisbee Golf” under the creative commons license)

Lastly, schools should consider having bowling as a sport, because everyone I know has always enjoyed going bowling. Bowling can be played professionally or even just for fun. The rules are easy to learn, plus you can have a friendly competition bowling as well.

Bowling would be such a fun sport to add to schools. (photo via “Bowling” under the creative commons license)

So, these are just a view of the sports that I would love to see added to schools. Sports and activities like these would be so fun and would create more friendships and teams, which could also benefit the schools.